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Ranma was preparing to enter a space ship. But first he wanted to say goodbye to everyone.

"Kasumi, if Akane was as nice as you I would've fallen for her right from the start. I'll miss you." said Ranma.

"Oh my. I'll miss you too, and don't worry about Akane, she's going to be taking some anger management." said Kasumi.

Ranma moved down the line to Ryouga.

"Ryouga, you had better start training because I'm going to back some day. And when I do, I want a rematch." said Ranma.

Ranma then held out his hand. Ryouga looked at the hand, then at Ranma and shook his hand.

Ranma then moved down to Shampoo and Mousse who had Roll glomped onto him and was desperately trying to shake her off.

"Shampoo. I know you've been hiding your feelings for Mousse for quite some time now." said Ranma.

"Sh-Shampoo no know what Ranma talking about!" said Shampoo not looking at his eyes.

"Oh I think you do, you see Toma told me about what happened after Mousse fought the bird brain." said Ranma.

Shampoo blushed involunatarily.

"And when you had on the contrary jewel on I heard from Cologne that you give him a few whacks as well." said Ranma.

Shampoo was speechless.

"But next time you see Mousse being glomped, hit the glomper not the glompee." said Ranma.

"GET OFF OF ME ROLL!" shouted Mousse.

"NEVER!" shouted Roll.

"And Mousse I think it would really help your chances with Shampoo if you got contact lenses." said Ranma.

"Me? Contacts? For my darling Shampoo anything!" said Mousse.

Ranma then whispered something in Ryouga's ear and he nodded. Ryouga then walked up to Shampoo's bike and it fell to the mercy of the Baksai Tenkutsu.

"Aiyah! Why stupid pig boy do that?" demanded Shampoo.

"BECAUSE I HATE YOUR BIKE ALMOST AS MUCH AS I HATE AKANE'S MALLETS!" shouted Ranma recalling all the times of being runned over.

Ranma then moved down to his parents.

"Ranma, there is something very important your father wants to say to you." said Nodoka.

"Um yes. Don't slack off with your training." said Genma.

Genma soon found a katana blade under his neck.

"I MEAN..."

"Go on dear husband, it isn't going to kill you I promise. But I might if you don't." said Nodoka.


"There. Now was that so hard?" asked Nodoka.

"Yes." said Genma.

"Ranma, one more thing." said Nodoka.

She then took out a box and gave it to Ranma. He opened it up to find some sort of red pole inside with it's holder tied to a rope.

"What is this?" asked Ranma.

"It's the Power Pole. It belonged to your ancestor Goku. It can stretch to any length just by saying Power Pole Extend. I want you to take it with you for luck." said Nodoka.

"Thanks mom, I will." said Ranma.

"One more thing Ranma. It is very important that you never under any circumstances look at the moon." said Nodoka.

"Uh okay. Why?" asked Ranma.

"It's better if you don't know." said Nodoka.

Ranma moved down the line to find Ukyo.

"Ranma...I'm sorry. Mrs. Saotome was right, you needed a friend not a fourth fiance. For that I apologize." said Ukyo.

Ranma pulled her into a hug and she blushed, Rebecca and Maiko fummed.

"No matter what happens Ucchan. You will always be my best friend." said Ranma.

He then pulled away from her and moved down to see the two old midgets themselves.

"Ranma, it was an honor to train you." said Cologne.

"Same here, but Ranma I need to talk to you in private." said Happosai.

The two started to walk off but they heard Cologne clearly say "Hurry back Airen."

"Who she calling Airen?" asked Happosai.

"Oh I don't know, maybe the midget who beat her!" said Ranma.

"Whatever, now Ranma there is something very important I must tell you. I am afraid that I can not accept you as my heir." said Happosai.

"WHAT?" shouted Ranma.

From a distance the others were very curious about what Ranma was shouting about. When he came back he didn't look happy.

"Ranchan what's wrong?" asked Ukyo.

"Let's just say that I have to be the founder of my own style of martial arts." pouted Ranma.

But he got over himself and moved down to Rebecca.

"Rebecca, I'm probably going to miss you most of all." said Ranma.

"N-Not q-quite a-as much as you think Ranma." said Rebecca.

"Huh?" asked Ranma.

She then pulled out some sort of form.

"You see, I-I'm going with you." said Rebecca.

"WHAT?" shouted Maiko.

She snatched the forms Rebecca's hand to see that some how the Galaxy Police Academy had already approved them somehow. This was not something Maiko needed, she actually found a nice guy and already competition for him had started up. With a body like Rebecca's she was going to have to try really hard to become Ranma's girlfriend.

"I don't know how you did this but I guess there's no fighting it...for now. Come aboard." said Maiko.

"Come on Geru." said Ranma.

The little white robot soon followed Ranma onto the ship. "Geru! Geru!"

The ship closed up and started to take off.

"I can't believe I'm going to say this but...I think I'm going to miss them." said Ranma.

So the three soon made their way to the bridge and sat down.

"So how long until we reach the academy?" asked Rebecca.

"Actually we have to make another stop here on Earth. A girl named Sasami." said the captain.

"Another one? You're kidding me." said Maiko with wide eyes.

"Nope." said the captain.


Planet of the Kias...

"Well now let's see. Crystal ball show us the stages of Super Saiyan Ranma will become." saidOld Kia.

The crystal ball flickered for a second and then showed Aisha, Maiko, Sasami, and Rebecca pushing each other out of the way. Apparently for some reason they all wanted to be first entering a certain room.

"What the heckis this?" asked Goku.

"Oops. That's his honey moon. Let's try again shall we?" asked Old Kai.

The crystal ball flashed again and showed Ranma with Light Hawk Wings.

"Nope that aint it." said Old Kai.

The crystal ball then flashed again.

"Wait a minute! Go back! He shouldn't of have been able to do that! He has Saiyan blood not Jurian! I checked!" said Supreme Kia.

"Too late now! Ah here we go." said Old Kia.

The crystal ball showed Ranma going Super Saiyan. It flashed again and showed Ranma reaching Super Saiyan 2. When it flashed again there was Ranma as a Super Saiyan 3. But when it showed Ranma as a giant golden gorilla the crystal ball shattered.

"I KNEW IT! We pushed it too far and it couldn't take it anymore!" shouted Old Kia.

"Aw, I wanted to see if he made it to Super Saiyan 4." whined Goku.

The Supreme Kia then got up.

"Excuse me but I really need to get going." said the Supreme Kai.

"Where to?" asked Goku.

"I need to speak with Lady Seto." said the Supreme Kia.

"Okay but don't you let her push you around, remember, she has no authority over you. Can't say the same for everyone else in the universe though." said Old Kai.


Tenchi's house...

Sasami was still blindfolded but the stupid thing kept coming off no matter how many times she tightened it. But she couldn't help but feel excited, any minute now a GP Transport Ship was going to arrive and take her to the accademy. Everyone but Washu had to go away for a little while, something about carrot seeds.

Washu soon came out onto the lawn.

"Blindfold still giving you trouble?" asked Washu.

"Actually I think it's finally going to stay on this time." said Sasami.

"Well here's hoping." said Washu.

Washu then saw something in the distance.

"Ah here they are now." said Washu.

The transport ship soon landed in front of Sasami. The doors opened and a man led Sasami inside.

"So long Sasami!" waved Washu. When Sasami was on board Washu turned arouned. "If my hypothesis is correct Sasami's life might get a bit more complicated."

"This way to the bridge miss Sasami." said the man.

The man led her by the hand to the bridge.

"Hey this the other person from Earth? Hi I'm Ranma and I'll be going to the accademy too!" said Ranma.

However, Sasami accidentally tripped on her next step and the blind fold came off. The first person she saw was, you got it, Ranma. Her entire body blushed but she took Ranma's hands into her own. The backround changed to one of a medow with hearts all around.

"Hey...Hey cut it out!" said Ranma.

'I can't believe how attracted I am to him. Maybe even more so than I was to Tenchi. It must be the potion I took...hey where'd he go?' thought Sasami.

Ranma had used his instant transmission to transport himself somewhere else on the ship. This is of course after he freed his hands otherwise he would've taken her with him. He almost landed out side the ship, this technique was being very tempermental.

'Aw man. I can't believe the way that girl was looking at me like that. Hope she isn't another Kodachi...then again, Kodachi was never that cute. And her hair was really...NO! Ican't be thinking these thoughts! I refuse to fall for one of girls or whatever she is! No matter how cute...AGR! THERE I GO AGAIN!"

Meanwhile back on the bridge, Sasami was thinking about what just happened. 'Guess that potion got to do it's job anyways. But wow, I couldn't ask for a better specimen. Huh. Wonder why those two girls are glaring me.'

Rebecca then decided she needed to blow some steam and maybe look for Ranma.

Speaking of whom, Ranma was walking with Geru in thehall.

"Geru, why do I always attract attention like that? Can't I ever meet a girl just once who wants to just stay friends?" asked Ranma.

"Ranma unlucky. Geru! Geru! Geru!" said Geru.

"Oh who asked you anyways?" asked Ranma.

"Ranma asked Geru. Geru! Geru!" said Geru.

But at that very moment the ship shook. They were under attack, but thing that no one knew was that it was the Outlaw Star in disguise.