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Everything was black and white. Kind of blurry, hazy shapes with outlines that blended into more shapes and dark backgrounds. There were strange noises all around, but one sound stood out among the rest, was sharp and clear and almost deafening.

The howling.

He could hear it, loud, overwhelming, a thunderous bellow from a beast. Yet it sounded as though it came from inside his head, the only element of his surroundings that he could decipher did not seem to be a surrounding at all, but something inside him, part of him. As if he had an animal inside of him.

There were claws against his skin, sharp and deadly, harsher than the teeth in his arm. They were grazing, scratching, scraping at his skin, from the inside. Like the animal was clawing to get out, clawing to break free. He could feel something push at his bones, trying to crush them, break free. It felt as though his body was shifting, changing, trying to accommodate this beast beneath his skin.

His vision lost the blur, soon becoming sharp, clear, still black and white as if he possessed the animal's sight and not his own. He saw unfamiliar faces, picked up new, strange scents along with familiar ones. He could name the scent he knew, and the ones he didn't. He knew the names to all those faces, could tell who was who amongst the crowd of strangers.

The animal howled again, and now he knew he had a wolf inside him. It was like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood had decided that instead of eating its victim, it would somehow dive in and eats its way out and possess the remains of the corpse, walk around like a wolf in a man's clothing.

But then that was perfect, wasn't it? After all, a man could be just as innocent as a lamb, ignorant as sheep, yet more often than not, they were like the wolves of the fairy tales - devious, decadent creatures who preyed on sheep themselves. They were the proverbial wolf, were they not? They were the dark stranger to beware, the cruel murderer and rapist and thief to avoid, to run from.

Young girls, always told to beware of wolves that really represented men - it was either that, or a wicked stepmother, but perhaps that was merely written be a vindictive stepdaughter.

What did that have to do with anything though? Was this some sort of philosophical dream, telling him to get in touch with his inner sheep and inner wolf at the same time? What did that have to do with this sordid bunch around him, complete strangers yet people he knew so much about?

And they were all forming a sort of circle, a shouting, drunken crowd just without the actual drunkenness. Somehow he knew they were not drunk, just trying to find a drink that had enough taste to register on the tongues. Somehow he knew that there would be no slurred words and shaky, wobbling spectators leaving after the show was over.

The show. He hadn't even realized there was a show. Or had he? He had been watching it, staring at it all along and only now did he register it. Only now did his eyes, seeing nothing but black and white and shades of gray, finally let him take in the sight before him. Only now did he finally get a good, long look at the beast inside him, underneath his skin, trying to take over.

Large, black monsters, something between human and beast, something between man and wolf, Red Riding Hood's worst nightmare. The sort of thing you saw in movies and then promised yourself upon reaching home were not truly real.

His gaze shifted to a specific part of the monsters, of the beasts before him. He took in the sight of their teeth and suddenly his arm flared up, intense pain making him grit his teeth and groan through them. It was as if he was being bitten all over again, and it didn't let up, not as his eyes clenched shut and he gripped the hurting arm, the howling inside his head fierce and demanding as the scent of blood met his nostrils and he heard the two beasts growling and snarling at each other.

It was burning hot, and his body was shaking, convulsing, changing. The pain didn't let it, it got worse, spreading through his entire body as the monster inside him clawed and bit and snarled and growled and howled to be let out, to shed man's clothing and walk as wolf once more.

It didn't let up, no matter how hard he tried to fight it, and finally he gave in, letting out a scream of agony, but the noise swiftly turned into a triumphant howl as he opened his eyes…

And found himself in bed, covered in sweat, the bandage on his arm started to come off from the moisture on his skin, the wound barely covered not reopened but more healed up than it should be. Adam panted, blinking several times as he realized there was urgent knocking on his door, even while his mind urgently tried to figure out what had happened.

The dreams - he'd had multiple ones, or perhaps just one that changed into completely different surroundings and situations, despite having only slept for twenty minutes - were fading fast and what he could remember was confusing and completely different from anything he had dreamt about before. But then again, he'd never been bitten before, either.

Michael was though. Michael was bitten, by a man, and there was a woman involved. Michael was talking crazy, about seeing crazy things. Dreams. Visions.

Adam closed his eyes and rose from his bed, taking the binding off his arm and tossing it in the trash can. He would change it when he was finished with the police. But right now the knocking was agitating his already aching head, the pounding - howling - inside his skull made worse by the pounding on the door.

Forests still lingered in his mind, lush green colors, but he remembered them turning to black and gray. He remembered seeing wolves running, he remembered running himself. He remembered faces of people he didn't know, yet in the dreams he had. That wasn't entirely uncommon though, plenty of people had dreams where they were with others that in real life they had never seen and probably didn't exist except in that specific dream. But the forests, the wolves, and the pain, the strange pain at the end, that wasn't usual.

But he didn't have time to think about that now. Now was time to talk to the police about what had happened and hope he wasn't involved in anything too big or complicated and that he could go on with his life. After all that had been happening, Adam didn't really want to have to adjust to another drastic change, and he most certainly didn't want to be involved in anything to do with any sort of crime.

Taking a deep breath and ignoring the steadily growing, searing pain in his arm, Adam unlocked his door. He opened it to see two policemen, and for a moment his memory went back to another pair of policemen.

The two that had pursued Michael, and the instant his memory brought back the mental picture of those two, he caught a flash of his dream - the two monsters the rowdy crowd had been watching. The policemen's faces shifted slightly, mouths growing out from their faces, ears growing pointy, eyes glowing an inhuman shade.

And then the memory mingled with dream faded and Adam heard one of the policemen speaking his name. The shorter of the two was the one saying his name, the taller one just watching him, studying him. Like the taller of the other pair, who Adam had seen licking his teeth as if to remove a piece of food - flesh - and had feared for some unknown reason.

Well, to be truthful, he'd feared them both for some reason he couldn't quite pinpoint. They had made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, and he never figured out why.

"Yes, I'm Dr. Lockwood," Adam confirmed finally, wincing slightly as a familiar, hot pain reminded him that his arm was not in the best condition, and the air was only making it worse. He stepped to the side, ignoring the pain for the moment. "Come on in, sorry for zoning out. This attack, the injury, and lack of sleep really has taken its toll," he explained as the police stepped into the room. He figured he had best be as open as possible, otherwise they might think he wasn't innocent. He had seen plenty of cop shows - in both countries he'd lived in - to know that.

"Yes, that's quite understandable, Dr. Lockwood," the shorter of the two - the height difference between the partners was much more slight than the difference with the other two, only three or four inches difference this time - spoke. His voice was heavily accented, but much more decipherable. It also helped that he was obviously making an effort to talk slowly and clearly so there was no confusion.

"I hope you don't mind if I tend to my injury while we talk. I bound the wound when I first reached my room, but the bandages needed changing," Adam stated, heading towards the bathroom to grab bandages and some disinfecting ointment. He heard the short of the two say that was no problem at all, and nodded, grabbing his supplies and walking back into the main area.

The two policemen remained standing while Adam sat on a chair, and refused Adam's offer to seat on the sofa. "We hope we won't have to keep you too long, right now at least," the shorter of the two explained. "I'm Detective Henri, and this is my partner Detective Damak. We've got several officers examining the grounds and the area the security guard said the attack took place, and hopefully we'll be able to find out what happened with minimal fuss."

Adam nodded and hissed in pain as he treated the injury. His head was pounding - howling - even more now, and he felt almost drugged. Somehow he found the strength to stay awake though, even while his body continued to suffer the horrid headache, burning bite wound, and the sensation of being too cold everywhere else.

"I'm not exactly sure what I can say to help you, only that I heard something while I was walking here. I had probably come within fifteen feet, or less, of this building when I first heard anything. And then I heard a growl and felt something pounce on me," Adam explained, Detective Henri writing this down. The events were fuzzy, and the images of running in the forest were suddenly clearer, but he grasped at the fading memories of what was real. He had to ignore the dream, it wasn't real.

"Did you get a look at what attacked you?" Detective Damak asked, his voice quite different from Henri's. Damak's voice was only barely accented, and Adam realized that was because Henri's had a mixture of French and Hungarian, while Damak spoke only with Hungarian, and it sounded as though he spoke English as often as Hungarian. It was deeper, kind of husky, while Henri's was smooth and a bit higher-pitched, almost as though his voice hadn't really changed much when it finally did.

Adam shook his head, which caused him to feel even more pain. "No, I didn't get a look at it at all, so I can't help you there," he all but hissed out, struggling not to clench his teeth and beat the arm of the chair with his fist. He was starting to understand that he was becoming feverish and this could mean infection or worse. At the moment though, all he wanted was sleep, and he was going to get sleep. If he didn't feel better after sleep, he could rush to the hospital and check himself in. "I do know it was extremely heavy, and I think pretty big, judging by weight and the size of the bite."

Both detectives leaned over to look at the wound, and both nodded, giving the bite mark the proper awe and sympathetic grimace. Detective Henri wrote more down in his notepad, while Detective Damak asked more questions, taking over for the moment.

"What happened to the animal?" Adam explained that small group of people came, seeming to be hunting it, and it got away, or they killed it, he couldn't remember. "Did you get a glimpse at these people, a good look, or hear anything to indicate how many there were?" Adam said there were no more than five and at least one was a girl. There were a few more questions as Adam bandaged the wound again, and then Detective Henri closed his notepad.

"Well, Dr. Lockwood, I think that's all the information you can give us, and it's getting late, plus you look exhausted," Detective Henri stated, and Adam knew the man was being polite.

If he looked half as bad as he felt, he looked like Hell.

"Would you like for us to drive you to the hospital to get your injury checked out? I would ask for you to come down so we could try and get DNA samples, but you've obviously cleaned the wound thoroughly, which is probably for the best," Henri continued, and Adam nearly growled at the "probably for the best" part of that statement.

The young doctor just shook his head though, glancing at the once more bound wound. "No, I'm going to wait and go in after some sleep. I think I've treated it early enough, I've had my shots, sleep, vitamins, and some aspirin is what I need, gentlemen."

Both detectives nodded, though they looked dubious. Neither of them protested, since they couldn't exactly force Adam to go to a doctor. They headed toward the door, Adam rising to see them out. "Please, give us a call should you remember any other piece of information concerning tonight," Henri stated, handing Adam a small business card. "The officers outside should be done soon, and if we find out anything, we'll give you a call."

"Thank you, Detectives," Adam stated, trying to appear as grateful as he could manage. But all he wanted was aspirin and sleep. Vitamins to help fight any infection and fever would come after sleep. He nodded goodbye to the detectives. Once out of his apartment, Adam shut and locked the door before getting three aspirin and a glass of cold, cold water.

"Probably shouldn't take three, but this is one hell of a headache," Adam muttered before he swallowed the pills down, one by one. He finished off the water, the cool liquid soothing to his warm throat. He filled the glass again, drank the water down, the set the glass in the sink. "Now, sleep. Hopefully dreamless sleep," he grumbled, heading for the bedroom on wobbly legs. Either the aspirin was working faster than usual, or his fever was going up and draining him more. As he went back over to the bed, Adam ended up collapsing onto the mattress, shivering and panting softly. Eyes fluttering, Adam fell into a fitful sleep, even more turbulent than the last - extremely short - nap he had gotten.