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When Winter Met Summer

Prologue:Drunken Love

Kagome ran. She didn't know where she was running to, or where she was, but she was pretty positive that wherever she went, she'd be safe. She stumbled over a few stray pebbles, and got her legs scraped a few times. But the pain was not even bothering her. In fact, she didn't feel anything. She didn't feel the pounds her heart made against her chest, she didn't feel the breeze whipping her hair around, she didn't feel anything but fear. Even with the occasional honking of few cars that strolled around at midnight, Kagome couldn't hear them. Only the footsteps of her nightmare were resounding in her ears.

"Why don't you slow down, Kagome?", a mocking voice called.

Kagome shut her eyes briefly, thinking of what her friends had told her.

"Kagome! You have to get away from that jerk! You can't spend your time beating around the bush. Break up with the guy before he kills you!", Sango, her best friend, had explained. Miroku had nodded his head in agreement. "It's best you listen to Sango. You might find yourself in a very bad situation with that man." Inuyasha snorted. He averted his eyes away from Sango and Miroku, long enough to give Kagome a golden-eyed glare. "I swear Kagome. One of these days, I'll beat the daylights out of him!", he snarled with a vicious tone. "Guys, guys, calm down. I know what I'm doing. I know he loves me...he really does!" Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha cast each other worried glances, but said nothing after that.

'Why didn't I listen to them! I was such a fool! Now look at the situation I've put myself in...', she though miserably to herself. Her boyfriend had been such a cruel, abusive, and twisted man. Why she loved him, she didn't know.

Running even faster, Kagome reached an empty alleyway. With a deadend. She shut her eyes, praying that she could find some way out.

"Finally caught up with you..." Kagome whirled around, her eyes ablaze. "Get away from me, you creep!", she shouted, hoping he might just leave. But he stood right there, a confident smirk plastered on his face. He stepped closer to her, and then struck her across the face. Kagome winced, as he stood there letting her cheeks sting. His attitude was because of the alcohol he had drank during their stay at the bar. Kagome had gotten him upset, which led her to where she was now.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw some glass glinting. A broken beer bottle. In one quick motion, she had stooped down and grabbed the bottle, pointing it in his direction. He stepped back, slightly surprised. "Oh, like you can even graze me with that thing." Kagome's eyes were on fire as she stared boldy into his crimson ones.

"Say your prayers Naraku..."

She ran with speed she didn't know she had, catching him offguard, and stabbed him mulitple times. He yelled in pain as she did.


Soon, she stopped, when realization sunk in. "I-I...stabbed him..." She dropped the bloody beer bottle and ran into the streets.

'I can't ever look back now...I just can't...'

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