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Fanfic Chapter 114: Dueling Darkness Pt 2: The Secrets of Ra
Episode Basis: Showdown in the Shadows Pt 2

Previously on Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami-Bakura got set to face off against Yami-Marik with the help of the original Marik. Yami-Bakura didn't seem to care about how many life points he lost as long as he got to win the duel. Unfortunately, such recklessness brought him down to 1900 life points. Yami-Bakura then set in motion a plan to gain control of the Winged Dragon of Ra. He succeeded but Yami-Marik was certain he wouldn't be able to control it because he couldn't read the ancient text that allowed one to control Ra. But Marik could. He said that he could recite the chant and therefore, Ra will obey him. And so, the stage is set for the final attack. Which of these dark spirits will triumph. And above all, who really cares since they're both evil?

Yami-Bakura was still crowing over obtaining the Winged Dragon of Ra. "Now that I've seized your precious Egyptian God Card, your defeat is certain! With your original soul on my side, there's no way I can lose!"

Yami-Marik just grunted and drew a card.

"How does it feel knowing your opponent now has your most powerful card, the Winged Dragon of Ra?"

"After it strikes, you will be consumed by the darkness and I will reclaim the body that was stolen from me!"

"You should be thanking me," Yami-Marik said. "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have gotten to where you are today! Don't forget, it was me who claimed the Millennium Rod that day so long ago. Since then, the Rod has been yours to use as you see fit. But now that I'm in control, the Rod's power is mine!"

"Only until the Winged Dragon of Ra destroys you!"

His ranting has become tiresome. "I play the magic card Vengeful Bog Spirit!" A new mist covered the playing field. "Now each monster we summon has to wait a turn before attacking! So even if you do summon Ra, you won't be able to use him just yet."

"You're only delaying your inevitable demise," Yami-Bakura said as Yami-Marik laid a card face-down. "It's my move."

"You must summon the Winged Dragon of Ra now," Marik instructed.

"I'm aware of that," Yami-Bakura replied. "I offer three monsters as a tribute so I can summon the Winged Dragon of Ra!"

"Not so fast, I reveal my trap card Joyful Doom, which drains your tribute monsters of their attack points and adds them to my life points."

(B: 1900)
(M: 8550)

Ra appeared but its attack points were 0.

(WDR: 0)

Yami-Marik laughed in triumph. "Now your dragon is completely helpless!"

Yami-Bakura gasped at the dragon which did look weak. "How could this have happened?"

"Ra's attack points are determined by the combined number of attack points of the monsters that were tribute for it. My dark side activated his trap card just as we began our sacrifice. That's why Ra has no attack points."

"Why didn't you warn me he had that card?"

"I didn't know!"

Yami-Bakura growled in anger, "I switch Ra and Puppet Master to defense mode. That ends my turn."

Yami-Marik laughed again, "Doesn't seem like you have much of a choice."

Tea moaned and opened her eyes. "Where am I?" She wondered. She looked around and realized she was in Bakura's room, but why? She then saw Bakura's empty bed. "Bakura!"

Harold heard a knock on his door and a soft voice call in to him, "Harold, are you asleep?"

"No, Serenity, come on in," Harold said

"Sorry if I'm disturbing you," she said as she walked in.

"It's all right, I wasn't asleep."

"Oh." Serenity sat on his bed. "Harold, I'm sorry for what my Big Brother said to you today, I know sometimes he acts before he thinks."

"Don't worry about it. The fact of the matter is… he's right. I don't have a family. Heck, I don't even remember having a childhood, so who am I to be lecturing others."

Serenity studied his solemn face for a moment and then took his hand. "Harold, you may not have a family, but you do have friends who care about you."

"I do?"

Serenity nodded, "Yugi, Tea, Tristan, Duke… and me too. Even Joey, believe it or not. We all care about you in one way or another. And friends are just as important as family. Take it from me."

Harold digested Serenity's words for a second. Then he patted her shoulder. "You know something, you're right, Serenity." Serenity tilted her head to the side for a second, before giving him a hug, something that she knew he needed right now, since he believed he didn't have any family. Oh how wrong he was.

"Yugi, open up!" Still rubbing sleep from his eyes, Yugi opened the door. Tea was there with horrified eyes. "Bakura's missing."


"This duel is done," Yami-Marik declared. "Drillago, attack his Puppet Master now!" Drillago drilled through the Puppet Master's body destroying it.

"I can still turn this duel around with one card," Yami-Bakura declared. "The Winged Dragon of Ra might be powerless but I can still sacrifice it to summon a stronger monster." Ra disappeared and a new monster took its place. "The Dark Ruler Ha Des!"

"You'll regret sending Ra to the graveyard."

"It was too weak to remain useful on the field anyway. And now it's buried so neither of us can use its power. And even if you are stupid enough to bring it back from the graveyard, its attack points will be 0. Now I can proceed on my plan to destroy you once and for all."

"That's right," Marik agreed. "That evil being must be destroyed so I can regain control of my body."

"Next, I'll sacrifice three monsters from my graveyard so I can summon my Dark Necrofear!" Yami-Bakura's blue-skinned woman appeared. "And then I'll activate the magic card Premature Burial to bring my Earl of Demise back from the graveyard!"

(B: 1100)
(M: 8550)

"With three monsters on my side of the field, he'll think twice about attacking me."

"Quit wasting so many of our life points," Marik advised. "You've caused us more damage than he did."

Yami-Bakura turned on Marik, "What do you know? You haven't helped at all! It's your fault we're not able to use the Winged Dragon of Ra!"

"Well it's your fault we lost so many life points."

Yami-Marik watched this amused. "Don't forget, Vengeful Bog Spirit is still in play so none of your monsters can attack this turn!"

"I know, just make your move."

Yugi and Tea were searching the whole blimp but still haven't found any signs of Bakura. "Where could he be?" Tea asked out loud. "And who could've kidnapped him?"

Yugi knew who would be deranged enough to do this: Marik.

Meanwhile, Kaiba was still studying the Winged Dragon of Ra. Mokuba had fallen asleep on a nearby chair Okay, forgetting how I know to read the text for the time being, let's figure out a way to beat it. Let's try my Crush Card combination. Kaiba input the scenario into his computer and saw (with shock and awe) that the chance of victory was 13. Ra is even more powerful than I thought.

Yami-Marik was laughing, "Now I'll destroy you with the very Egyptian God Card you threw away."

He's bluffing, Yami-Bakura thought.

Yami-Marik must've sensed what his opponent was thinking because he said, "Ra has a few special abilities my opponents don't know about."

"But I thought I knew all of Ra's special abilities!" Marik protested.

"Apparently you don't," Yami-Bakura responded.

I think I just discovered another of Ra's special abilities, Kaiba thought. Instant Attack. Under certain conditions, Ra can destroy all of the opponent's monsters on the field in one fell swoop. I must have it! Kaiba brought up images of the other two Egyptian God Cards. I already have Obelisk and winning Slifer should be easy, but Ra is in a class all its own. The Egyptian God Cards are the most powerful cards in all of Duel Monsters. Trap cards have no effect on them and magic cards only work on them for one turn. But the Winged Dragon of Ra has abilities that aren't even written on the card. Even if a Duelist is able to decipher the text, they wouldn't know how to use all of its powers.

"I know if I use Monster Reborn to bring back the Winged Dragon of Ra, it will only remain on the field for one turn and with Vengeful Bog Spirit on the field, it can't attack for one turn. But I can use Ra's power of Instant Attack."

"I've got it!" Kaiba cried. If Ra is brought back from the graveyard, it can attack right away.

Yugi and Tea rode up to the elevator. "Do you really think Bakura would be here?" Tea asked.

"The Stratos Dueling Arena is the only place we haven't checked yet and if Bakura is dueling Marik, then that's the most likely place they would duel." The elevator opened and Yugi and Tea saw the dome of black mist surrounding the dueling arena.

"That fog…" Tea gasped. "Is it…?"

"I'm afraid it is," Yugi said. "It's a Shadow Duel!" The Millennium Puzzle activated. "If Bakura loses, he'll be trapped in the Shadow Realm forever! This is dangerous and enough people have been hurt already. Tea, please go back downstairs."

"No way!"


"Yugi, I was there with you from the beginning of all this, and I'll be by your side to the end. I'm staying and that's that."

"Now I play Monster Reborn to bring back Ra!" Yami-Marik cried as he played the card he got from Yami-Bakura. The giant winged monster rose from the graveyard covered in flames. "In this mode, Ra has taken the form of the Egyptian God Phoenix!" The flames around Ra dispersed and he appeared in its original form.

Yami-Bakura freaked. "Calm down," Marik assured him. "Magic cards only work on Egyptian God Cards for one turn. And with Vengeful Bog Spirit out, it can't attack for a turn anyway."

"That's where you're mistaken," Yami-Marik butted in. "First I'll use Ra's power of Instant Attack." Yami-Marik started chanting something in a strange language."

"What's he doing?" Yami-Bakur asked.

"I don't know," Marik replied.

"Next I'll use another of Ra's special abilities, point-to-point transfer. I'm able to transfer my life points into Ra's attack points." Yami-Marik's body started to disappear as his life points went down.

(WDR: 0-8549)

(B: 1100)
(M: 1)

All that was left of Yami-Marik on the ground was an eye and the hand holding his cards. The rest of him appeared on the forehead of the Winged Dragon of Ra. "I'll keep a life point for myself, but now I'll have him attack."

"No, this can't be happening!" Yami-Bakura cried.

"Ra, attack his monsters!" Ra breathed fire and destroyed all three of Yami-Bakura's monsters.

(B: 0)
(M: 1)

Marik was swept away into the shadows.

"Now to the darkness with you," Yami-Marik commented.

Through the inferno, Yami-Bakura let out a harsh laugh, "You are more of a fool than I thought. I AM the darkness and I'm not this easily beaten! I'll be back and then you will pay for your crimes ten-fold!" Then he disappeared, the Millennium Ring crashed to the ground.

Tea's eyes briefly went blank.

"Barely made it," Marik said.

Yami-Bakura also survived, taking refuge inside the piece of the Millennium Puzzle he infected when Bandit Keith smashed it. That fool may have thought he got rid of me, but little did he know that he really sent my worthless host to the Shadow Realm. I'll hide inside here for now, where I'll seek to unlock the powers of the Pharaoh… for myself!

"Look, the fog is dissolving," Tea pointed out.

"The Shadow Duel ended," Yami-Yugi realized. As the fog dispersed, Yami-Marik appeared. "Marik!"

"Ah, Pharaoh," Yami-Marik greeted. "You just missed your little friend."

"What have you done with Bakura?" Yami-Yugi demanded to know.

"If you mean the Spirit of the Millennium Ring… I'm sure you're aware of what happens to whoever loses a Shadow Game."'


"Oh don't fret, you'll get your chance to join him soon enough." And Yami-Marik went back down the elevator.


"I know, Tea, this battle is going to get worse before it gets better."

Through all this, Kaiba was still at his computer. So certain abilities had been secretly added to the Winged Dragon of Ra when the card is created. I hate to admit it, but it might prove a bit more difficult getting Ra even if I have both of the other two Egyptian God Cads. But I will get it, and then nobody will deny that I'm the greatest Duelist in the land!

It was then that Mokuba awoke, "Seto, you're still up? You should get some sleep, the finals are tomorrow."

"I know," Kaiba said. "That's why I'm still up. Come on." The two left and headed back to their cabins. "We're currently on course for Kaiba-Corp. Island where the last round of finals will be held. There, the champion will be crowned."

"Not that place," Mokuba complained.

"I know how you feel, but that is where our step-father made his billions and where he spent his last days. It is there that I will be crowned Battle City Champion and then, there will be nobody on Earth who is superior to me!"

The End

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