The LGM meet various random movie slashers!

This is what I think would happen of the LGM integrated themselves into several classis horror films. Enjoy!

P.S. The last three were ghost written by Millagro Gonzales, so don't blame me. :P


"This is suicide."

"Well, I didn't hear you come up with any ideas mister brainiac."

"Shut up." Frohike grunted, studying the boiler room. "At least we have Byers watching us."

"He's gonna fall asleep." Langly shook his head.

"What makes you say that?"

"They ALWAYS fall asleep."

Suddenly Byers shimmered in front of them.

"Told you so." Langly smirked.


"Oh...oops." Byers said. "I was just resting my eyes."

"Well, thanks a lot nark, now we're all gonna die." Frohike glared at him.

Three little girls in white dresses skipped over and began to jump rope.

"One two, Freddy's coming for you..."

"Well duh." Langly said.

"Three four, better lock your door..."

"You'd think eight locks were enough." Frohike cracked.

"Five six, grab your crucifix..."

"We're not catholic." Byers sounded confused.

"Seven eight, gonna stay up late..."

"Yeah, yeah, nine ten, never sleep again! We know!" Langly yelled.

"Good, I can kill you now." Freddy appeared at the end of the hall, knives flashing.

"Nice going Gangly." Frohike hissed.



"I don't get it!" Frohike panted as the three crouched behind a bush. "None of us are teenagers, we don't do drugs, and HE'S still a virgin!" He pointed at Langly. "Why's he after us?"

"Frohike, this guy's brain's been eaten by fish." Langly rolled his eyes. "He has no clue."

"Shh!" Byers whispered. "If you two are to loud he'll find us!"

"He'll find us anyway Byers, didn't you ever watch these movies?" Langly replied.

"Well, I'd rather it be later than sooner." Byers said sarcastically.

Frohike cautiously moved a few leaves aside. "I think he's"



A shinning machete blade flashed down before the Gunmen.

"AHH!" The three leapt up and sped off thorough the woods.

"NEVER say you think he's gone, it's a sure fire way to attract him!" Langly yelled at the shorter man.

"Advice later, run NOW!" Byers yelled.

The three ran towards the camp.

"Gotta warn Reyes and Dogget." Frohike panted.

"They're probably dead." Langly answered.

"We've gotta check." Byers insisted, and ran into a cabin.

Blood and gore lay everywhere.

"Well, that answers that question." Langly choked.

The back door flew open, revealing Jason in all his bloody glory.

"Oh Crap." Frohike whispered.


"We're gonna die." Frohike stated plaintively.

"Well, sure with THAT attitude!" Byers said.

"Can it, Nark." Langly scowled.

"Hey guys, I found this doll...he so cute!"


"I want to play..."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Langly smashed doll with a hammer.

"What did you do that for?" Jimmy stared at him, horrified.

"It was evil!"

"No, that one holding the knife is evil. This one is my Good Guy pal Robby."

"Man, you guys are Freakin' stupid." Chucky raised the knife.


"Ohh man! Run!"

"Guy's its just a clown." Jimmy grinned.

"Just a clown! Jimmy, it just turned a bunch of people into cotton candy cocoons!" Frohike said. "Its a Killer Klown from outer space!"

"Those things trapped Yves in a giant balloon." Byers shook his head. "We've got to rescue her."

"Nuh-uh. There is no FREAKIN' way I'm going near one of those things." Langly held his hands up. "Regular clowns are freaky enough, but these things are aliens too!"

"Did you see the one make a killer shadow puppet!" Frohike gaped.

"Khsuensk." A Killer Klown popped up from behind, grinning and raised it ray gun.



"Wow, what a great old house." Byers remarked.

"I wonder why it was so cheap." Frohike asked

"Because a five year old boy was drowned in the bathtub upstairs and replaced by another boy."

The other Gunmen blinked.

"Oh that's what the ghost of the little boy upstairs has been trying to tell us."

"Is that what that chair was?" asked Langly.

"Come on guys, he's five, give him a break." Byers said.

The chair rolled down the stairs.

"How did you get that out of a chair again?" Frohike asked.


"Let's stop there guys!" Jimmy said, pointing to the 'Bates Motel'.

"No, we're not even going to go there." Langly said, and drove away.


"AHH there's singing, and Nazis!" Langly shrieked.

"Wait, you are sixteen going on seventeen?" Frohike said. "You said you were nineteen!"

"This isn't a horror movie." Byers said, confused.

"Well, the hills are alive. That's kinda scary." Jimmy pointed out.

Byers rolled his eyes.