Shadow ninja boy

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The night air was cold, near freezing in the desert. Through the crisp night air the newly expanded team 7 was moving at top speed considering that they wasted a whole day not traveling.

"How long have I been out naruto? It felt like ages……and how did you get Yuki hanging off you like that?" Kakashi pouted. Meanwhile Naruto, in the lead, looked back to take a look at Kakashi.

"Kaka-hentai, never you mind, that is my secret how about you go play grabass with iruka-sensai…..and why are you asking me I didn't do anything….plus I don't kiss and tell." Naruto said with a grin. Naruto, Yuki, Sakura and Temari just kept running, trying to get away from the ever prying Kakashi.

Kakashi suddenly turned into a cat, and purred, whiskers and paws in all. "Meow, what's with the hostility? Common, meow, Yuki, give me some details. Meow, did you seduce him, or where the others in on it to? Meow, did I miss anything while I was out? Meow, like an orgy or a foursome?" Kakashi said, while scratching the sand with his paws.

"Like hell we did….you would of liked that wouldn't you? This is your last chance, if you don't stop, we will be forced to put you out again and leave you here with the sidewinders!" Sakura said with a glint of longing in her eyes, they almost screamed 'Common you fucking pervert, try it! It will be my pleasure, common, common do it.'

"Your selfish, meow." Kakashi said returning to his regular visage.

"Its not my fault you don't get any, kaka-hentai. Go play with Sasuke-bastard if your lonely, and I heard that the ero-sennin is almost done his next hentai. Should be right up your ally," Naruto said, "and his friend is making a new series, its called boys night out. You might like it." naruto said with a smirk while running blindly on.

"Hey naruto, there is the city… we should be there in half an hour…oh, naruto have you been to suna yet."

"Yes Temari, I have been to suna while training, I have been to all of the hidden villages, I still say konoha is one of the best….but I think the strongest is the lightning shinobi, they have very little but they all are at least jounin level I had to fight a couple. They put up a great fight….very fun!" Naruto said with a grin and a glint of enjoyment in his eyes.

"Did you kill them naruto, and are you that strong now?" Sakura asked.

" No, I didn't kill them, I could of but then I would of been breaking a treaty of the lightning. No, I just beat them very badly. And yes sakura, I am that strong I am defiantly stronger than kaka-hentai over there. I could put up a very good fight up against those Akatsuki bastards even Itachi. I could beat kisame but if there in a team I would need your help too." There naruto was, cut off by Temmari's scream.

"There it is naruto! We are here!" Temari screams with glee. "I haven't been back to suna In close to a month."

"So that's why we met up with you in the fire country." Naruto said with a thoughtful expression on his face. "What were you doing there? Is it clasafied?"

"No, I was having a vacation in the fire country because of spring and the trees." Temari said.

"Enough, lets just get to suna before sun up, please." Yuki said in a annoyed tone of voice.

"Good idea yuki….by the way, are you single?" Kakashi asks hopefully.

"No Kakashi, I am not, I have a boyfriend already." Yuki said with a smirk and a glint.

"If so, why are you hanging off of Naruto? are you cheating?" Kakashi said very hopeful.

"No I am not cheating, because naru-chan is my beau!" Yuki said happily.

"WHAT! NARUTO GOT YUKI ALREADY, HOLY SHIT!" Kakashi screams in disbelief.

"No, the other way around….and no, I don't have a choice in this." Naruto said.

"SHIT! YUKI IS A PIMP!" Kakashi screams also.

"Yes…yes I am, so Kakashi get in the corner now." Yuki demanded to Kakashi. "and Naru-chan, you get in the other one and Ill come join you."

"yes ma'am." Naruto said walking over to his proverbial corner while Kakashi stood in his gloomy waiting his punishment. The others stared in amazement as yuki adminestred corpral punishment on Kakashi while having some fun with naruto.

"Damn, I need to learn how to do that when naruto brings Sasuke back." Sakura said.

"No kidding, I have no chance now with my Naru-chan." Temari said

Naruto thinking 'This has gone far enough, time for me to take control.' Soon naruto reversed the tides and he was on top this time. 'Time to pull out all the stocks, eh kyuubi.'

'you go kid, I approve, even I the great kyuubi am interested in her, she would make a good kitsune.' the kyuubi said. Now Naruto was getting into it, and started channeling chakra in his tongue each of the two participants trying to gain the upper hand on the other. Naruto, being the one with a demons stamina, easily outlasted Yuki.

"I win!" Naruto said cheering

"You cheated, you used chakra." Yuki pouted

"Enough of this! Lets get in the city damn it!" Sakura screamed

"OK, you got it." Naurto said with a happy grin on his face.

Inside the city of sunagure, the group made there way towards the kazekages tower to meet the elder that is running the village while gaara has been abducted.

While walking in the building they meet up with Baki "Temari, we need your help, Kankuro has been hurt and we need you to go see him. He only has so long before the poison kills him." Baki said in a panic.

"What? kuro's been poisoned? Sakura, can you make an antidote? you can do it, you were trained by the fifth and she was the greatest medic nin in history." Temari said panicing.

"I need to know what kind of poison it is so I can try to make an antidote, but do you have the herbs to make the antidote." Sakura said

"Yes, we have a green house out back, hurry." Baki said quickly

Naruto, siting in the room with Temmari and Yuki staring at the sweating face of Kankuro who dosent have his face painted.

"Kankuro, please hold on. Sakura will make the antidote, I know she will." Temari said comforting her brother.

Ten minuts later, Sakura enters the room with Baki following her. Sakura woke up to Kankuro and woke him too.

"Kankuro, wake up, I have the antidote for you, wake up," Sakura said while gentely shaking him.

"Hnnnn….whah..." Kankuro said looking about.

"Here, take this," Sakura said to him and placing the antidote in his hand "drink it." Pushing it to him. Kankuro agreed and chugged it down with a pained expression on his face.

"Yuck! Awful, but I feel beter now." Kankuro said "Uzumaki, what are you doing here?" Kankuro asked.

"I'm here to save your brother, or should I say, kazekage-sama." Naruto said sarcastically "You should be greatful for us coming to help you guys…but we couldn't just watch the Akatsuki get any stronger, and defiantly not by using my friend." Naurto said darkly while getting up and sitting next to Yuki and resting his head on her sholder.

"I know you are sad that your friend got taken away and is being used for evil." Yuki said patting Naruto on the back.

"Why dose he have to be the one to be taken?" naruto said partly sobbing "He has no friends beside me, he never knew his mother in life, never been loved, and now he has been taken by the Akatsuki... please be ok gaara..." Naruto then clentched his fist"I AM GOING TO KILL THOSE AKATSUKI BASTARDS!" He screamed standing up and walking to the corner, he slumps down against the wall.

'Naruto, im sorry' Temmari thinks as she too goes to sit in the corner to go and comfort Naruto.

"Its ok tema-chan, I had to let it out or I would've used my fists insead, and I don't want to damage anyting." Naruto said depressed

"Don't feel bad Naruto-kun, it is understandable to feel this way when someone has been taken and you cant do a thing about it……i'm here for you Naruto." Temari said while leaning on his shoulder.

"Thanks tema-chan, I needed that." Naruto said while leaning right back with a yawn he snuggled up to her and started purring softly.

'Yes! I still have a chance!' Temari thought wile resting her head on his shoulder falling asleep too.

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