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"I think…" Edward started, "It absorbed into my hand." The only sign of the gem was a disappearing sliver of quickly fading blue. Soon it disappeared altogether into Edward's hand. There was a brief calm before the storm. Suddenly, Edward's once golden eyes turned a solid pupiless blue and all hell broke loose.

A blue haze covered Edward. On the ground they could see various thick glowing lines snake on the ground creating various designs and symbols. From aerial view you could see a gigantic alchemic circle with a radius of 30 feet wide. In side the alchemic circle were 9 smaller circles each having an alchemic equation, and a uniquely colored glow of there own. In the smaller circles the symbols twisted and locked themselves in placed. This happened in a matter of seconds.

The others watched in wonder at the colorful lights that decorated the ground. Roy instantly recognized one of the circles inside the sigil as being the one he himself had gotten caught in. Then he remembered something.

"This is the alchemic circle Gate talked about. The one that destroyed Faar," He said with a grim expression.

"EDWARD!" Alphonse screamed running forward but it was too late. The last pieces of the complex array locked into place. The colorful glow turned a solid eerie blue then to a blinding white.

A powerful wind came and with the force of a wall slammed into the officers knocking them backward several feet and destroyed the surrounding buildings. But that was only the start.

The once crystal clear sky turned a deep gray. Funnel shape clouds protruded from the sky advancing on the unsuspecting city. Deep fissures ran from the outside of the blinding circle and snaked through the city.

Lightning struck in various places igniting buildings and trees on fire. Yet at the same time hail and snow began to fall from the sky freezing what ever it touched.

The famous river of Blackwater was sucked up in one of the tornadoes becoming a water spout that traveled absorbing cars and even people into its water wrath.

The officers and Kira-kira could only look on in horror at the sight they saw. Mother natures wrath was upon them, and the nine alchemic gates where opened. And Edward Elric was at the center of it all.

"Edward!" Roy screamed trying to stand against the violent winds and rumbling Earth. He tried to catch a glimpse of the boy to no avail. There seamed to be a cocoon of soft blue light surrounding the young boy.

"I've seen this before!" Armstrong yelled, "It was when Edward was exposed to Red water! He reacted to it like an allergen and his alchemic abilities became completely out of control!"

"It's worse this time; He has Mother Nature at his whim!" Hughes yelled.

"No," said Roy, "The Surrion Ancalim has nature at its whim. It's fulfilling its programming. Armageddon."


It was so cold. Edward shivered. He was in a black void. Not even the tiniest glimpse of light was visible. No matter how much Edward strained his eyes he couldn't see anything.

But there! There was light! A tiny glimpse of Red! Edward, slightly lethargic from the cold, used what was left of his strength to run up to the light. When he was up to it looked more like a tear. Like a door out of this dark cold abyss. Edward stuck his hand through and pulled himself through the rip in the void. It was a tight squeeze but he managed. And below him was ground…100 feet below him.

"AUG!" Edward was by no means afraid of heights. He was afraid of falling from them.

Edward quickly grabbed the rim of the portal and looked down. Below him he saw a strange alchemic sigil glowing brightly, "I don't think I like the look of that…Wait. Two of those look like the sigils I used on that chimera and Roy." He pondered. Abruptly the tear he was holding onto closed. It took a split second to register before Ed fell, "AAHHHHHHH…Geh!" he had fallen probably no more than ten feet before landing on a hard smooth surface. Ed slowly opened an eye and looked below him.

He was still in the air. It was like he was sitting on a glass surface and able to look down below. And at the same time he was in the weird white void he had been in all those other times, complete with glowing sigils floating around. It was like he was in a white room with a glass floor showing an aerial view from a hundred feet up. He was thoroughly creeped out.

He was also horrified at the destruction below. Tornadoes and cracks ran along the ground. Fires and hail littered the ground. It was total devastation below.

Behind him he heard a familiar creaking noise. Like the sound of strained ropes swinging back and forth. He quickly turned to see an object ahead of him on the invisible plain he was on. He stood up and took a step. Convinced enough he wouldn't hurdle down fifty feet he ran to the object. The creaking by then had stopped. Edward picked up the object.

It was an old swing that looked like the ropes had been severed. Edward noticed a red mark on the swing that looked like fingerprints. Like someone injured had grasped the rope in there hand.

"You opened the 9 gates," said a voice. Ed looked up to see the Emily copy staring down at him. She stared impassively at him with large cold red eyes Her hair flowing wildly behind her.But something about her struck a tinge of fear in Edward. She was covered in blood.

"What the hell is happening?" Ed yelled, "What is this! What is that?" He screamed pointing to the destruction below.

"You opened the 9 gates," she repeated, "You opened the door to destruction. You tainted the stone with your blood and it became a part of you. Your body is the stone." She pointed below. Edward looked in horror as he saw the cause of the light at the center of the sigil. It was him, "You are watching this in an unconscious state. You opened the 9 gates like gate once did, but the circle he created was nothing in comparison. You have much vaster alchemic power."

"What's that mean?" Edward was getting frustrated.

"The reaction is much greater but the time it takes to completely activate is slower. The stone is only disrupting natures balance right now. It will only be a few more minutes before the red light consumes the world and everything in it. My meaning is almost complete."

It brought Ed back to the second time he saw Emily. The images of Faar being swallowed by a monstrous red wave flooded his mind. Everything made sense now.

"It's like there's a Civil War waging on inside of it tearing it apart from the inside, and then rebuilding instantly only to be torn down again. The stone's original purity and the tainted emotions and properties are colliding with each other. It's getting to its bursting point."

The stone was at bursting point. It was like the red water and incomplete Philosopher Stones he had encountered in the past. They would all come to a point where they had gone through so much strain and misuse they would finally break. It was the same with the blue stone. It had absorbed so many impurities and had gone against it natural design and capacity it could no longer withstand the pressure. But it wouldn't just disappear would go out with a bang using its final energy to complete its false program.

Edward looked uneasily into Surrion Emily's eyes looking for an answer in the shallow red orbs. Suddenly a thought occurred to him.

He stuck his hand into his pocket and felt something. Something like paper. He pulled it out and looked at it. It was Emily's drawing. For the first time he actually looked at the sigil on it. His eyes widened as he memorized the whole thing.

The world was going to end. Unless he could make things right before it happened.


"Well we've been in some tough times before but I highly doubt were getting out of this one!" Havoc screamed over the piercing whistle of the wind loosing the cigarette he had tightly clamped in his mouth.

"Don't say that! It's not over till it's over!" Hawkeye yelled using all her strength to stand up against the rumbling earth and high speed winds.

Armstrong was helping Kira-Kira keep from falling. As another tremor hit she fell on her knees. The contents of her bag, including the pictures Emily created, spilled everywhere and were quickly carried off by the wind.

"What are we going to do? We can't get near him! If we don't do something quick the reaction will kill him!" Roy yelled trudging to his subordinates with the aid of a still standing wall.

"Kill him? This whole damn thing is gonna kill all of us!" Havoc yelled again.

The blinding white light suddenly began to morph into a shade of red.

"EVERYONE! BRACE YOURSELF!" Roy screamed fearing what the light could mean. That light could be the atomic reaction that decimated Faar.

Everyone took cover. Alphonse carefully placed Mint in the safety of his armor. They all watched in horror at the uninviting light. They new from here on out it was the waiting game.


Ed looked below in horror at the red light that appeared. It was just like Faar.

"It's too late," the Impurity version of Emily said pushing a wild piece of brown hair behind her ear only for it to get loose again and join the rest of her unruly russet locks, "Apocalypse, Armageddon, distruzione totale, total destruction, it all has resulted the same."

Edwards golden eyes darted toward the girl. He heard that before.

Edward looked uneasily into Surrion Emily's eyes looking for an answer in the shallow red orbs. Suddenly a thought occurred to him. He stared at the paper then looked at the girl. He stuck his hands behind his back and began drawing something on his palm with a pen conveniently found in his pocket.

"'I am fragment of consciousness of the Surrion Ancalime and yourself. I'm taking the form of my last keeper.' You told me that once. You were taking the form of Emily. Isn't that right?" Edward said. He could feel the muscles in his jaw tighten as the sigil below him changed a deeper shade of red. This was the final count down and if this plan didn't work it was over.

The girl's expression was unchanging. Suddenly she nodded.

"The first time I saw you had blue eyes. The second time you also had blue eyes right up until the time before I woke up. That's when you showed me the images of Faar's destruction and Armageddon. Then you had red eyes like you do now."

The girl tilted her head. Still she showed know sign of interest.

"I've only seen you once before but I'm starting to understand a bit better. There's more than one of you." He grinned, "Each Emily I've seen, if only three of them so far, was a different fragment of the Surrion Ancalime all taking the last keepers image. Even the images of Emily's father (and I can only assume Gate) were all separate fragments that probably still reside here. I came up with that theory after reading that page written by Emily. She said her "blue eyed daddy" couldn't tell her everything she needed to know. Neither could the Emily's I talked to because they couldn't. Each fragment only knew so much about the Surrion Ancalime, not everything. Each was a different piece of the archive holding a different piece of information."

"The first two Emily's were perfect copies save the blue eyes, but that was just a trait that all the images of the stone have had." He continued to scribble on his hand. The red light below became more concentrated, "Except you. You were different from the others, even if I only saw you for five seconds. You had an aura of emptiness and conflict. And your image was harsher. But what gave away what you was your eyes. Your blood red eyes." He finished the drawing on his palm but kept it concealed, "I once said 'You're the stone aren't you'. I thought you were the core of the stones conscious. I was wrong though. You aren't the stone at all. You actually have nothing to do with the stone. You are the impurity."

The red eyed girl involuntarily took a step back.

"You were forcefully merged into the crystallization process and was born of the blood of a soldier. You absorbed the feelings of Ishbal In its state of terror. You warped the program of the whisper of Alchemy the more it was used. You also like the other fragments of conscience took on Emily's form but like you was flawed. That blood that is on you. That's my blood. You're adding it to your self. It was that final dosage of impurity that tipped the Surrion Ancalime into your balance that gave you total control over the stone and me. " he said slowly walking up to her.

The girl looked at him and smiled, "You are right. But my purpose is almost complete anyway. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. The red light is coming. Armageddon is here. Everything is going to die like Faar."

"Sorry," Edward shrugged keeping a cool exterior despite time was running out, "I have too many things I have to do and it's not going to be stopped by a destructive stone hiding behind a messed up image of an innocent girl." Edward revealed his hand. He had drawn the alchemic sigil from the paper onto his palm. He slammed his hand on the girl's forehead. For a moment nothing happened, 'The sigil must have been wrong.' But something happened.

Edward cringed at the burning cold feeling when his hand came into contact with her skin yet he still held on. A blue light appeared to be trapped between his hand and her forehead. Suddenly the blue light snaked around the impurity and a violent blast of light shot up and surrounded the girl. Her red eyes shrunk into tiny horrified red dots. The light ended up distorting her image into some horrifying deform thing covered in blood. Edward tumbled backwards but even so, the array symbol was burned into the forehead of the creature before him with a white hot light. It screamed and unearthly sound before splitting into millions of molecular pieces and disappearing all together. The image below Edward turned gray and froze still like an old photograph.

The white void around Edward desinagrated. And for a moment there was silence. Edward walked until he was right above the destructive sigil on the ground below and his body that was the center of it. Edward stared below him before a sound much like glass cracking caught his attention. Before he had time to register, the invisible barrier that had been suspending him in air shattered sending him plummeting below.

He fell through the blinding light strait toward the other him. Before he hit the ground everything went black.


Everyone was dumbfounded. It stopped.

In the blink of an eye the red light disappeared as did any trace of the freaky sigil that had within it the nine gates. The sky cleared up. The tornadoes and storms vanished. The ground was still. The only thing that remained was a few burning trees.

Everyone picked themselves up from the wreckage. There was know doubt, Blackwater was destroyed but from the look of things there actually hadn't been that many casualties from what they saw.

Roy and the other officers did sustain some damage of there own. Fury had been knocked out by a rock projectile in one of the gusts, but he would be okay. Hughes got a broken arm from one of the tremors and everyone had gotten various cuts and bruises from falling and flying debris.

"EDWARD!" Alphonse screamed running to his brother whom was lying on the ground. The others, worried for the young state alchemist's condition, rushed after.

Alphonse lifted Edwards head up; "Brother?" there was no response. The others waited in grim silence. Still no response from the younger alchemist.

Suddenly a golden eye was cracked open, "Ow. Damn I feel like I was run over by a truck." The red clad youth was then attacked by an arsenal of noogies and hugs. The only ones who stood back were Roy and Hawkeye, who just smiled.

"Hey easy! I'm still injured…ACK! Armstrong…let me go…please… (cough) thank you!" Roy smiled as he watched each individual officer grab Ed in turn as Alphonse watched worriedly for his Elder brother's health. He looked down to see a puddle of blood slowly seeping in the ground.

"So tell me! Is it gone?" Havoc asked.

Edward looked at his palm to see no traces of anything ever being there. He looked over to his left to see an extremely beautiful round, clear, blue stone that could make even the most flawless sapphire pale in comparison sitting on the ground. It shimmered with an aura of purity and beauty before slowly disappearing all together. Ed smiled, "Yeah. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say the Surrion Ancalime can be a whisper of alchemy again."

"Oh Ed! I found this on the kitchen floor," Havoc said pulling out the paper he found earlier. He handed it to Ed.

Ed got the comical look on his face that meant something was wrong.

"Edward?" Hawkeye inquired.

"This is the same sigil on Emily's picture. The one I used to remove the impurities from the Surrion Ancalime. I don't believe this!" He yelled, "I must have dropped it earlier! Stupid, stupid, stupid," he said banging his head repeatedly on Alphonse's chest armor.

"Brother be careful. You'll give yourself a concussion." Alphonse sighed.

"There's a moral here somewhere. I know it," Hughes said thoughtfully.

"Good job Ed," Roy smiled. Edward looked and smiled back.

"Glad were all not going to die. Good night," and in an instance Ed was out like a light, sleeping peacefully in a dreamless, white voidless sleep.

"Thank you Ed. My daughter can rest in peace," Kira-Kira said almost inaudibly. Crystalline tears form in her beautiful yet useless eyes then ran down her face. She smiled and look up to the sky.

It was true Backwater was pretty much destroyed as was the surrounding area, But one thing had stood tall among the destruction unfaltering. A single tall century old oak remained looming above the wreckage. On it's bark sigils and equations were drawn, and old weather worn swing still clung to one of it's branches. One person who was wandering the streets in a daze from the freak storm spotted the oak. And for a brief moment, could've sworn they saw a tall man sitting on the swing with a little long brown haired girl on his lap, both laughing in joy. However as the person stole a better glance and saw there was no one on the old swing. It was just the oak.


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