LGM Movie Scenes

Chapter Four

By GirlX2

Yes, I'm not dead yet! And I've got another chapter in the words with...A Harry Potter SCENE!! Enjoy these in the meantime:


Frohike glared up at the gangly hacker. "It's your fault we're here, I know it."

Langly sighed, and flicked his hair behind now-pointy ears. "You're a fan of 'Lord of the Rings' too. How do you know its not your fault?"

Frohike hefted the battle axe warningly. "Don't blame this on me, elf-boy."


Byers fingered the ring around his neck thoughtfully as the two transformed Gunmen argued. He'd lost several feet in height, his shoes, and gained this extremely powerful and evil ring. It was a lot to digest.

"Hey calm down." Jimmy pried the feuding men apart. "We'll just hike to this volcano, no problem."

"Big problem. Who ever heard of a fellowship of four people? It-its-blasphemous!" Langly sputtered. "Tolkien must be spinning in his grave."

"Technically, a human, an elf, a hobbit, and a dwarf may be good enough." Frohike injected.

Langly scowled, but dropped the subject.

"Can we please get out of here before something tries to kill me?" Byers asked. "Being three feet tall and having a sword I have no idea how to use isn't exactly safe."

"Yeah, and I'm not exactly bow-and-arrow ready." Langly tried to string an arrow, nearly shooting his foot.

"I never even chopped wood." Frohike grumbled.

Jimmy shrugged, smile not fading. "We'll pick it up as we go."

"We'd better pick it up pretty darn quick." Langly hissed. "Uri-ki, dead ahead. They'll be here in two minutes!"

"Elf-eyes, and you still need those glasses." Frohike muttered.

The three taller men formed a clumsy tri-angle around Byers.

"We're the heros! We can't die." Jimmy said bravely.

"Tell that to them!" Frohike raised the ax as the ugly warriors crested the hill.


"Oh God, I'm gonna throw up." Langly groaned. The blond man was lying sprawled across the hotel floor, covered in slime. "As far as I'm concerned, Bill Murry and Dan Akroyd can go to Hell for this."

"Hey, you're the one who's the Ghostbusters freak." Frohike reminded him. "Not to mention Jimmy watching that cartoon all the time."

"If I never see another glob of ectoplasm it'll be to soon. Where is Jimmy anyway?" Langly replied, getting to his feet.

"Dunno. He'll probably show up in a few weeks, like the Ernie Hudson in the movie." Frohike shrugged.

"A few weeks!"

"Uh, guys." Byers's voice crackled nervously over the walkie talkie. "There's a big green…thing down here."

"That would be Slimer." Langly grumbled, getting to his feet. "Just hold on until we get there. You'll need all three proton streams for him."

"This isn't going well." Byers replied as the other two men jogged downstairs. "Its eating a TABLE for Pete's sake!"

Langly shook his head. "I'm NEVER watching this movie again. EVER."

Alice in Wonderland

"So…what do we do now?" Langly asked after a few moment of silence.

"Well, the bottle on the table say's 'Drink Me'. You figure it out." Frohike said sarcastically.

"I'm not drinking that!" Langly snapped. "Who knows what it'll do. The original book was basically a metaphor for a drug trip. Hm…on the other hand-"

"I'll try it." Byers said, derailing the other Gunman's train of thought. Gingerly, the picked the bottle up. The contents were bight green in color.

"Um…I don't suppose anyone actually remembers what took place in either the book or the movie?" Byers asked while uncorking the bottle.

"If we're lucky it'll shrink you. Then we can use that door." Frohike replied, pointing out the tiny wooden gateway.

"Oh." Byers looked like he was about to be sick. He cautiously took a sip. "It tastes like ginger snaps."



Byers next words were lost to the other Gunmen as the former bureaucrat momentarily disappeared from sight. Frohike and Langly exchanged glanced, and directed their attention to the floor.

There, a very miniature Byers was struggling to keep the bottle from falling over. Langly quickly picked it up.

"Byers, are you okay?" Frohike asked softly. The Gunman was probably about twelve inches tall.

Byers nodded. "I'm alright. Are you guys coming down or what?"

Langly made a face. "What is it with GirlX and changing us into something unnatural?"

"Just be glad she didn't make you a woman again." Frohike said impatiently. "Hurry up."

Langly squinted dangerously at Frohike, but complied. "Byers, this definitely does not taste like ginger snaps. More like Mountain Dew."

"You would know, you drink that stuff like water." Byers replied as Langly shrunk to match his proportions.

"Your turn Doohike." Langly smirked up at him.

Frohike sighed and downed the last of the liquid. "Hey, I remember this from the movie now. This stuff tastes different every time you drink."

"Anything else coming back, Sherlock?" Langly snorted as he twisted the doorknob.

"Hey!" An enraged shout came from the vicinity of Langly's hand.

"HOLY CRAP!" The Gunman leapt back, shocked.

"Yeah, the door is alive." Frohike, now proportionate to the others, smirked at him.

"Gonna get you for that later, doohike."