Descent into Madness

Epilogue: In the End

Oh yes, I remember that day. I remember the look on her face: pride. She'd helped to give me the strength to do what was in my heart. And she was right. Hogwarts had become my real home the moment I stepped through those doors. She knew more about a part of me that I rarely, if ever, even let my closest friends see. She saw the solemn-eyed boy I was inside.

You think they'd have known me well enough to know that I could never do what they accused me of. But I was wrong, oh so wrong. They all felt betrayed.

In the end, I can see how they'd construed it. I'd deceived them all before, after all, hadn't I? I guess they thought I'd just deceived them again. I guess they thought that my entire life had been one lie after another. That my brotherhood with James was all just some act? That was their means of justification.

They used it against me, you know. "That poor boy, beaten all his childhood. It's no wonder he turned out strange." Deceiver. That's what they thought of me. Even McGonagall believed it. In her fury at having ever trusted me she believed everything. And how could anyone argue the contrary?

"He had something wrong with him, that boy. Had a bad start on life. Abuse will do that to a man."

To a man… They say I went mad the night I allegedly sold Lily and James to Voldemort. They arrested me laughing. No, I hadn't gone mad then. I'd begun to loose my sanity long before that. When pressed with the matter I know McGonagall recalled holding a sobbing child in her arms, years of denial spilling forth from my eyes. Perhaps she knew the workings of my mind then. She had told me I'd always be safe at Hogwarts. I was a fool to ever believe…

Locked in a cell with nothing but the shivering memories of despair as company for twelve years, that's enough to drive any man insane. But you see now how I was used to abuse. My sanity had already slipped long ago. They could not break me. Not when inside a part of me was always broken.

Do you understand? They certainly like to believe they did. It explained away my guilt for them. Do you not see?

I was born into madness. They were right on that account. But I knew how to deal with it. It was my plague, this constant silent pain. The weeping of my heart was always my reminder of who I was. But I grow weary now, weary of the pain. I am tired of running. Tired of leaving. Tired of loving.

My brand of madness was given to me at birth. My earliest years in this life taught me what to expect from this world that is determined to beat me down. And yet I do not fight back- not anymore. I'm too spent now to keep up the façade. My tired, wounded eyes turn to the blue patch in the gray sky. I imagine now my appearance reflects the suffering that has always dwelled within my heart.

Then let them look at me and fear, for such wretchedness harrows even the bravest of men. Brave… she had called me brave that day. And perhaps I was. Once. But no more. I am wounded beyond recall. Bravery is beyond me. I let down my façade long ago and now lay exposed to the world. Let them see in me what they will. I care not.

My brand of madness was given to me at birth. I was born into madness. It just took others a while to see it.

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