Author's Introduction

Greetings, everyone, this is Phantom bringing you the next story arc in the odd world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar. Reading the first story arc isn't required, but it would be highly beneficial for understanding the state of mind that I put the characters in. What I am trying to do here is more than just your average SI story, I'm trying to fuse elements from the Japanese and the American shows as well. I promise that this time, it'll be much better.

Now, here's how things work here. This is a new beginning, meaning the Duel Monster Database that appears at the end will be reset. Now, every monster profile that appeared in the first story arc will appear again. Trust me, it's better than trying to remember what profiles I did and what profiles I didn't do.

Now to get the legal stuff out of the way. Yu-Gi-Oh! was created originally by Kazuki Takahashi. 4-Kids Entertainment, FUNimation, Kids-WB, and Shonen Jump currently have joint custody of the American version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Harold is my own creation. Any characters that have not appeared on the TV show will have their creators accredited at the end of the chapter that his/her character first appears in.

If you'd rather not read the entire first season, don't worry about it. Here's an abstract version from the view of my own character.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar

Fanfic Chapter 49: Harold's Story
Episode Basis: None

My name is Harold Kumara. What I am about to tell you might seem unusual, even outrageous. Believe me or not, it's your choice, but I swear on my life that everything I say is the absolute truth.

I won't bother with my back story for two reasons: A of all, I don't want to bore you and B of all, I really don't know. What I will tell you, however, is the story of a friend of mine, a friend who has had some wild experiences. I should know, I was there.

Yugi Moto was your everyday kid who loved to play games. And he was pretty good too, especially the game of Duel Monsters. I won't bore you with the specific rules but I will tell you that 'duels' are fought with Duel Monster cards and the player that lowers his or her opponent's life points to 0 wins. I told you that just for clarification purposes.

Anyway, Yugi isn't your everyday kid. He has some remarkable abilities which I'll get into later. Yugi used to be a kid who was bullied and even beat up a lot, or so I was told. Then something happened to him. I'm not sure what, but according to accounts, Yugi suddenly became stronger and braver. Everyone who challenged this double side of Yugi ended up either befriending him or… well… let's just say they were never the same.

Things really started taking a turn for the insane when Seto Kaiba approached Yugi's grandfather, Solomon Moto, and challenged him to a duel for his ultra-rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. They dueled and Solomon lost. But the duel broke his spirit in more ways than one.

"Kaiba, you should be ashamed of yourself!" Tea scolded.

"On the contrary, I'm quite pleased. Look at what I got." He held up Solomon's Blue-Eyes White Dragon Card which he then tore in two.

Everyone gasped. "No..." Solomon pleaded weakly. "My Blue-Eyes White Dragon... my treasure!"

Kaiba ended up tearing Solomon's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a memento that Solomon kept as a reminder of a friend of his. Solomon was left on the verge of death and Kaiba didn't even care. Enraged, Yugi challenged Kaiba to a duel to get back at him for what Kaiba did to his Grandfather.

"Now, Yugi, are you ready to play?"

"Play time is OVER, Kaiba!" Yugi said firmly as a glow came from his Millennium Puzzle (a glow that Kaiba noticed but didn't understand what it meant). Yugi was bathed in a white light and when it dissipated, Yugi stood but he looked different. He seemed taller and there was a harsher look in his eyes. "Now, Kaiba," this new Yugi said. "It's time to duel!"

Yugi's friend Joey Wheeler and I were the ones who witnessed Yugi summoned Exodia: The Forbidden One and defeated Kaiba's three Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

"Draw your last pathetic card!" Kaiba said forcefully.

"My Grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain..." He held up a card that looked like a giant head. It matched the other four cards in his hand. "Exodia, the Forbidden One!"

"No! It can't be!"

"Yes. I've assembled all five special cards, all five pieces of the puzzle!" Yugi laid all five cards on the table. A pentacle-star formed and a black portal appeared on Yugi's side of the field. A giant gold-armored monster with broken chains on its arms and legs stepped out of the portal.

"It's not possible!" Kaiba gasped. "Nobody has been able to summon him!"

"That's the biggest Duel Monster I've ever seen," Joey gasped. Harold just nodded.

"Exodia... GOD FLAME!" Exodia unleashed a gigantic energy blast that destroyed all three of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons at once. The shockwave almost knocked Kaiba off the platform.

But that only was the beginning of our problems. Maxamillion Pegasus, the creator of the Duel Monsters card game, drew Yugi into something called a shadow game. I don't know what happened there, but apparently when it was over, Yugi's Grandpa was in a coma and according to Yugi, it was all Pegasus's fault. Pegasus stole the soul of Yugi's Grandpa and told Yugi that the only way to get it back was to enter the Duelist Kingdom Duel Monsters tournament being held on an island called Duelist Kingdom. Myself, Yugi, Joey, Tristan Taylor, and Tea Gardner journeyed to the Duelist Kingdom island.

Joey, however, had a slightly different reason for going to Duelist Kingdom.

"Hey there, Big Brother," she greeted.

"Serenity!" Joey gasped. He hadn't seen her in a long time. He almost didn't recognize her.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't seen you since… well…" Joey knew what she was talking about. "I just thought I would send you this so you wouldn't forget your little sister's face." Her smile took on a sad quality. "The doctors say I don't have much time. They said that I'll be passed the point of no return in a few weeks. If for some reason I… well… please, take care, Joey." The tape ended.

While he did want to help Yugi get back the soul of his Grandfather, he also wanted to win the three million dollar prize money to help pay for his sister's eye operation. It might be hard to believe, someone actually doing something noble, but it's all true.

It wasn't easy. Yugi and Joey encountered several problems on the island, including Ryo Bakura, a class mate, who was possessed by a Millennium Ring, which is the same as Yugi's Millennium Puzzle… I'm sorry, did I mention that yet? Perhaps I better before I go on.

You see, Yugi wears an object around his neck called the Millennium Puzzle. According to Yugi's Grandpa, it's an Egyptian artifact that was once worn as a symbol of authority by Egyptian royalty. The Millennium Puzzle was originally broken into pieces and it took Yugi a good while to put it back together. This was before we met by the way, so all I'm telling to you about this is second-hand from Yugi and his Grandfather.

As I was saying, Bakura's Millennium Ring was part of a set of Millennium Items. And the ancient spirit that inhabited it had taken over Bakura's mind and sent him on a rampage, including trying to knock off us to get Yugi's Millennium Puzzle.

"Before we get started, there's something I'd like to share with you all," Bakura said. Tristan noticed that his tone had changed, it almost sounded... sinister.

"I don't like the looks of this," Joey said as Bakura closed his eyes. A strange necklace appeared. It had a pyramid shape at the center with an eye similar to Yugi's puzzle. But a gold ring encircled it with five spikes towards the bottom.

"It can't be!" Yugi gasped. "A Millennium Item!"

"Correct," Bakura said, his voice now different. "And the magic of my Millennium Ring will take us to the Shadow Realm!" As Bakura spoke, the area around them was shrouded in darkness.

"Why are you doing this, Bakura?"

"You have something I want and I aim to take it." The Millennium Ring flashed and Yugi, Joey, Tea, and Tristan all fell down.

Fortunately, Yugi was able to free Bakura.

"I want to help but we don't have much time," he said. Change of Heart-Bakura phased through the Lady of Faith, his face replacing that of the Lady of Faith's. "I've taken over one of his cards instead of yours." Both Dark Magician-Yugi and Yami-Bakura gasped at the act. "I'll control her while you attack me, you can win against the evil me!"

"I can't! I'd be destroying you!"

"I don't care! It's better than being a slave to an evil spirit! DO IT!"

"Be quiet," Yami-Bakura snapped.

"I have a better idea," Dueling Yugi said. His Millennium Puzzle started to glow and thrash wildly. An Egyptian-looking eye appeared on his forehead. "If the Millennium Ring can pull souls from people, maybe my Millennium Puzzle can put them

back." When the Duel Monsters looked next, they saw that regular Bakura was back in his body and Yami-Bakura was dressed as the Lady of Faith. "Listen closely, Yugi, use the power of the Dark Magician! Send him to the Graveyard now!"

"You got it. Dark Magic Attack!" Yami-Bakura was pulled into a vortex and transported to the Graveyard.

Our next challenge came in the form of Bandit Keith, this arrogant American who was the Intercontinental Champion. Keith only lost one duel and that was to Pegasus himself.

"All right, rich man, I'm about to show you who's the best around here. You have no idea the world of hurt I'm about to inflict on you!"

Pegasus was unphased by Keith's taunts. He said nothing, he just scribbled something on a piece of paper and motioned to a kid in the audience.

"Hey, asking for help is illegal!"

"Oh please, your moves are so predictable, Keith, I'll prove to you that even a child can defeat you." He declared as he sat the kid in his place.

"Me?" The kid asked. "But… I just started learning how to play Duel Monsters last week."

"You'll do fine, kid, just follow the instructions on the note I gave you." Pegasus left the stage and went over to the VIP seats where I was sitting. "Enjoying yourself, my friend? Oh, I know this seems almost primitive compared to the experimental holographic simulators your company's developing but I think this might hold a surprise or two for you."

"Sorry, kid, but all the help in the world's not going to keep you from being humiliated." Keith drew a card. "I summon Garnecia Elefantis!"

"Good card," the kid said reading the note. "But the note says I should summon Luster Dragon in attack mode." As any Duelist knows, wind monsters hold a strong advantage over earth monsters even if their attack points are the same. I couldn't believe it, the kid just won against the Intercontinental Champion! "I think I just took all of your life points."

"What? How can this be, let me see that note!" He snatched the note from the kid's hand and read it. "I don't believe it, it's all here, the card I played, how to counter it…"

He and his flunkies were trying anything they could to enter the castle and win the prize money, including kidnapping Joey, forcing him into a duel, and even threatening our very lives!

"Yugi, it's really you!"

Bandit Keith grumbled and turned to Sid and Zigor. "Stop them at any costs!" He ordered.

"Joey, what are you doing here?" Harold asked. "We could barely find you in this place."

"Not like I had a choice," Joey explained. "Those three creeps knocked me out and forced me into this duel!"

"A duel not overseen by a watcher is invalid," Harold announced. "This duel is over!"

"No it isn't," Zigor said stepping in between them. "It's only over when the boss says it's over."

"Butcher them, boys, that'll crush Joey's spirits," Bandit Keith advised.

Tristan charged forward but Zigor ended up slugging him. He then turned to Tea. "Normally, I don't like beating up on girls but this time I'll make an exception!"

"Tea, duck!" Bakura shouted throwing his Millennium Ring like a Frisbee. Tea ducked at the perfect time so Zigor didn't realize it was coming towards him until it was too late. The spikes of the ring gave Zigor a cut on his forearm.

"He cut me! That son of a gun cut me!"

"So you must be that Yugi kid," Sid said. "Time to see if you fight as good as you duel."

The Millennium Puzzle started to glow and Yugi switched into dueling mode. "Come at me if you dare," he challenged. Sid charged towards him. Yugi waited until the last second then jumped out of the way revealing Harold who sucker-punched Sid in the face sending him to the ground.

"As official Watcher, I'm calling an end to this sorry excuse for a duel. Everybody retains the same number of star chips they started off with."

"Wrong, this duel continues!" Bandit Keith suddenly pulled a gun out and trained it on Yugi. He turned to Joey. "Finish this duel or spiky here gets a hole in the head!"

"In that case, Joey," Harold said stepping forward. "You're just going to have to win. Here."

"Hey, asking for help is illegal!" Bandit Keith argued suddenly having a flash of deja vu.

"Oh, it's not help, just some motivation." Harold threw Joey his wallet.

"My wallet," Joey realized and opened it to reveal Serenity's photo. "Serenity!"

"That's right, Joey," Tristan confirmed. "Never forget that you're dueling for her, and that your love for her, and your honor, is stronger than anything these lump heads have."

We thought it was all over when Keith trapped us inside a cave, but it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You see, the tunnel led to an underground labyrinth where Yugi and Joey had to duel what were possibly the two weirdest Duelists we ever came across.

Suddenly a duo of strange voices spoke out. "You have entered…"

"… Sacred ground…"

"… Where only Duelists…"

"… Can be found."

"Yeah, well, we're Duelists," Joey acknowledged. Two figures bounced across the room in a combination of acrobatics and martial arts.

"Before you pass…"

"… Across this chamber…"

"…you must agree…"

"…to face the danger."

"So let the contest…"

"… Now begin."


"…your next of kin." The two struck over-dramatic poses but it gave the gang a good chance to see them. It was two men, twins; both were bald and had beady eyes with the same markings as the two doors on their foreheads. One wore orange Chinese combat uniform and the other wore a green one.

"You're trapped…"

"… and the doors are locked."

Then they both cried out, "You face the brothers… Paradox!"

Yugi and Joey had to duel these whack-jobs together. When they won, they earned the star chips they needed to enter the castle!

But just as we were about to enter the castle, we encountered Kaiba again. The persistent snob wanted to challenge Yugi to a rematch.

"I can't let you pass, Yugi," Kaiba said.

"I won ten star chips, so stand aside!" Yugi ordered.

"You may have earned ten star chips to qualify for the Duelist Kingdom Playoffs, Yugi, but I can't let you face Pegasus, he's mine. You and I are going to have one final duel, you will lose and I will win."

"Kaiba seems definite about that," Harold commented.

"The winds of change are blowing, Yugi Moto." As if to emphasize Kaiba's point, a slight wind picked up.

"Step aside, Kaiba!" Yugi ordered again.

"Not until you agree to duel me."

"I'm not dueling you, I don't have to."

"So, no longer confident that your so-called "heart of the cards" can help you win, or are you afraid you can't beat me without Exodia."

"Man, is there anyone around here who doesn't know that?" Harold asked rhetorically.

"Back off, sleaze ball!" Tea snapped. "He doesn't have to prove anything, especially not to a low-life like you!"

It wasn't until later that we discovered that the reason he did this was because Pegasus kidnapped his younger brother, Mokuba. But at the time, we all thought Kaiba was being his usual stuck-up self. Kaiba pulled no punches, bringing out his best monster: the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. For a minute, it looked like Yugi would win, but Kaiba gave him an ultimatum:

"It can't end like this," Kaiba told Yugi. "If I don't defeat you in a duel, Pegasus would keep Mokuba as his prisoner forever. And although I don't have a card that can keep you from attacking, I may have a strategy that could work."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going to force your hand, so-to-speak. From now on, for every 100 life points I lose, I take one step back. The last attack cost me 500 attack points so I take five steps back." Kaiba backed up until he was on the edge of the tower.

"Kaiba, watch out!" Yugi warned. Kaiba didn't move.

"Now what's Kaiba up to? You think this cheap stunt's going to keep Yugi from winning the match and rescuing his Grandfather."

"It's not a cheap stunt, Joey," Harold revealed causing a gasp from everyone, even Yugi. "I know that look in Kaiba's eyes all too well. It's resolve. Kaiba's is willing to do anything to win the duel, even if it means losing his life; I used to throw my life recklessly like that too. But I found out that needless sacrifices only bring pain and misery. Something tells me… that Kaiba will not learn the same lesson."

"Your move, Yugi. If you attack again, you will take my remaining life points and I will take steps back, and of course you know what happens."

"Don't tempt me!" Yugi snapped.

"My life is in your hands, Yugi. You'll decide this duel in one way or another."

"Don't do this," Tea argued. "This isn't the answer."

"It's like Harold said," Bakura said. "Kaiba doesn't care what happens to him as long as he wins the duel; he knows Yugi doesn't want to hurt him, so he's counting on Yugi to forfeit the duel."

"But if he does that, he won't be able to get into the castle," Joey argued.

"A no-win scenario," Harold quipped. "No matter what happens, when it's all said and done, Yugi will lose."

"Don't push me, Kaiba, I must win to rescue my Grandfather!"

"And I must win to rescue my brother, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes, can you say the same? I can stand up here all day, Yugi, but you're going to have to make a move sooner or later, and when you do, you'll either forfeit the duel to save my life and lose the only chance you have of saving your Grandfather, or win the duel and kill me.

For a minute, it looked like Yugi would call Kaiba's bluff (if that was what it was)…

"Celtic Guardian, attack!"

"Yugi, you can't!" Tea protested running onto the dueling field. "You can't take the risk!"

"Tea, come back here!" Tristan argued.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Tea running to Yugi, the others trying to call her back, Kaiba actually looking surprised that Yugi would take the chance.

"Celtic Guardian, stop!" Tea skidded to a halt.

And so did the Celtic Guardian.

Yugi dropped to his knees. Somehow, the original Yugi overpowered the darker side of his personality and ordered the Celtic Guardian to stop.

"I… end my turn," Yugi struggled to say.

At the last minute he called off the attack. Unfortunately Kaiba took full advantage of that and won the duel.

It was despicable! Kaiba took advantage of Yugi's kindness and turned it against him! I think Tea was right when she told Kaiba that he spent too much time with his machines. I don't believe that anybody, no matter what the reason, should use someone's weakness against him or her and then slap them in the face for even having a weakness!

Yugi was definitely in a slump but fortunately Mai came to the rescue.

"Yugi saved my star chips, so… I'm returning the favor." Mai held out five star chips. "I know I said in my note that I owed you eight, but since you only need five…"

"Mai, you're willing to give up your star chips for Yugi?" Harold asked.

"I'm nice, not stupid," Mai said showing her own dueling glove which already had ten star chips. Casting a side-glance at Harold, she said, "And I didn't even use the whole psychic shtick as Joey would say."

But Yugi had shut himself off from everyone. When Mai offered to duel Yugi for the star chips, the most unlikely person heeded the call.

"I'll duel you!" That came from, of all people, Tea! "I'll duel you right here, right now, for Yugi!"

"Tea, have you flipped your lid?" Harold asked. "Come on, Joey's got more professional dueling experience than you and he was barely able to defeat Mai!"

"Gee, thanks for the compliment," Joey said sarcastically.

"I'm dead serious about this. Yugi needs those star chips, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get them for him, even duel you, Mai!"

I still have no idea what made Tea do such a reckless act. I mean Mai clearly had the advantage and she was more than willing to hand the star chips over so what purpose could this duel between the two of them have?

Well, Yugi got the star chips and we all headed into the castle where we discovered Bandit Keith and found out that Kaiba was about to duel Pegasus for Mokuba's soul!

The doors at the other end of the catwalk parted with eerie creaking sounds as Pegasus stepped into the room flanked by two of his guards carrying covered trays..

"Where's my Brother?" Kaiba demanded to know.

"What, no 'hello'? No 'how are you'? I thought we were friends, Kaiba-Boy. Don't tell me that my kidnapping of Mokuba and taking control of your company has put a rift between us. It's nothing personal. Besides, it's not like I hurt your kid brother, he's perfectly safe. In fact, you can have him back if you like. Just beat me in a duel like we agreed and I'll hand him over. I mean one victory shouldn't be a problem for the Duel Monsters World Champ."

Pegasus made Kaiba look like an amateur and all but dominated the duel. As punishment for losing, he took Kaiba's soul as well.

"Forgive me, Mokuba, I am so sorry," Kaiba said.

"There are no more cards you can play. Therefore, you lose, Kaiba-boy. And you lost much more than the duel, haven't you, Kaiba? You lost your only chance of rescuing your brother. You let him down. But don't worry, my dear friend…" he drew a card much like the one he used to imprison Mokuba's soul. "I'll spare you the agony of carrying on in this world without him."

"What is that?"

"It is the final fate of your soul, Seto Kaiba!" Pegasus' Millennium Eye shot out a beam of energy which temporarily blinded the spectators. "Welcome to your new home, Kaiba-boy, a place of solitude and seclusion. And with your soul gone, your body's worthless." Pegasus ordered Kaiba's body to be dumped in the catacombs and stared at the Kaiba Brother's soul cards. "The Brothers Kaiba, one in each hand, but even though your cards are so close, your souls couldn't be farther apart. At least when I had Mokuba locked up, you were still in the same dimension."

It was rough, spending the night at the castle of a guy who clearly wanted to perform a soul-ectomy on all of us. I was nervous throughout the entire night, afraid that Pegasus would storm into my room and use his Millennium Eye on me, but apparently Pegasus only wanted to target Yugi.

When the finals came, it was Mai versus Yugi and Joey versus Bandit Keith. Yugi seemed to be distracted by something, and that nearly cost him in his duel. But when he came back, he came back in a BIG way.

Pegasus gasped. Such power, I've never felt such tremendous strength! NEVER! He… he…

Yugi drew his card. "Well, Mai, you've put up a good fight…" his scowl slowly rose into a smile. "But now it ends!"


"Starting with this card: BLACK LUSTER RITUAL!"

"A what?"

"A ritual summons," Bakura gasped. "That's why Yugi used Swords of Revealing Light, it wasn't just desperation; he needed time to gather the Black Luster Ritual!"

"What's so special about a ritual summons?" Tristan asked.

"Ritual summons are really rare," Harold commented. "Not only do you need to have the right magic card in your hand, but you need monsters to sacrifice."

Yugi laid the card on the field. Two large jars and a panel with twin swords appeared. Gaia the Fierce Knight and Kuriboh disappeared into them. Smoke and light billowed from the pots. "Now, combining the energies of my two separate monsters… the powers of light and darkness intertwine, opening the Gates of Chaos, bringing forth… the BLACK LUSTER SOLDIER!" The doors burst open with energy and a humanoid figure in blue and yellow armor appeared.

"The Black Luster Soldier!" Bakura gasped. "The greatest warrior monster ever made! I can't believe we're seeing it in this life time!" The others were speechless.

Mai, on the other hand, wasn't, "Is that… is that really the legendary Black Luster Soldier?"

Even Pegasus was surprised by the monster. Yugi was on the verge of losing, but not only did he make a come back, but he did something very few Duelists were capable of: the legendary Black Luster Ritual!

"Now, Black Luster Soldier, Chaos Blade Attack!" The Black Luster Soldier charged forward. The three Harpie Ladies flew out of the way. but Harpie's Pet Dragon was cut down by the Black Luster Soldier's blade.

Mai forfeited the duel to Yugi but fortunately they parted on good terms. Then it was Joey versus Bandit Keith. But right from the get-go, there was a problem.

"So dweeb, where's your card."

"Its right…" as Joey reached into his pocket, he felt nothing. He checked all his pockets but to no avail.

"Tournament Verification card," Croquet requested again, slowly losing patience.

"Don't tell me Joey lost his card!" Tea exclaimed.

"Okay, I won't tell you Joey lost his card," Harold replied.

"I told you not to tell me."

"Guess I won't need to get off this sofa," Keith said enjoying Joey's plight.

"Don't get too comfortable," Joey said. "As soon as I find that card…"

"If you can find it within the set time limit."

"Time limit?"

"Your match is set to begin at eleven o'clock," Croquet informed him. "If you can not show your card by that time, you will be disqualified." Harold looked at his watch: 10:55. Joey had 5 minutes.

"Joey, are you sure you put it in your coat pocket?" Tea asked.

"I guess it probably could've fallen out in my room. I'll go check."

As Joey ran off, Keith laughed, "Run as fast as you can, there's no way you'll get back here in 5 minutes."

Fortunately, Joey found a card and the duel began. Keith's deck was stacked with machine monsters, monsters that were impervious to magic. Joey was able to find a way about that handicap but Keith still seemed to be ready with a machine card, like his Slot Machine monster and his set of 7 Complete magic cards. But Joey turned the tables on him by transforming his Red-Eyes Black Dragon into a Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon and won the duel. Then, a couple of startling revelations were made, that both of the Duelists were using borrowed money cards.

"This match doesn't count!"

"What's Keith ranting about now?" Harold asked.

"He just doesn't know when to quit," Tea commented.

"The tournament entry card he showed is not his, so therefore he should be disqualified!"

"Oh give me a break," Harold moaned slapping his forehead.

Joey decided that since the duel was over, it was okay to tell them the truth. "It's true; my card was missing so Mai gave me hers. But tell me, Keith, how could you have possibly known this card wasn't mine?" For once, Keith was speechless. "Well, we're all ears, so why don't you explain yourself, Keith." Once again, Keith didn't have an answer.

But Pegasus did, "He doesn't need to, it's clear that Keith stole Joey's card, that's why he was so certain that you would never be able to find it."

"Stupid rat," Harold insulted.

"Then Keith ought to be disqualified!" Tea protested.

"Oh Keith ought to be disqualified all right," Pegasus agreed. "But not simply for misdeeds outside the dueling ring; there was quite a bit of improper conduct during the duel that I observed too."

Yugi immediately deduced that Pegasus used his Millennium Eye to find out the truth.

"Is that so?" Joey asked.

"Quite so," Pegasus said, apparently now speaking for Keith. "Keith kept his set of 7 Complete magic cards beneath his wrist band. That way, he could power up his Slot Machine whenever he wanted."

When a guy like Pegasus basically calls you a rat, that's got to be the lowest of the low, it would be like Cobra Commander calling you an idiot but I digress.

The finals turned out to have Yugi and Joey facing each other. It was hard to watch, both of them couldn't risk losing this duel, but despite it all, they still vowed to remain friends no matter what! In the end, Yugi won.

Finally, Yugi faced off against Pegasus to free the souls of his Grandfather and both the Kaiba Brothers. Between his Millennium Eye and his Toon World army, Pegasus had been dominating the game. Somehow, Yugi was able to turn it around by fooling Pegasus's Millennium Eye. But that only brought out something more terrible. Once again, Pegasus dragged Yugi into the Shadow Realm. I don't know what happened there, but it definitely wasn't good.

On the outside, Tea suddenly felt a stab of pain at her heart. From the looks on their faces, the guys did too.

"I have the strangest feeling that something bad has happened to Yugi," Tea said.

"Me too, I think our little buddy's in big trouble," Joey commented.

"But how can we all be feeling this at the same time?" Harold wondered.

"I guess, since we've all become so close," Tristan figured. "It's like we developed some strange link with him."

"But if we're feeling this out here, then it must be really bad for Yugi in there."

"I think it's worse than that," Harold said harshly. The others looked at him as he stepped forward. "It's strange, but from the moment I saw that overgrown snow globe, it was like I could feel three sparks coming from it: Yugi's, Pegasus's and a spark that I can only assume is the Millennium Puzzle spirit that Tea told us about. But now, it feels like one of them is waning, and it's NOT Pegasus!"

Then the unthinkable happened.

On the outside, his friends all gasped.

"Something just happened to Yugi!" Tea said.

"I know, but what?" Joey wondered.

"The worst," Harold said. The others turned to look at him. "Remember when I said earlier about feeling three sparks, and that one of the sparks was waning? Well, it… it…" Harold wiped his eyes.

"It what?" Tristan asked.

"Spill it, man!" Joey edged.

"I… I can't feel the waning spark any more, and I know… I know it's not Pegasus! It… it must be Yugi!"

"Oh no, he's hurt, or… or worst!" Tea cried and started to run into the bubble.

"Tea, don't," Joey called out grabbing her arm. "There's nothing you can do!"

"No, it can't be! Yugi! YUGI!"

I hated feeling useless. Yugi had had a traumatic experience and we could all feel it through our bond of friendship yet could do nothing about it, at least physically.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Joey asked.

"I don't know," Harold said solemnly.

"There must be something… hey I know," Tea said. "Yugi reached out to us, that's why we could feel what he feels. What we need to do is reach out to him, give him our strength!"

"But how do we do that?" Harold asked.

"Remember the friendship pact we made when Yugi first went to duel Kaiba?" The boys nodded. "If we could feel Yugi's pain and emotions, maybe he can feel ours. If we concentrate and try to reach him with all our might…"

"Maybe our bond can get through to him even in the Shadow Realm," Joey finished. "Let's do it!"

"What do we have to lose?"

Everyone placed their hands together.

"Come on, Yugi!"

"All of us are here for you!"

"We're not giving up on you, not now, not ever!"

"Yugi, we believe in you, and even know we can't see what's going on, we'll help you stop Pegasus' cheating ways and return you to us once and for all!"

Tea was right on the money, somehow Yugi felt our strength and that gave him the power to win against Pegasus. He returned to us no worse for wear, but Pegasus escaped. We tracked him to his hideaway where we discovered that the reason he set all this up was so he could obtain Millennium Items so he could resurrect his dead wife. It was hard to fault a guy who only wanted to be with the one he loved. I know it's selfish, but I wondered if anyone would feel that way about me. I can't remember any of my past but… sorry, got off track.

Yugi was reunited with his Grandfather. You'd think after that, we would all be given a day to rest and relax. No such luck, in fact, we haven't even taken a step inside the Game Shop when we encountered a new problem.

"Hey!" A voice called. Everyone turned to see a young girl standing in front of the Game Shop. She looked young, maybe younger than Yugi. She wore her blonde hair in a pair of pony tails and was dressed in a pink jacket and red skirt. She carried a teddy bear and a pink rolling suitcase. "I have something to say to you, that is, if you are who I think you are!"

"Anybody know her?" Joey asked. The others shook their heads.

"Tell me are one of you Solomon Moto?"

"Yes, that's me," the old man confirmed. "And who might you be?"

"Who might I be? I might be Rebecca, and I might've just arrived here from America, and I might've been waiting for the past two hours for you to show up! It's not nice to keep a lady waiting!"

"A lady?" Yugi asked laughing.

Rebecca got right up in the boy's face. "Are you saying I'm not a lady, bub?"

"Uh… well…"

"Sheesh, are all Americans this cranky or do we attract the runt of the litter?" Harold asked.

"Watch it, Jack!" Rebecca snapped kicking Harold in the shin.

"Ow! Why that little…"

Rebecca was one rude little eight years old. She wasn't afraid to challenge those bigger and stronger than her. She talked to her bear (probably because she doesn't have any real friends) and seemed to be under the belief that Solomon stole her Grandpa's Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Rebecca and Yugi dueled which ended up in Yugi forfeiting! Or so we thought.

Arthur Hopkins just walked around to Yugi's side of the field. "Rebecca, did you know that Yugi was actually the winner of this duel?"

"No, Grandpa, I won!" Rebecca whined.

Arthur went up to Yugi. "Yugi, you're just like your Grandfather. You're a generous young man and a fine Duelist. When I saw the article that you won the Duelist Kingdom tournament, I must say I wasn't surprised."

"Thank you, sir."

Arthur went up to Yugi's deck, which Yugi hadn't collected yet. He took the top card from the deck, the card that Yugi was holding only a minute earlier. "Just as I thought," he said. "Rebecca, come take a look at this card." Rebecca looked at the magic card that Arthur was holding. It had a picture of a woman covered in blue looking upward. "It's called Soul Release." Rebecca gawked at it. "If Yugi had played this card in the final turn, you would've been defeated for certain." Arthur, Solomon, and Yugi were the only ones not confused. "Soul Release can remove five monster cards from either player's graveyard. Do you realize what that means? Yugi would've used it to remove five monsters from your graveyard lowering Shadow Ghoul's attack power to 2300. Since Yugi's Dark Magician has attack strength of 2500, he would've been able to obliterate Shadow Ghoul and the rest of your life points."

Yugi gave up the duel to teach Rebecca a lesson. Although what that lesson is, I still don't know.

For our next adventure, Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba dove into a virtual world that was part of a game Kaiba was developing to resuce Kaiba from the Kaiba Corporation's Board of Directors. They met up with Mai and everyone tried taking on some sort of super dragon. Meanwhile, Tea, Tristan, and I had to fend off Kimo and his "Boy Band" who were ready to eliminate us virtually and in the real world. Fortunately, the others returned just in the nick of time.

Then Yugi encountered what was possibly his toughest challenge yet: Duke Devlin, the creator of the new game Dungeon Dice Monsters, was under the assumption that Yugi was responsible for driving Pegasus into hiding just as the two were planning on releasing Dungeon Dice Monsters. He challenged Yugi to a game of Dungeon Dice Monsters, knowing full well that Yugi had no idea how to play it. But Yugi was a quick study and won. A good thing too, because otherwise he would've been forced to quit playing Duel Monsters forever and Joey would've been in a dog suit even to this day.

I don't know what the future has in store for us; I only hope I can help Yugi face it when the time comes.