Moments in Neverwhere

Disclaimer: I'm not even old enough to drink alcohol. 'Nuff said.

Author's Note: Written for Livejournal's 100Themes, a wondrous community that forces me to sneak on at least once a day during my grounded period in order to post them a drabble. I simultaneously love it and hate it. Don't you? ;D

Theme #089: Fallen Angel

He smiles, crooks his fingers into a bend, and watches her over the curve of them, sly and quiet to avoid disturbing the fragile lull of midnight. She does not mistake him for Yoh now; even the shadows shrink from him, curling wisps away from his countenance to show her what she lies beside.

Something, she thinks occasionally, has died in his eyes to create the hollowness there - the void that anything can fill; darkness, lightness, ruthlessness

And beauty.

(She has seen roses in the sun, velvet crimson so deep that it passes into a black that needs no explanation. Half of it, she sees, is alive still, blooming, unfurling petals that make her think of blood.

The other half rots its way into a sweet-smelling decay, and she lifts her head to catch the wafting scent as it drifts away into the street.)

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she will wake and reach over with an instinct that comes of dreams. And then she will touch him and it is electricity that jumps from his skin to hers; bright, sparky, glittering like diamonds and burning like the fire he conjures to startle her.

"Conjure a flame for me." She says suddenly, fingers pressing sharply against the futon as she turns to look at him intently. Obediently, he lifts his hands away, one trailing reluctantly back to her. Cupping his palms together, the air wavers with heat between them before turning to gold and a whiteness so fierce that it scorches her eyes.

She sees how his muscles contract, subtly, moving against the tide of light and dark so that they shift reluctantly to accomodate him. She sees his shoulderblades stirring beneath the cloak that hides his darkness and wonders, with an idleness that does not come easily to Anna, whether they ever bore wings.

- End -

Author's Note: You were expecting something longer? Well it IS a drabble… and considering I'll have to write 100 of these, it looks pretty long to me. :P If you want longer Hao x Anna, go read You're Mine (-unashamed plugging here-) as I'm not planning on scribbling what's essentially the same thing twice. Wastes bandwidth.

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