Okay, so I'm watching the Phantom of the Opera the other day at the movies and this idea suddenly came to me: Why not put these events so that teenagers can relate to it? Well, here it is. Phantom of the Auditorium. I am new to the whole Phantom of the Opera craze and know very little, so I would appreciate some help here and some reviews, too. If I did something wrong, please let me know and I will be glad to make the changes. So here's Chapter One.

Story: Phantom of the Auditorium
Summary: After her father's untimely death, Christine moves in with Meg and Madame Giry. At her new high school she makes friends with the drama students of her class and is instantly swept away by the story of the Phantom that lives under the high school auditorium. Everyone says that it is an urban legend of the school except her friends, the ones that spend all their spare time in the auditorium. They say they have seen him and now they are seeing him more than ever. Then Christine begins to see strange figures during rehearsal, is it the Phantom coming out from hiding at last?

The Story of Sorrow
Carlotta and James walked down the street as drunkenly as a person would seem. But almost all of them were drunk, Christine reminded herself. Her parents wouldn't approve of such careless friends, but she had no choice, they were the only ones who wanted to befriend her.

There was Meg, who was the only one out of the whole group that seemed to have a sane head on her shoulders. She was small and very skinny with delicate auburn hair that reached to the middle of her back. She also had a small petite nose with large soulful eyes. And she danced ballet, one of the only reasons that she hung out with the drama students. Because that was the people in the small group of five were, drama students.

Christine was going to sign up that year and what better way than to be friends with her future classmates?

One of them burped.

Christine looked at the boy disgustedly. No matter how absurd they are, she said to herself.

She looked at Meg, she seemed just as disgusted as she.

Meg wasn't the only girl there; there was also Carlotta who seemed to be deep in love with her self.

She had light blue eyes that seemed to reflect the sky during the day and a beauty mark over her upper lip making her look like one of those old actresses of the black and white movies.

She had black curly hair that always had some sort of clip in it. It was always either a bird or a flower.

"Sometimes I wish a bee would confuse the flower for a real one and follow her around. That'd be laughs."

Christine giggled a bit and looked at Meg who had been the one who said it. It was obvious that Meg didn't like her at all, and Christine could see why. Carlotta thought she was Madonna or something.

Christine looked down the street. "Where are we going?"

Christine had just moved there and had moved in with Meg. She hardly knew all the rooms in the house but she knew how to get there. She wasn't a total idiot.

"A little detour," James, one of the boys, said darkly. He held a beer bottle in one hand and with the other he held Carlotta's hand.

If they tried to be inconspicuous to the sleeping neighbors, it didn't seem like it they were all singing loudly.

Carlotta although sang beautifully, exaggerated some notes and hiccupped on others.

"It's getting way too late," Meg said to Christine quietly. "Mom is going to kill us."

Christine nodded. "I agree. Can we go back or-"

"No!" Someone said from behind.

Christine was then almost knocked down by a strong arm that draped itself over her shoulder.

Christine squealed at the sudden weight but relaxed when she only saw it was one of the other boys, Raoul. "Chris, you can't leave!"

"Christine," she corrected. "And why?"

"We have something to show you, you'll like it, I promise."

Meg looked at him disgustedly and waved her hand in front of her face. "Can you say breath mint? You better take one before you go home or your parents will know you've been drinking."

Christine shrugged and continued following Carlotta and James.

After they walked what seemed about twenty minutes they reached a very large building it was connected to small ones.

"Welcome to your new high school," James said.

Christine looked at it dumbfounded, she had lived in a city where the high schools was not as big. Here the high school was as large as a football field if not bigger.

"This is my new high school?"

But they didn't answer because they were all jumping a small fence.

"Where are you guys going?"

"Inside the auditorium, obviously," Raoul said.

"Why?" Christine asked stupidly.

Carlotta laughed. "Don't you want to perform someday?"

"Well, yeah," Christine said.

"Don't you want to know where you will soon siiiiiiiiiiiing?"

Christine rolled her eyes because when Carlotta said sing, she burst out into a very high note.

Meg mumbled as she climbed the fence. "She swears she can sing."

Christine also climbed the fence with Raoul's help and in no time they were in front of the large locked doors. "Now what?"

James cleared his throat and kneeled before the doors and took out a small envelope.

"Lock-picking tools," Christine said leaning against the wall. "Right. Is there any security or something?"

Meg nodded. "There is. On the other side of the school."

"Great," Christine said sarcastically.

"Besides no one goes to the auditorium, not during the night anyways."

"Why would that be?"

"The Phantom, darling," Meg said taking her arm and leading her inside.

Christine now noticed that they had opened the doors.

Christine was once again left in awe. The ceiling was very high and had burgundy cloth material all over it and then it dropped to curtains over the boxes at the side.

They were so beautiful, it reminded Christine of the old opera houses in Europe. They were nothing like Broadway, it was so much finer, more beautiful.

This is a high school auditorium? She asked herself. It was so much bigger than she had ever imagined. If she knew this she would have moved from her house sooner.

She shook her head, she hadn't had moved because of something grand or glorious, it was because in fact her family just abandoned her.

James and Carlotta ran down the aisles and went around the stage to the stairs and climbed on. Then they started singing and acting something out.

As best as they could because at that moment they were drunk. If someone were to blow too hard, they would both fall backwards and nap for a long time.

Christine just stood there and shook her head at their very poor acting.

"Sit! Sit!" Carlotta said to them. "Watch us perform Romeo and Juliet!"

Meg looked at her, shrugged and sat at one of the very comfortable chairs.

"Someone could fall asleep here," Christine commented to them.

"And with their acting?" Meg said nodding to Carlotta's and James's direction. "There wouldn't be a need for sleeping pills."

Christine grew into hysterical giggles.

Raoul looked heavenward. "Lord, help me."

Christine knew what he meant. Carlotta and James were no Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Carlotta was strutting around the stage with the beer bottle in her hand saying: "Romeo, Romeo wherefore art-hiccup-thou, Romeo? Deny-" she looked around at the audience. "Line!"

"If just for once the Phantom would just drop the curtain on her, I would not care."

Christine looked at Raoul. Was he serious?


Christine looked up at Carlotta. "Deny thy father and refuse thy name…"

"Right!" Carlotta said strutting yet again then she continued. "Deny thy father…"

Christine turned to her new friends. "What are you guys talking about?"

Meg stood up and said with an accent she couldn't really name. "The Phantom of the Auditorium, darling. The man who has been haunting our auditorium for so long." As she spoke, she made her way onstage." The principal says he doesn't exist, insists of it. But our drama teacher Madame Giry –my mom- says he does in fact exist. He is the soul of our auditorium, he is the life of our plays and the mystery of this school."

Carlotta and James looked at Meg. You could tell by their looks that they were pissed off that they were interrupted. "Excuse me, Megan, but James and I were acting!"

Meg ignored them and continued. "They say he has been here for years but no one is really sure why he stays-"

"Are you talking about the Phantom!" Carlotta said excitedly. "I know the whole story! My sister was attending when the freak fire broke out!"

Meg looked at Carlotta exasperated. "I'm getting to that." Then she turned back to Christine in the audience. "They say he wears a long cape and a mask that covers his face-"

"They say," Carlotta said with a flair of mystery. "That he lives underground under this very auditorium. That he hides his face because he is so hideously ugly. The only reason that he sticks around here and has no friends is because he doesn't want anyone to see him. Kind of modest, isn't he? Saving himself from embarrassment."

"Right," Christine whispered. She didn't believe them, they could tell it ten ways from Sunday and she still wouldn't believe them. But it was sad, she thought. How could someone hate themselves so much that he would hide himself from the world? From the simple pleasures of having people to talk to? To let people know how they are feeling and why.

She had always found herself being able to express herself through music and people. How could a person not have that?

"Pray tell," Christine said to them. "How is it he became this way?"

"He was disfigured," James answered.

"The fire!" Carlotta said as if she were a child with a tantrum.

"No one really knows," Meg continued, darkly. "There are many theories but those are the famous two."

"The fire," Carlotta said interrupting, "was about eight years ago. They were performing a play when a fire broke out right in the middle of the performance."

"What happened?" Christine asked interested.

"They all made it except one."

Christine sat at the edge of her seat, as if to hear better. "Who?"

Carlotta smiled. "A boy, as old as we are now. He was performing. I heard he had a great voice would have made it far too if it weren't for the fire. He was trapped in the fire and by the time the firemen doused the flames, it was too late. The fire horribly scarred his face. He didn't want to go out so now he's here. Madame Giry says he is our biggest fan, never misses a performance. "

"Poor guy," Christine said.

"Poor guy?" James echoed. "You feel bad for him, Christine?"

"Who wouldn't?" Christine answered. "I mean-"

"Maybe you should hear my story," he said with glee. "He was brought up by the circus, they called him 'The Devil's Child'. He was so hideous that no one would approach him, not even his mother."

He began to descend from the stage. "So she sold him to the circus for enough money to leave him behind. He's a murderer, a serial killer they never caught. They said that once the police realized they would never catch him, they left him. Oh, and that fire? He started it. And the boy that disappeared? He killed him. He was jealous of his good looks and equally impressive singing voice."

Christine looked at Carlotta. She looked really pleased with James. It was as if she was making sure that he didn't leave out a single detail.

James approached her as if to intimidate her. "And do you know what his favorite soup is?"

Hands came up behind her and took her by the shoulders. "SOPRANO A LA MODE!"

She screamed as the rough hands took her by the shoulders.

The only thought that would go to her mind was that the Phantom was there and he was going to kill her. He was going to kill all five of them before they got the chance to escape. He was going to-

Her screamed died in her throat when she heard Raoul laughing behind her.

She turned and was instantly met with his red, flushed face.

It wasn't the Phantom after all. It was Raoul. She had forgotten all about him. She was so into their lies that she had fell prey to them.

She turned on him and started slapping him as hard as she could. When she hit him the first time she didn't stop. "Hey! Ow! Christine! It was a joke! Stop it! That hurts!" When she wouldn't stop, he hollered. "CHRSTINE! KNOCK IT OFF!"

"That wasn't funny, you son of a bitch!"

James it seemed couldn't stop laughing. He was rolling all over the floor, holding his stomach.


James's red face appeared. "No, wait, stop, Christine!"

She continued forward and he soon was on his feet scrambling to get on stage.

She followed him anyways. "How would you like it if I did to you?"

"Look, I'm sorry!"

Meg's pale face was now rosy from laughing and she took her by the shoulders. "Look, Christine. He said he was sorry. We do that to all the new kids. I couldn't warn you, sorry."

Christine huffed and flipped her brown hair from her face. "Not funny."

"You're right," Carlotta said not containing her laughter. "HILARIOUS!"

Christine rolled her eyes and looked out from the stage. Soon, she would be performing in front of a whole audience.

"But the whole thing about the Phantom?" Meg said as if reading her next thought. "It's all true."

"True?" Christine gulped. "All of it?"

Meg smiled. "Yes. The principal will say that it's an urban legend but you've heard it from the horses' mouth, the people who spend more time in here than anyone here in this school."

"Whatever," Christine grumbled.

Carlotta screamed.

They all looked at her.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" James asked her.

"I saw him," Carlotta said pointing up to the lights. "He was there! Looking at us!"

"Maybe he wants an encore of your brilliant performance as Juliet earlier."

"Shut up!" Carlotta screamed. "I swear I saw him! He had his mask on and everything!"

Christine looked up too. "I don't see anything," she said exasperated. "You're drunk, Carlotta, let's go home."

"No, Christine," she said almost breaking into a panic attack. "I swear I saw him! I SWEAR!"

"Okay," James said with comfort. "I'll take you home. It's been a long night, Carlotta. You'll be fine once we get you home." He began to help her down the stairs on stage right.

Christine looked at Meg. "You don't believe her, do you?"

Christine looked at Meg with squinted eyes. "You okay?"

But she was in fact, not okay. She looked as if she was about to hurl. "I saw him, too."

Christine scoffed. "Carlotta is a good actress but not good enough to rub her fear off on me. Meg, are you really that gullible?"

She shook her head violently. "No." Then she took off right after Carlotta and James.


"Tell me about it." Raoul was suddenly at her side.

Christine looked at him with malice. "I'm still mad at you, you know."

"I know," he said stretching. "Carlotta is a convincing actress and singer but she doesn't hold a candle to someone else I know."

Christine looked at him flirtingly. "Is that right?"

Raoul changed the subject rather quickly. "Do you believe in the Phantom?"

She shrugged. "Maybe."

He smiled wickedly. "Oh, really?"

"Yes," she said annoyed. "Re-aahhhhhh!"

Raoul took her by the waist and picked her up, saying, "Come here. Phantom. Come get her!"

"Raoul!" She said struggling against his strong grip and trying not to have a laughing fit in front of him. "Let me go!"

"Come on, she's waiting for you!"

"Raoul!" she squealed with laughter. "Let me go!"

He let her go and he chuckled a little. At what, she didn't know. "Don't you worry, Little Lotte. He won't come anywhere near you as long as I'm protecting you."

"Jackass," she said as she began to leave.

As they ran down the aisle following the others he said, "But I'm your little jackass, aren't I?"