Shadow ninja boy 7

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Chapter 7

"Fuck. What the hell happened? I remember getting attacked by some sound and then killing them, but what happened after that?" Naruto said after awakening.

"Hehehe you passed out kit, and it was quite funny. But it was expected given thats your first time using it." The fox chuckled.

"Used what?" Naruto asked in a confused tone.

"You are an idiot, aren't you? Your new chakra. It's half demonic now and you couldn't get used to it at that level." Kyuubi growled at him.

"Ok, now I get it. I'm turning full demon with each time I use it?" Naruto asked.

"Not necessarily. It only corrupts you when you go past your previous limits for chakra usage, or when I give you some more gifts, which I think I will do now." Kyuubi informed with a sadistic chuckle.

Meanwhile, Naruto was waiting and concentrating on not letting the pain get to him. He waited and waited and waited. When he finally lost concentration, he then felt it. The intense heat burning through his partly demonic body. His muscles bulged and then contrasted to a very atrafide version of his former self. He was skinny and very lean, his once ripped body was now reduced to a skinny geekish form.

"What the hell did you do to my body? I'm skinny and look weak!" Naruto screamed to his resident fur ball.

"Hahah that is funny. You thought that your new and improved body would look like your old pathetic one? Sure it looked good but you were weak in it. I just made some improvements, like stronger muscle fibers, and I burned all that fat away." the Kyuubi explained.

"What? I didn't have any fat before!" Naruto screamed.

"Hahah! Thats funny. Your face before looked like a brown marshmellow with wisker marks. Go look at yourself in the mirror, now I think you will be pleased. Or just get one of your fangirls to tell you their opinion." He chuckled at that thought, 'god he's going to be called the pimp of underworld if he keeps this up.'

"Oy Yuki-chan? Can I ask you something?" Naruto called out to the beautiful girl.

"Sure Naruto-kun what do you need?" She yelled in reply while walking towards him. Once she got close to him she screamed. "KyaaaaaaaaaaaaAA, oh my god! Oh my god Naruto-kun! You changed again!" She said giddily, launching herself at him and causing him to crash into the ground, due to his suprise of Yuki tackling him.

"What the hell?" Was all naruto could get out before he was mauled by yuki who Ripped at his jacket. She yanked it open and ran her hands over his chest.

"Mmmh, I never knew that you were such a damn hotty. I knew that you're a hunk. But damn! What did the fox do to you you look like a god? You look so yummy i just want to eat you ." with that Yuki started to lick him.beta note: Am I the only one wondering where he got an imagination like this? o.O

"What the hell, quit that Yuki-chan it tickles! Hahah! So you like?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow after he stopped laughing.

"Yes, I like, but I thought you had a tan? And were a bit more muscular?" Yuki said in confused tones.

"Yes. I was, but that damn fox did something to me and my muscles shrunk! But he says that I'm stronger now." Naruto said, equally confused at the fox.

"Hmm. How 'bout you try some training." Yuki suggested.

"Ok, I think that would work. Ill go ask the fox to train me," Naruto said, then blanked out. His facial expression blank and unresponsive. "Oy, Kyuubi! You got any useful stuff to train me in like, a jutsu or some taijutsu?" Naruto yelled at the fox.

"Hmm. I think I will teach you my taijutsu style. The 'Kitsune Ryu'. It's a very acrobatic taijutsu style and it relies on speed and strength. It also uses your tails as weapons or armor. You're going to need to be faster, so I'll dump these on you." With that, Kyuubi did a weird swish with one of its tails and weights appeared on Naruto's limbs.

"What the hell! How heavy are these things?" A disgruntled Naruto asked the fox.

"Ohh, around quarter of a ton each. It should be nothing to get used to with that body, and you'll get some of that prized muscle mass back. Oh yea, and keep your shirt off if you want your tan back." Kyuubi said in a matter of factlyway.

"What? I'm carrying a ton now!" Naruto yelped.

"Yes you are! Oh and no chakra either. We'll work on that later. Now get running and punching! By the end of the month I expect you to have your former speed back with 20 tonnes on." Kyuubi then kicked him out and Naruto landed on his face with a thud.

Naruto then started runing and punching while Yuki jogged along side him.

"Hey, Naruto-kun? Why are you going so slow? I knew you were faster than this." Yuki teased.

"Shut up! I've just got a ton of weights dumped on me in the last minute!" Naruto grumped.

"Holy shit! A ton? And you can move in that! No wonder you're going so slow!" Yuki gasped.

"Yea, and the damn fox said that I'm supposed to be up to my former speed with 20 tonnes in a month!" Naruto stressed the one month part.

"Damn. Well, at least you'll be faster than Sasuke, or almost anybody out there that dosent have demonic blood." Yuki said hopefully in attempt to lift his spirits.

"But we got to fight the Akatsuki while im training too!" Naruto then noticed that the weight was getting lighter and Yuki was now running at his old speed . "What the hell? I'm going faster than I was when I was human already!" "Oy fox, what the hell? I expeced it to take me a day to get used to these things, but now I'm exceeding my previous record!"

"Yes kit, that's one of the good things of a demonic body. Your strength will increase faster than normal, and once you get your old body physique back you'll have those damn Cloud Chasers whipped (beta note:just like dear Naruto-fanfic. BWAHAHAH!). (authors note: I still feel pain but imouto-chan dont hit so hard!) But by the time you get to them, you'll be at least strong enough to take out one of them. Most likely that genderbender Deidria."

"You think so?" Naruto asked doubtfully.

"Yea. I'll be increasing your weight by a ton a day, so get faster quick kit or you'll die." Kyuubi said seriously.

"Shit. Ok, ok I'll work on it, but first start teaching me that Taijustsu style." Naruto demanded.

"Fine kit, do these katas." Kyuubi relented.

Before his eyes, Naruto was shown the proper katas for his new style. It first looked a lot like the teken fu, but then things got interesting. The mental image then started jumping and twisting with its legs and arms kinda like a whirl wind. Then the mental image started a set of hand seals that naruto didn't understand. When done it said out loud "Yokai elemental fury no jutsu!"

After that, the tails then turned into their respective elements; the first one caught fire, the second turned to a crackling blue bolt of lightning, the third turned into a blade of water, the fourth turned into a blade of rock, the fifth turned into a blade of wind, the sixth turned into a blade of grass, the seventh turned into a blade of pure darkness, the eighth turned into a blade of light, and the last tail turned into a blade of red chakra. When this was done, it started into a whole new set. This time the image started into a set of taijustsu katas in front while the tails did a kenjutsu set in back. Once that was done the tails switched to doing the kenjustu in front while still performing the taijustsu as well.

"Oh kit, did I mention that once elemental fury has been performed, then you use all of the 9 elements with just the thought. So no hand seals or anything. There's more. If hit by your tails, the opponent suffers elemental damage. There's more still. It slices, it dices, it cooks! It will even power your tv itsssssssssss... Naruto!" Kyuubi said in an infomercial announcer voice then chuckled.

"Shut up you baka kitsune!" naruto growled at the fuzz ball in his stomach.

"Just get back to your katas," the fox retorted. With that, Naruto started off on the katas. After going through the basic ones, he stopped.

"Oy fox, can you show me them again in slow motion?" Naruto was promptly given the more advanced katas in slow mo. Naruto then repeated them a number of times before he tried to apply them at a faster pace.

He began beating the air at such a fast pace that Yuki thought she heard thunder accompanying the odd thrust. Naruto then stopped and activated elemental fury and started the kenjutsu set. Now Yuki was sure she was hearing thunder when the lightning tail was swung. This training was either leaving the sand with huge pot holes, or a smooth surface of glass. Where ever certain tails were swung, the wind, grass, and darkness blades left large gashes in the sand. The fire, light and chakra tails left the sand a smooth layer of glass. The lightning tail was leaving weird designs of tubular glass in the sand.

While all of this was happening, Kakashi was taking a nap in the sun and remarkably, his pants were dry. Snoring lightly with his copy of Icha Icha Paradise, Volume 33 over his face and his hands tucked under his head. "Mhh Keiko-chan... your so ... bad" snore

But ... snooze yet ... so sexy grunt '(another beta note... O.O) (author note: yea he is a pervert)Kakashi mumbled in his sleep. Given what he has on his face we can guess what he is dreaming about.

Sakura at that moment, was practicing her chakra control by trying to move the sand with it. As the sand swirled through the air it gave the impression of a female Gaara, except for the gourd and evilness.

Temari then, was practicing her technique with her fan. Blasting sand here and there, sending it into a large dust devil. She then leapt into it while riding her large fan like a snowboard.

Unknown to the small fellowship, the Akatsuki were planning and sceaming for their own gain. Gaara, who lied on the floor bloody and broken, had one thought run through his mind. 'Shukaku is gone', he felt the words run through his mind before he passed out, due to his injuries.

"Oh look, he passed out finally. Well, time to get to work! Itachi, you guard the prisoner. Sasori and Deidra you take the oncoming opponents." The leader of the Akatsuki ordered.

At the end of the week, Team Rescue neared the Akatsuki lair. A large rock covered in a large sheet of paper with the kanji for gate painted on it with the blood of the members.

"Shit! They have a seal on the door. Ok I'll get the other seals that are scattered around the area." Naruto then performed the kage bunshin and sent the clones off to find the other seals.

Some time passed, but finally all the seals were removed. "Naruto? How are we going to move this thing! It seems that there's chakra running through it and it won't be broken!" Sakura said. Even with her monstrous strength, she couldn't break it.

"Hmm. Maybe this will work Yokai; elemental fury no jutsu!" With that, Naruto's tails then exploded into their elemental forms. Jumping in the air he did a flip and slashed his earth tail down the middle of the rock. Cleanly splitting it in two and cutting off the chakra supply to it. Leaving it utterly defenseless. "Ok Sakura-chan, do your stuff!" Naruto said cheerfully.

Cracking her knuckles, she punched the rock and it crumbled into rubble.(Beta note: Gee, so descriptive...) (author note: lets just say she is strong)

"YOSH! Let's go get Gaara!" Naruto cried.

"Hold it right there. You punks aren't going anywhere." A short, wide person and a medium hight "girl" stood in front of them wearing the Akatsuki cloaks. Taken aback Kakashi ran up to the "girl" and stared.

"You're cute." He said, in awe of the "girl".

"Umm... Kaka-hentai, that's a guy." Naruto sweatdrops

"NANI! That is a guy!" Kakashi screamed

"That can be changed." The "girl" said, stalking Kakashi.

"Umm sorry to spoil your fun Deidra, but we've got a job to do." The short, wide man reminded while also sweatdropping.

"Damn! You had to spoil my fun, didn't you? Just because I can get more than you doesn't mean that you have to be so angry about it!" Deidra pranced around Kakashi

"Um... Sorry. I'm straight." Kakashi replied.

"I'd beg to differ, Kaka-hentai. What about that time in the stone village and the buttless chaps?" Naruto asked with a shit eating grin. (beta note:just to bother dear Naruto-fanfic... but grins can eat shit?) (author note: its a expression ok)

"Damn you Naruto! You just had to bring that up. I was under the influence of trip i swear!" Kakashi tried to reason, waving his arms really fast (reminds me of shinobu from love hina)

"Sure, and I was with Jiriaya's porn stars all night long." Naruto retorted. (beta note:where DOES he get this stuff?) (AN: i get it from ERO-Sennin)

"Lucky bastard." Kakashi mumbled.

"Damn straightt I am!" Naruto said loudly and pointed at Kakashi.

"AHEM! Don't stand there like we're not like 4 feet away." The fat guy butt in.

"Shut up, we're talking here." Naruto and Kakashi scream in stereo. (beta note: I wish I had a stereo...)(AN: you really like interrupting my fic don't you?)

"Screw this! Sasori get them!" Deidra ordered the fat man, now known as Sasori.

The two charged, criss-crossing in front of one another. Naruto and Kakashi jumped back into a defensive stance, Naruto took the kitsune ryu stance with two tails in front and the rest to watch his back. Kakashi raised his hi-ate from his sharingan eye in preperation for the fight.
"Oy, Kaka-sensai, can i go all out on them?" Naruto asked in a simpering tone.

"Yes Naruto, you can. They're the Akatsuki. You'll have to." Kakashi then started giving orders to the others. "Yuki! You help Naruto. Sakura you're on standby till we need you. Temari, you can be my backup." Kakashi ordered.

"Why am I on standby?" Sakura whined.

"Because you're the medic nin and need to be at full capacity if we want to get out of here alive with Gaara, and I bet he will need it too. If we need your expertise, then we'll call you." Kakashi replied. All this talking and Kakashi wasn't ready for a small bird to go BANG in his face, so he was sent flying but was luckily, caught by Sakura.

"Damn. Wasn't expecing that." Kakashi grimaced.

"Ha. Art is a bang. Eh Kakashi-chan?" Deidra snickered.

"You bastard." Kakashi swore (beta note:blank stare Well, obviously, he did just swear) (AN: your so naive)

"That's bitch to you." Deidra pouted. Kakashi didn't reply, but instead he kicked him in the side of the head.

"Oy! Not the face." The girly man screeched.

Not detered in the least from his task of repaying him, Kakashi kept up the pace until he was blocked by a hand which gripped his tightly (beta note:oooo, holding hands .)(AN: no comment). Suddenly, he felt a chunk of his fingers get bitten off. In pain Kakashi jerked his hand back and inspected the wound on his knuckles. It looked like a bite mark.
"What the hell did you do to my hand?" Kakashi screaemed.

"Meet my little friend." Deidra held up his hand and there, in the middle was a mouth that had a row of sharp teeth.

"Naruto, switch with me." Kakashi yelled at him.

"Sure, just get your ass healed or you no good."Naruto retorted while fending off the two Akatsuki by himself. His tails doing most of the work. "Ah screw this. Rasengan total." The newest inovation in the yondaime's signature technique was that Naruto's huge amount of chakra was put into a total defence in the form of a rasengan. The chakra would spin a lot like the kiaten, but in every direction at once. Giving it the power of a typhoon, anything that touched it would get either blown away or chewed into dust.

Even explosive tags wouldn't penitrate that defence wich also had a nasty offence to it.

"AH SHIT! WE GOTA GET OUTA HERE!" Naruto screamed, then released his ultimate defense and ran to the others. "We gotta get out of here. The fox just informed me that I just went over the set limit of chakra use and I'm about to have a long nap soon. So let's get the hell out of here so they don't get two of the demon vessels!" Naruto said while wobbling in place. Yuki ran up and caught him before he fell.
"Poor Naruto-kun." She whispered while taking off and getting the hell out of there with the rest of the gang close behind. Leaving the Akatsuki behind.

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