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Ariel Pax


RedAlert sat in the control room, the kids had gone home for the night, and most of the other Autobots had gone to bed. Suddenly a communication came in from Cybertron. Naturally, he answered the call. A pink femme with a commanding look to her appeared on-screen.

At seeing her, he smiled respectfully, "Elita-1, good to see you, I'll get Prime for you-"

"I don't wish to speak with him just yet. I need your help RedAlert."

For a moment he was dumb struck but regained his composure, "W-what do you need help with?"

"Well, you know how Optimus and my older sparkling… how she has always resented not being allowed to fight?"

"Yes. I never met her but by what has been said… go on."

"Well, she left Cybertron…"

"WHAT!" Came a bellow behind RedAlert. Optimus stormed in the room, "She just left! Why didn't you watch her more closely Elita!"

"Like it or not she's fully developed now Optimus! If she wants to be a warrior, then let her be one. It's likely she'll go to earth, and I want you to give her your trust and let her make her own decisions! She wouldn't have run off in the first place if you'd let he have more freedom!"

RedAlert sank away from the control room, not willing to get farther involved. He had noticed back on Cybertron that when the subject of their sparklings, especially Ariel Pax, came up, they were both stubborn hotheads. Each always wanted their own way about her. He would never admit it, but he agreed with Elita, he was far too harsh and overprotective of her. He had lied to Elita, he had met her once at the transformers training academy, she'd been pre-dual-freshmen (the American equivalent of a fifth grader) at the time, and he a senior. They had met in the library, he found her rebellious behavior unnerving; she did all she could to try to get suspended, but because her father was the Autobot leader, she never did. And she obviously hated it. He wondered if she hated herself as well.

He ignored the bellows from the other room, he wondered what would happen if Optimus let her be a warrior and come to earth; but by this point she would arrive in due time anyway. He let out an annoyed sigh and mentally counted the private quarters and the bots in them; Hotshot, Smokescreen, Scavenger, Jetfire, Blurr, Optimus, Himself, and three rooms for the minicons… and only eleven rooms came to mind. He sighed again; at least if she does come here, she'll have her own room… we need to expand the base anyway, he thought bitterly.


RedAlert glanced around the room, the only team member not in the room was Optimus, and for good reason. He was trying to think of how to tell everyone what was going on, "Common! Spill it already!" Hotshot snapped, his impatience growing.

"Cool your carburetor Hotshot. Now… well… we may be having a new arrival soon…" He turned to Hotshot who'd been about to interrupt, "Keep your snide remarks to yourself. She's Optimus' creation. And let's just say Prime isn't pleased about it."

"How do Autobots create 'children' Red?" Rad asked.

A few Autobots made uneasy glances around the room, RedAlert cleared his throat, "The Autobot ether builds a new robot and is then considered its parent, or the scamatics of a mech and a femme are combined to form a new robot." He bit his lip component; he really didn't want to get into detail.

"Oh… okay…"

"Anyway, I suggest not making any mention of this to Optimus. He looked extremely angry last night when Eleta-1 told him." Suddenly the Mini-con alert sounded, "Oh joy, more bad news."


When Optimus, Hotshot, Blurr, Scavenger and Jetfire arrived in their destination (a canyon) they began to search for the Mini-con (duh). Remarkably, there was no sign of the Decepticons. They regrouped after about 20-minutes of searching. Then they searched together.

They turned a corner of the canyon and froze. An average sized femme with a pink midsection of armor, purple shoulder thrusts, red upper arms and legs, blue down to her wrists, and white around her knees was freeing a Mini-con. It was a small neon yellow-and-green female when it arose from the mini-con-plate.

When she turned and saw Optimus, it was as though her systems had crashed and she appeared incapable of movement. She gave an uneasy smile, "He-hello Prime. Hi Uncle Scavenger!"

"For the last time, I'm not your uncle!"

"Hi Jetsam! Run into any buildings since you left Cybertron?"

Jetfire clenched his 'teeth', "Stop calling me Debris! I am not a wreckage; for Primus' sake!"

She stuck out her oral probe, "Whatever."

Her Mini-con made those static-y sounds and she looked at her blankly, Optimus chuckled, "She said her name is Spit-fire."

"That's nice." She didn't seem very enthusiastic.

Suddenly, the Decepticons attacked. The battle was short, but unnerving. Sideways had cornered Ariel and smiled evilly, "Hello Ariel Pax. Long time no see. Last time I saw you, you were-"

"Shut-up!" She shouted as she shot at him, to no avail, and he countered by stabbing her through her abdomen with a spear-like weapon, twisting it in then yanking it out, in the process badly damaging some of her vital systems, then he left to fight other Autobots; leaving her to leak to death.

Once the battle was over, Optimus knelt at Ariel's side, "Are you alright?"

"Optimus?" she whispered, fear burning in her bright orange optics, "I'm scared."

"I know; I'm sure RedAlert will be able to fix you." He picked her up gently and carried her home.

To be continued...