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First Comes Marriage, Chapter 1


His only sister and the youngest Weasley was engaged to be married.

Ron Weasley didn't know which was worse - the fact that he was reading about it in the paper instead of hearing it from Ginny or that she was apparently engaged to the slimy git.

He was a bit upset she hadn't told him in person - or any of the family he had gathered from all the Floo calls this morning. By now, Ron was convinced the whole thing was Malfoy's idea. He'd probably decided they should stage a party announcing their engagement, without informing any of her family. And Gin, under the Imperius, had gone along with it.

Ron idly wondered if Malfoys were above brainwashing. There was no way a Weasley loved a Malfoy. It was against the Weasley code. It had to be.

So Malfoy had tricked his sister into agreeing to marry him, and then announced it at some gala before discussing it with any of her family. Was it too much to ask for a woman's hand in marriage? Did that happen anymore? Although, Ron knew – neither his father nor his brothers would have agreed to the request. A Malfoy and a Weasley? Married? He would have been laughed right out of The Burrow.

Besides, Ginny wouldn't actually marry him. Everyone knew Ginny was saving herself for Harry. Since she was ten years old, the only boy who ever mattered to Ginny Weasley was Harry Potter. She would be the one who finally made Harry his brother.

At the moment, Ron was choosing to forget about Michael Corner and Dean Thomas. There was also the fling with Seamus seventh year… and Oliver Wood when he'd visited the twins at their shop two summers ago. Okay, so maybe she wasn't as hung up on Harry as she once was. Being her older brother, he'd have to change that. It seemed that a visit with his best friend was in order.

Ginny and the ferret? It would never happen. Hell would freeze over first.

Across town, Ginny Weasley was finding that hell was about to freeze over. Judging from the size of the rock on her right hand (the traditional Malfoy engagement ring, that she would remove as soon as she got home) and the newly purchased white dress robes from Madam Malkin's, she was beginning to realize this was real.

Here she was, about to marry Draco sodding Malfoy. The prat with whom she connected some of her best and worst moments at Hogwarts. She still considered her most humiliating moment the day he stole her singing Valentine for Harry. He was the boy who tormented Ron, called Hermione a Mudblood, and, above all else, hated Harry Potter.

Draco was also the first boy she really kissed. In retrospect, Ginny knew she was kissing all of the frogs, trying to find her prince. Draco surprised her – he never turned into a prince, but she soon found she didn't mind so much. Whatever their reasons in the beginning changed as they started to know each other.

She was pulled from her thoughts by a loud curse. They'd abruptly stopped and apparently there was a distraction up ahead. Her blond companion was less than pleased, given the string of profanities he released. As he determined a better route, the redhead took a moment to study him. No, Draco Malfoy was definitely not a prince. At least he wasn't her prince. Once, a long time ago, she thought they might work something out, but since then years had separated them. Time and experiences took them both in different directions and down different paths. The only reason they were here today was Lucius Malfoy. Ginny shuddered at the thought of him.

Draco finally managed to get them through part of the crowd and down a side alley. Her hand was tucked inside of his as he pulled her along. Ginny was dreading their arrival at the very building where her father and Percy worked. They'd only announced their engagement yesterday and, as instructed by Lucius, they were to marry today.

Ginny disliked the amount of control the Death Eater had over their lives. Even if Draco was working closely with Snape and Professor Dumbledore, she still felt her own lack of control in the situation. Strangely, it wasn't entirely the whole idea of marriage – it was almost a secret wish (one she never admitted to herself) that she and Draco might have some success – it was starting a life with someone she no longer felt she knew.

Everything she knew about Draco Malfoy came from the society papers. Just from looking at him, Ginny knew he'd grown out of the awkwardness of his teens and into the body of a man. However, society papers and attractiveness wasn't something they could talk about. In the tiniest, deepest part of her heart Ginny was terrified of becoming Narcissa Malfoy. She didn't want to devote her life to a man who could never love her.

With that realization, she stopped short. Devote her life to him? Becoming Narcissa Malfoy? Was she insane? Their marriage was for show only! "Get a grip," she told herself. Draco was looking at her oddly. "Sorry."

"Why didn't we Apparate?" he asked, his patience wearing thin. This situation was going from bad to worse as each minute ticked away.

Ginny looked down, embarrassed by her earlier thoughts. She was thinking of having a real marriage and Draco was probably planning on what he'd give her in the divorce settlement. The entire situation was wrong. "Yes, because I'm in such a hurry to be Mrs. Ferret," she quipped. "I can't believe I'm not more excited!"

Draco didn't respond, only taking her hand again. Bloody hell, why was Diagon Alley so crowded? It was a Tuesday morning, shouldn't everyone be at work?

"We're almost there," he called back. "You haven't dirtied your robes, have you?"

"What does it matter? It's not like this is a real wedding."

"I'm a Malfoy," her groom explained, "and Malfoys don't get married in wrinkled robes."

"Well I'm a Weasley—"

"Only for about ten more minutes, thank Merlin."

Ginny yanked against his grip, pulling herself free. She stopped for the second time in less than a minute and waited for him to do the same. When he turned to face her, his silver eyes were wide and she knew she'd surprised him. Once Ginny was sure his attention was on her, she said very clearly, "If you're going to insult my family, I don't think I want to marry you."

Draco scrubbed his hands across his face in frustration. "It wasn't meant as an insult, Weasley."


"Ginny," Draco repeated. "I wasn't insulting your family. I have nothing against them."

"You're such a bad liar."

He raised his hands in defeat. "Fine, I have nothing against any of them but Ron. Happy?"

"For the duration of this marriage, there will be no more insults against any of my family members." She paused for a minute. "Including Ron."

Draco groaned loudly. "You're no fun." He nodded his head. "Fine. But you can't refer to me as ferret or Death Eater or any of the other names you're so fond of." He extended his hand to her again. "You ready?"

Her fingers wrapped around his easily and they arrived at the Ministry about ten minutes later without another conflict.

They found the marriage office on the fourth floor. Draco paid the twenty-five galleons needed to obtain a marriage license and took her to wait in the lobby.

Fifteen minutes later, they were standing in front of Mr. Gordon McDonald (according to the plate on his desk). He was an older man, with wisps of gray-white hair peaking from beneath his Muggle cap. Ginny was reminded of Remus Lupin.

The Ministry official performed the ceremony quickly, both Draco and Ginny repeating what they were told to repeat. The ceremony was just protocol - they'd sat up half the night detailing the ins and outs of their "marriage." Both knew what to expect from the other.

When Mr. McDonald announced them husband and wife, he instructed Draco to kiss his bride.

The Malfoy heir took a step closer, invading his new wife's personal space. His arms wound around her back as he pulled her to him. Draco pressed a kiss to the left corner of her mouth, then to the right. His lips broke contact with her skin and he smiled. Ginny opened her mouth to say something when Draco silenced her with one final kiss.

His lips were gentle against hers, asking - not demanding - that she open for him. She parted her lips in invitation, allowing his tongue to duck into her mouth. Ginny could feel his arms tighten around her back, even as her hands fisted in his robes. She couldn't decide if she wanted to pull him closer or push him away. Finally, she decided he should be the judge. She clearly wasn't in control any longer.

After what felt like an eternity, Draco pulled back. He could feel the self-satisfaction rising within him. His new bride looked dazed - her lips were swollen and she looked thoroughly kissed. Draco found himself wondering if she'd been properly kissed since his seventh year. The thought led him to think of their wedding night - the wedding night Ginny previously insisted would never happen. He'd see about that, Draco thought smugly. A few more kisses and she'd be begging him to bed her.

The blond-haired man went in for one more kiss, gently brushing his lips across hers. Ginny's eyes were closed and she was enjoying the feeling of being pressed against his hard chest. Draco didn't know at that moment Ginny might have agreed to anything. Unfortunately, he ruined the peace between them with his next statement.

"By the way, Malfoys don't believe in divorce."