Shadow ninja boy

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Temari, flashing in and out of the sand dunes, leaped high into the air and landed on the crest of a sand dune. From that height she could see for miles seeing a band of people she went to investigate and to question if they have any water. Temmari reached the small caravan of people, when she noticed that they are from the sand village.

"Hey you have you got any spare water my teammate is dieing of dehydration, he needs help now!" Temari asked to a sand nin with a very weird hairdo and a scar going from his eyebrow to his shoulder. "Sorry I cant spare any I'm down to half a canteen." The sand nin said. So Temari went to ask the guy that looked like the leader of this group and she asked the same question as before this time she got a positive answer.
"Sure I got some water I can spare, anything for a beautiful young lady as yourself….my name is yitoshi, what is yours?" Yitoshi said as he started to look Temari over.
Temari screamed, "PERVERT!" and walked away grabbing the canteen in the process. "hnn... that's a weird name, pervert eh? not very lady like name" with that, Temari stomped back and looked yitoshi in the eye. Suddenly Temari goes all Mooney eyed and sparkly the background changes to small colorful bubbles with a rainbow. "Why thank you yitoshi." Temari growls, and the background changes again, into a raging inferno, and Temari's eyes start to burn and a vein pops in her forehead causing her to look very mad. "But I don't need your help to get a boyfriend cuz I have one already. So don't look at me when I walk away or I will be forced to kill you." Temari sneers taking out her two smaller fans. Yitoshi just nods in agreement and turns around. "That goes for the rest of you too!" said Temari pointing at the rest of the group. The group turns around also. So with that Temari starts running again back to the camp where a critical Naruto is.

- Back at the camp -

Sakura was trying to make Naruto comfortable with his head in her lap and also enjoying the shade provided by the giant fan, sighed "Naruto, please be OK, I know you can do it"
Suddenly Sakura detected a unfamiliar chakra signature that was approaching at a fast pace. Sakura quickly stood up and walked toward the direction it was coming from, seeing a large cloud of dust rising in the distance, sakura could see the person making such a cloud was only small dot in the distance. That she caught glimpses of when it crested a dune. Preparing her self for a possible attack from this mysterious person putting an illusion on the camp, because there is only her to stop someone from killing the two defenseless guys in thier unnatural sleep. As the person got closer Sakura got nervous at the speed the person was traveling, starting to worry, she started setting traps and other defenses like explosive notes and ambush jutsus. Soon, the person got close enough to Sakura that she made out that the person was female but that didn't calm her down, she was still edgy, hoping that she wouldn't have to fight. As the person walked up to Sakura, she stiffened noticeably. "What do you want please leave me alone." The person just stared at sakura and started laughing.
"That was funny little girl, I can see that there are three of you, not bad but I am here to see Uzumaki Naruto. I presume that he is the one in front of the fan, am I right?" The woman said.
"I wont let you hurt him, you will have to go though me to get to him!" Sakura said taking a tiajutsu stance with both hands In fists and staggered stance, ready for a fight.
"Oh, you want to fight me little girl? Don't make me laugh, pathetic!" She said with a sinker. "I will say it again, I wont let you hurt Naruto." Sakura yelled as she reached for a kunai, rushing at the woman she tries to slice the woman. This woman was prepared for such a attack, and blocks the slice inbetween two fingers, twisting her wrist she pries the kunai out of her hand in one fluid motion. At this point Sakura is infuriated and charges bare handed to try to get two things the satisfaction of landing a blow on the woman, and to also get the kunai lost in battle. The woman just chuckles at Sakrua's futile attempts. "OK, this is getting annoying and boring, lets finish this," The woman then goes on the offensive and punches Sakura in the gut and makes her collapse in a heap of red and pink. "Who are you?" Sakura manages to cough out. The woman replies "I am Yuki of the sand, and am here to see Naruto, and maybe some other things while I'm at it." Yuki then walks through the genjitsu and opens up her canteen and kneels beside Naruto. Holding up his head she pours some water down his throat.

Temari was running back as fast as she can reaches a crest of a dune and sees the camp site, with renewed resolve she kicks it up a notch and runs even faster. Temari whispers to herself "please be alright don't let me be to late." Temari runs into camp just to see a woman lifting naruto's head and letting him drink out of a canteen. "What the fuck is this? I go to get water and find that someone has beat me to it!" With that out burst, she stomps to Naruto's side. "What are you looking at mister chakra loss you want water here have it." Temari then pours the canteen into his open mouth causing him to chock and pass out again. "What the fuck was that for! You're going to kill him!" Yuki screams at Temmari. "He is not breathing people, doesn't anybody know C.P.R.?" sakrua says.
"Luckily, I do." Yuki states and starts pushing on Naruto's chest and breathing in his mouth, repeating this a couple of times Naruto finally coughs and spits up the water. not noticing this Yuki goes for one more time.

Naruto POV 'what is this warm felling in my mouth.' Naruto thinks. 'This feels good…….wait! There is something squirming in my mouth!' With that last thought, I open my eyes and see this beautiful woman not much older than, me maybe 18 or so with her tongue stuck down my throat!' Suddenly my mouth starts moving on its own accord. "hnnm." I moan into her mouth. Like a bat out of hell she pulls back and stares at me. "mmm... that was nice, but by the way who are you and why did you have your tongue down my throat?" I state with my face in a lazy expression of exhaustion and bliss.

Third person view - "You idiot Naruto! She wasn't kissing you, you were choking and not breathing, she saved your life you idiot, man you're an idiot." Sakura screamed and bonked Naruto on the head. "Ouch! How the hell was I suppose to know?" Naruto states and under his breath he mumbles "abusive...geez..." "I heard that!" Sakura stated while moving in for another bonk. "Sakura-chan, no don't hit me again, or you might have to give me C.P.R again! And she wont be doing it ether or Tema-chan. Oh yah, how exactly did I become unconscious?" Naruto asks.
"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, I got angry and dumped to much water and you started choking." Temari owned up to her UN grateful act. "Geez Tema-chan, you are very excitable, cool down…..oh, that reminds me, you still haven't gotten a answer from the cutie over there." Naruto replies pointing at Yuki. "My name is Yuki, and your kind' a cute yourself Naruto-kun." She replies with a blush on her face. "Nice to met you Yuki-chan, I would like to get to know you better. Do you like ramen?" Naruto said with a slight grin on his face. "Are you hitting on me Naruto-kun, and yes I like ramen a lot. Do you have any instant ramen?" Yuki asks the group.
"That is a funny question Yuki, Naruto always has ramen. if he saved all the ramen cups he could make a house with a three car garage out of them!" Sakura states while bursting out in laughter. "Oh, I see so he is a ramen freak……well so am I so we should get along fine. How many bowls do you eat on average when at a restraint?" Yuki asks Naruto.
"hmmm I guess something around seven to ten large bowls. Why do you ask?" Naruto says quickly. "Oh, around the same. I like shrimp." Yuki said in a proud manner. "I like all kinds but miso is my fave out of the bunch!" Naruto also states very proud of himself.
Naruto turning his head to look at the prone figure of Kakashi lying on the sand unprotected from the heat. "Shouldn't we wake Kakashi up? He'll get heat stroke if he doesn't wake up." Naruto said.
"Ya, guess so." Sakura said walking towards Kakashi with the bottle of water. Pouring the cold liquid on kakashi's crotch. Kakashi bolts up eye wide in surprise, waking up the side winder in that specific spot. "What the hell!" Kakashi said quickly realized that the side winder was there. "Holy-shit-snake-I-hate-snakes-kill-it-kill-it-kill-it!" Kakashi said in one big word while stomping on the snake multiple times. Then dragging his foot making a smear of darkened sand. Lifting his foot he quickly made a set of hand seals and used katon: Gorakakyuu no jutsu, to roast the snake alive! This little act caused Yuki and Temari to burst out laughing Sakura was still laughing from the joke about ramen.
"Shit, that was close, are you ok Kakashi jr?" Kakashi said while feeling to see if his member was ok. That statement caused the girls to converge on Kakashi with killing intent.
"Hey, who is this young lady? Damn when did you get hear. You like what you see?" Kakashi said while rubbing himself all over and liking his fingers.
"Fuck no! piss stains? you disgust me... PERVERT!" Yuki screams and starts pounding on Kakashi. "Wait up Yuki, you can beat the shit out of him, but don't kill him, he cant help it, Icha Icha paradise is the only thing he has for occupying his spare time. Oh ya, don't believe anything he says because he is an impulsive liar, and don't use any trade mark jutsus when he has his left eye uncovered, he will just copy it." Naruto said watching them beat on Kakashi. Soon Yuki stopped her beating on Kakashi, and walked towards Naruto. Who got a glimpse of Kakashi who was but a bloody pile of steaming meat. "By the way Yuki-chan, why are you here?" Naruto said.
"I am hear to ask if I could join you on your rescue mission. I want to help save the kazekage." "OK, but don't do anything reckless, because that is my trait it is patent pending." Naruto said. Sakura perked up, and had a look of confusion on her face. "Why does she get to come along? She will just slow you down because there is more to look at now and more competition for me." Temari said while walking over to Naruto and sitting in his lap and putting her arms around his neck taking the chance to kiss Naruto on the cheek and feel Naruto's soft blond hair. The blond blushed at Temmari's daring. Shooting Temari a death glare she pushed Temari out of Naruto's lap, and sat there instead. "You have to deal with me before you can have my naru-chan." With that, she lent forward, and kissed Naruto on the lips. The kiss was intense as she pulled Naruto closer, she managed to persuade Naruto to let her have admission to he mouth. Sliding her tongue into his mouth the two battled fiercely for dominance of the kiss, in the end Yuki, being the more experienced, won by sucking on his tongue. Causing him to moan loudly in her mouth. As Yuki was forced to break the kiss because she was out of breath, she forced Naruto down in a laying position and pined him there. She then lent down and moaned loudly in his ear saying. "Hmmm! naru-chan you are really good at that, I want more!" Once more occupying his lips he was the one wanting in so she played a little hard to get but, was surprised by the strength he put into the second trust witch managed to pry her mouth open like a clam. Licking under her tongue he sent shivers of ecstasy down her spine and she pressed harder into him.
Temari watched in shock as her Naruto-kun was being taken right in front of her eyes. She couldn't believe that she had been one-upped by her. Eyes burning with intensity she then took the task of separating the two. Sakura watching the whole seen in disbelief thought to herself 'Ha! to bad for Kakashi, knowing him he would of relished this seen but being a pervert he is he missed it, but I didn't.' as that thought passed she sighed and went to help Temari.

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