Shadow ninja boy

Naruto's bad fortune.

"Hope as hell not, because itachi might set his eye on you, and I can't have that uchiha bastard after my two teammates….. he can have Kakashi if he wants." Naruto said still in an embrace with Sakura.

Finally, breaking the hug Sakura walks away to hide the blush that crept its way to Sakura's cheeks, giggling she said "Right Naruto… thanks for caring but I can protect myself well enough."

"As if sakura-chan, itachi could kill you just by looking at you he has the mengeku sharingan you stand no chance, that's only Itachi but Kisame he is from hell, he may not be as strong, but he has that goddamn sword, it will drain you dry of chakra." Naruto said snapping his fingers. Walking up to Sakura, he said "Please don't try anything stupid or being the hero…..that is my trademark Sakura-chan."

Giggling Sakura replied "Yah, your right, that is your trademark OK I wont, but Temari is a different story you know she doesn't give a shit what people think"

Smiling, Naruto agreed with Sakura "Guess your right about her, but she still isn't strong enough to beat them, maybe with my help she might have a chance. I could beat Itachi by himself but I would have to use that jutsu. To beat Kisame I would have to break that goddamn sword, then he would be a piece of cake."

Temari looked extremely upset as she spoke. "Its not fair, first my brother now Naruto. he is so nice to me, sure he can be annoying and a pain in the ass, but he just looks so damn cute when he is serious." Naruto looking pissed glared at Temari. " aww! He looks even cuter when he is angry!" Temari runs towards Naruto her eyes sparkling. "Naruto I want a hug too."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock as Temari latched herself on Naruto.

Twitching from the shock of Temari showing affection without sarcasm or physical abuse was enough to put Naruto into shock. Reluctantly, he complied and hugged her back. "Temari, I never knew that you were so disparate to start liking me."

With that statement, Temari started crying with each heavy sob Naruto's heart sank. "I'm sor-" Naruto was cut of by a sudden outburst of Temmari.

"Naruto-kun, you are the only one who I liked that Gaara hasn't killed or scared away. You are the only one who was able to beat Gaara, to change him for the good, Please Naruto, can you help me and my brother Please?"

with that, out Temari started hiccupping, patting her on the back he hugged her tightly. "Don't worry Tema-chan, I will help you and Gaara. I cant promise you because I have already broken one promise of a lifetime to a girl, and I cant stand to break another one, I broke a promise to Sakura-chan after I failed to bring back the Uchiha bastard jr. she probably still hates me for it!"

Walking away, Naruto was two hundred meters to an other huge bolder, twice the size of the one he destroyed with the rasangan. "Goddamn traitorous sasuke bastard." With that, Naruto was engulfed in a mass of blue chakra. He disapered, the afterimage faded out as another repapered two feet away punching the monstrous rock, the rock shattered in a larger explosion than the first.

Kakashi thinking 'Holy shit, Naruto is fricken amazing! Guess he was holding back on the first one big time if he can destroy that one with his bare hands. Did Naruto use Kyuubi's chakra?... no he didn't first of all his chakra was blue not red and second of all his eyes are still blue……… Damn I don't want to piss Naruto off and I wouldn't want to be Sasuke when Naruto finds him.' With that thought, Kakashi passed out for a while from the beating the girls gave him.

Sakura walking up to Naruto, shaking in fear 'That strength he was definitely holding back majorly the first time' Shaking, Sakura slowly made her way to Naruto, and said "N-Naruto y-y-you O-K-K……. C-can I h-help…..Y-Your right, sasuke-kun is a t-t-t-tra-a-ter. He left me, but you are still here with ……. M-m-me!"

Naruto said huffily, "About fricken time you gave up on that bastard, he was noting but a coward and a weakling. Yes he was strong physically, but he gave into his selfish desire to kill his brother, and with that, he was trapped in a shell. Mind clouded by a stupid idea of revenge he has. He will never succeed because he is hell bent on power, that bastard wanted power and more power and he didn't want to work for it he went straight to that snake bastard, just to get power and in a year he will become Orochimaru's new vessel until Sasuke's' body expires then he will look for another body. I couldn't bring him back Sakura-chan I wasn't strong enough…… I'm sorry Sakura-chan, he used that fake power he received. I could of beaten him, but I didn't go for the kill but he did. I didn't want to kill him he was my friend, but now he will pay. I will tear him limb from limb and let that snake bastard pick up the pieces of his precious sasuke-kun. Then he will die for what he did to the village. I don't care if I take the hunter nins fun away. Then I will kill his piece of shit brother, itachi. And then his bitch teammate kisame, that ugly shit bag will feel my wrath for what he did."

Sakura was very scared now she could see Naruto's eyes flashing red when he was extremely angry, she could also feel his chakra spiking to unbelievable levels. The feel of this chakra was evil cold and demonic swirling around Naruto every so often she could make out a set of nine tails thrashing around him. Naruto's eyes went, the only thing that changed while speaking his canine teeth elongated into fangs and his nails lengthened into claws. Naruto simply looked demonic the lines on his face darkened and were elongated so it looked like whiskers. Naruto reminded Sakura of a very pissed off fox, this was not strange considering what he told her in the forest...

Kakashi passed out, he was twitching and whimpering as he sensed the spikes of demonic chakra. Kakashi was so scared from the chakra levels, that he pissed himself. Laying there twitching in his own puddle of piss Kakashi looked pathetic.

Temari has never seen Naruto change before, and his words were harsh and full of eagerness, it sounded like he would take pleasure in ripping his once friend and teammate to pieces and watching Orochimaru picking up the pieces. 'Man he is strong, even though he is extremely scary looking right now I feel safe, scared, but safe, Naruto would protect me with all of his ability, Naruto would use kyuubi to protect her if need be. Naruto-kun please be safe.'

Sakura ran to Naruto and grabbed him from behind screaming "Naruto stop." Sakura started crying. "Stop it now I don't want to loose another one of my friends to the hatred of revenge I lost sasuke-kun, and I don't want to loose you too." Resting her head on Naruto's shoulder she cried whispering in his ear "If I am not strong enough to protect you from other people, I can at least protect you from yourself." With that she hiccupped loudly in Naruto's ear.

Temari walking up to Naruto, she said "Naruto-kun will get his revenge some day I can feel it." With that she lent forward and lightly kissed Naruto on the cheek.

Naruto snapping back to his senses, the demon chakra resided and he regained his usual appearance. Blushing Naruto said "I am so sorry girls, I scared you." With that Naruto started walking. Stumbling he tripped and fell. The scared girls rushed to Naruto's side turning him over Naruto said. "Sakura-chan, Tema-chan thank you, you both are beautiful!" with that Naruto passed out.

Screaming Sakura exclaimed "Naruto, Naruto wake up Naruto." Shaking Naruto slightly she turned to Temari when he didn't respond. "What is wrong with Naruto?"

Feeling Naruto's cheek and opening his mouth, she looked at his tongue she said. "Poor Naruto-kun, he is over exerted and he has a bad case of dehydration, plus he has heat stroke. He needs shade and water now!"

Sakura's shock evident she said panicking "Where are we going to find those! we are in the middle in the fucking desert. Naruto-kun please pull together."

Temari pulling he huge fan out and gently waving it at Naruto she said "This will do for shade, but it is hard to find water around here. I will try to find water. I know where there is a stream, not to far off I should be back in half an hour. By the way, you should take care of the pervert a side winder is getting really close to Kakashi jr. he is defenseless in that position you should help him." With that she took off running.

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thank you evryone for reviewing hope you like the story. Here is a short skit for your enjoyment

NF "How was your day naruto?" Naruto "it sucked, i had to rescue the ero-sennin again"
NF "Oh, that must be so hard isnt it naruto"
Naruto "Yes it is. You should talk, it must be so hard just sitting there moving your fingers"
NF "yes it is actualy, i have to think unlike somone i know and i dont have some yuma helping me. The only help i get is from three people me, myself and I."
Naruto "Shut up! you have no idea what i went through"
NF "maybe not, but i do have some sort of demon. he is called my alter ego wich does help me, and i love seeing very loud people get there just disserts, speeking of loud people, you are in no position to threaten me, i can do anything i want!"
Naruto "Like hell you can, lets see what you can do"
NF "gladly." places naruto in a pit of snakes.
Naruto "that was dirty but is easy to get out of." uses rasengan
NF "ok try this," puts naruto in a room with kisame, and naruto is only wearing his boxers.
Naruto "oh no you didn't.. you are such a bastard!" Naruto panics and backs into a corner while kisame walks forward with his hands outstreched grining with those shark teeth.
NF "ok thats enough kisame you scared him enough" waves kisame away
Kisame "please i want this so bad im despreate!"
NF "no you fag, screw off!" blows kisames head of with a bazuka.
Naruto "holy crap, that was amazing! How did you do that?"
NF "its my fic isn't it?"