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Alchemy is the science of breaking down one object and recreating it into another substance. It is an ancient science dating back from the early 1600's that was slowly perfected to modern day alchemy by using sigils.

The greatest alchemic achievement however, was the philosopher's stones. Writings about the stones appear in famous alchemic books such as A Chemical treatise of Arnoldus de Nova Villa, The Secret Book of Artephius, Ever burning Lights of Trithemius, and many others. Though each of these books mentions the stone none no exactly how it's created, or even if there is one, where it's location is. Only vague idea's of the stones power was mentioned. None knew how to create the stone. No one but one man made the stone. However that's a different story.

There was one stone with similar properties to the philosopher's stone. How ever this stone was created completely from nature. It had the properties of the seven base metal affiliates that represented the solar system. Silver / the Moon, Quicksilver / Mercury, Copper / Venus, Gold / the Sun, Iron / Mars, Tin / Jupiter, Lead / Saturn, and finally Plutonium / Pluto. These substances combined and created a natural alchemic tool. But it's location remained unknown. It was said much information about the stone was located in the legendary text of in Ishballian Alchemist, but the book was lost in the Ishbal Rebellion, burning with the destruction left behind.

Physical evidence of the stone is nonexistence. It existed only as a rumor. The stone it's self had no actual name but it eventually adopted the title the whisper of alchemy. However as years past and the Ishballian war started it's existence became almost nonexistent. How could something never seen that was only a whisper in a few books be important while there was war?


"Because many have written of the Philosopher's Stone without any knowledge of the art; and the few books extent, written by our learned predecessors and true masters hereupon, are either lost or concealed in the collections of such (however despised) as are lovers and seekers of natural secrets, we have taken a resolution to communicate our knowledge in this matter, to the intent that those who are convinced the Philosophical Work is no fiction, but grounded in the possibility of Nature, may be faithfully directed in their studies, and have an undoubted criterion to distinguish between such authors as are genuine sons of … Useless." The thick leather bound book was quickly tossed over the shoulder of a young boy wearing a red coat. The book clattered on the ground behind him flipping open on the floor crumpling its pages.

The boy had blond hair he kept in a neat braid with a few shorter pieces of hair framing his face. His eyes were a warm gold dusted color. He wore a red coat and gloves that kept his automail arm a secret. His name was Edward Elric. Most known him as the Fullmetal alchemist, the youngest person ever to join the military.

The boy laid back with his hands behind his head onto the sea of books that surrounded him. All of them were about alchemy, yet none of them were useful. At least about the Philosophers stone they weren't. He grabbed one of the closer books next to him and flipped it open.

"…"Transmutation" is the key word characterizing alchemy, and it may be understood in several ways: in the changes that are called chemical, in physiological changes such as passing from sickness to health, in a hoped-for transformation from old age to youth, or even in passing from an earthly to a supernatural existence. Alchemy aimed at the great human "goods": wealth, longevity, and immortality. Alchemical changes seem always to have been positive, never involving degradation except as an intermediate stage in a process having a "happy ending."…. Yeah right… Still useless." He tossed the book up in the air were it landed with a thud 3 feet away from him. He sighed.

Lazily he got up flexed his automail arm and began to walk out of the library. There was a low rumble as the sky turned gray… A pretty good indicator a storm was coming. Another growl came but this one was from Ed.

One way to describe the day. It sucked. Yes it did. He had traveled all the way to some remote place called Ayer for their supposed famous alchemic library. He missed his train because the colonel bastard made him fix his desk after smashing because of a vertically challenged comment. Then when he got on the train halfway through the trip he discovered he forgot Al who was busy huddling in an alley stashing a kitten into his Armour! He had to double back get his brother (and yell at him telling him he couldn't keep the cat) on the train then travel to Ayer only to lead up to dead ends on the philosopher's stone. Now it was going to rain.

"Mister Edward Elric?" the librarian called. Ed looked back and walked to the desk.

"Yeah that's me."

"Someone by the name of Roy Mustang called. He said something about a reminder your evaluation he's expecting tomorrow." Ed blinked.

"CRAP!" Ed yelled running out of the library. He totally forgot about his evaluation. He'd have to make something up on the train…like last time. Just then it began to rain.

Yup…the day sucked.

He was glad Winry had made his automail mostly waterproof. All he need was a wrench to his skull for rusting her "art".

The harder it rained the faster he ran. Mud splattered on the hem of his black pants and coated his boots. He put his hood up to avoid the moisture that caused his braid to stick to his neck.

He paused for a moment and looked around. He had absolutely no idea where the hell he was. He would have pondered his location more if he wasn't saving himself from getting run over.

"GAH!" HE yelled as he jumped, narrowly missing being smashed by the truck. It swerved a little on the road before coming to a complete stop. Sweating (though you couldn't tell because it was raining) Ed looked up and face faulted. He had almost been run over by a milk truck. A MILK truck of all things! This irony proved fate hated him as he thought. A plump man wearing white overalls and a white cap jumped from the car and ran over to Ed who was lying flat in the mud.

"Aye kid! Yo' all righ'? I didn' see ye there!" a vein appeared on Ed's head.


"I-I didn't say thad lad!" Suddenly Ed got an evil look in his eyes. He transmuted his metal arm into something sharp.

"Tell you what. Tell me where the nearest town is and I'll let you live…" a few minutes later he was back on his way. So now he was tired, covered in mud, and almost had death by milk. This day sucked, and it only got worst.


"Please…I don't want to die!" the young girl cried. She held on the grimy rim of the old building. A cloaked figured stood above her watching emotionlessly. The seven year olds eyes were flowing with crystalline tears. The man showed know sign of emotion and placed a booted foot over her left hand and stepped down hard.

"AHHH!" the girl screamed letting go in pain. Still hanging on with her right arm she stared up at the man through her messy long dark brown hair, "Please…I'm scared…please I don't want… to die!" The man brought his foot down on the girls other hand, "No…don't…" Her grip failed and she let go. She did not scream, she only looked up at the man with tear filled eyes as she fell.


Edward finally found the town he and Alphonse were staying in. By now he was dragging his feet. He discovered he really hated Ayer. Suddenly something brought him out of his thoughts.


He heard the sound from the ally up ahead. Curiously he peaked around the corner of the ally. He saw a lump on the ground. At first he thought it was a pile of trash. Then He realized something. It was human.

He ran over to the figure to see it was a girl. There was a large gash on the side of her head and a trickle of blood flowed from her ear down her face. "Don't worry! I'll get you help!" The girl opened her eyes slightly. She snatched the alchemists flesh arm with her hand. His palm was aligned with hers. There was a glowing blue light when suddenly a pain shot through Edward's hand. Blood spurt from his palm toward the girl's hand. He yelped in pain and grasped his hand. On the girls hand was a large hole.

"What the hell!" Ed screamed. His attention turned to the girl. She smiled then her dark eyes dimmed to a dull dusty brown. Her breathing slowed to a complete stop. Edward stared for a moment then leaned back against the alley wall into a sit staring at the girl. He put his bleeding hand on the ground when suddenly…


He looked up to see a huge cracked snaked its way up the alley's wall. The last thing he saw was a piece of debris coming his way. His last thought was, 'Crap.' before black.


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