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Nodoka was in the hospital in a great amount of pain. Why was she in pain? Because she was going into labor. That's right folks Nodoka was giving birth to Ranma. Genma wanted to be at her side for this but for some reason she insisted that he stay out of the room until she said it was okay. Genma didn't know why his wife didn't want him by her side but Genma would do anything for her so he did as she wished.

Several hours later of extreme pain…

"Congratulations Mrs. Saotome it's a…monkey?" said the doctor.

The doctor then held up a baby Ranma but this Ranma had a tail. Just like Goku, and as all babies Ranma seemed upset and confused and was crying a lot.

"Doctor please, I'm begging you! Remove his tail! My husband must not know about this!" begged Nodoka.

"I'm still a little confused as to why he has a tail…but okay."

"My wife is in there and in a great amount of pain! Wild horses aren't going to keep me from her!" somebody yelled outside the infirmary.

"Genma Saotome you are staying right where you are until I say so you got that?" yelled Nodoka to the other side of the room.

They then heard a very faint "Yes deer." From the other side of the door.

After a little bit of surgery on Ranma Nodoka said that it was okay for Genma to come in.

Genma came rushing in.


"Our child is 100 healthy. You're a father. You have a beautiful baby boy."

Genma took Ranma from the doctor's arms and held him in his own.

"A boy. I have a boy. I'm going to make sure he grows up to be the strongest martial artist there is." Said Genma as he wept with joy.

"I'm still a little confused about why he had a…OW!" The doctor got his foot stepped on by Nodoka before he could finish. And keep in mind that Nodoka had high heels on at the time so now the doctor was hopping around on one foot.

"What was he saying No-Chan?" asked Genma.

"Nothing dear. He's just happy that our baby is healthy is all." Said Nodoka.

17 years later…

Ranma was walking down the street. The birds were chirping the children were playing but none of this seemed to cheer him up. What can when your life is a living hell? He had fallen out of love with Akane. She had recently blamed all the chaos in Nerima on him but that wasn't anything he wasn't already used to. She had become even more violent than Ranma thought possible. She kept up the "Mallet now ask questions later" routine only this was much worse than it was in the past. There was only so much a man could take. The only problem was, there was nothing he could do about it. She was a girl and no matter how rude or mean the girl Ranma just couldn't hit her. No matter what he just couldn't seem to hit a girl…unless he didn't know it was a girl, or he was a girl.

But Ranma was walking with a depression key that could well rival that of Ryouga. He looked up the street and saw that Ukyo was arguing with Shampoo over something. Not really wanting to deal with this Ranma turned a corner into the park. The kids were playing tag (But they made sure to avoid him like the plague because he looked spooky with that depressed ki), lovers were on the benches, and he saw that a couple of girls were playing tennis.

Ranma looked up at the sky and saw storm clouds. That was kind of like his life, a storm. Powerful and unforgiving, giving no one a choice in the matter.


Ranma flinched. He knew that voice. It didn't belong to any of his fiancés, no this voice belonged to someone more dangerous. It belonged to…his mother! Dum, dum, dum!

"My boy. I've finally found my boy!"

Ranma swore, fate was out to get him!

She then gave him a hug that practically squeezed the very life out of him.

Somehow he managed to choke out the words "Mom…I can't breathe…Mom!"

Nodoka then let him go.

"I've missed you so much!" said Nodoka.

"Mom…can we finish this inside somewhere?" asked Ranma.

"Sure but I don't see why we have to. Sure the clouds look a little unfriendly but the weather report says it will only last a little while."

But before Ranma could say anything it started to rain.

"Why me?" Ranma-Chan said depressingly.


"R-R-Ranko?" asked Nodoka.

Ranma guessed it was time he/she told her the truth. He was so tired of his life in Nerima he just wanted it to all stop.

Ranma-Chan shook her head.

"No mom. It's me. Ranma."

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"Can we go inside? I would much rather explain this in a dry place." Said Ranma-Chan.

This was it. His/her demise. Once the truth was out it was time for him to die. He/she wished that he/she could say that he/she had lived a good life but come on look at it.

They went inside the building. And little did they know that this was when Ranma's life would begin to change forever.

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