Assignment: Love

((Chapter 1))

Lt. Kathie Murcurey, better known to her fellow police officer's as Lucky walked into the Houston Police Station, 110th Precinct. It was her day off but she'd been paged by the Chief of Police himself. She had worked hard for the past year to get a real case, something to prove that she was detective material. She was two weeks away from her 23rd birthday and was trying her hardest to be the youngest detective in Houston Police Department history.

To other officers she looked, at first like a fragile little girl. A small 5'5", 125 pounds. Blonde hair, blue eyes. In the academy the guys called her Police Barbie, that is until they saw her on the training course. She was a sixth degree black belt and she could out run, fight, shoot, and swim most of the men in the academy with her. She passed at the head of the academy and was immediately sent to the 110th precinct in Houston, the most prestigious in the entire city.

Kathie entered the chief's office and noticed a big man who she recognized as The Undertaker, a wrestling superstar and the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon sitting at a table with a lawyer, the chief and the city prosecutor.

"Thanks for coming in on your day off Lucky." The chief, Chief Masters said from his chair behind his desk.

"It's not a problem." Lucky said, leaning against the wall. "But what's going on?"

"What the hell is she doing here?" Mark snapped at the prosecutor. "I don't want someone I have to protect, I asked for someone to protect me."

"Oh so just because I'm small I can't take care of myself?" Lucky said. "Same old macho opinion, men are the savior of the world."

"Hey we are all mature adults here." The city prosecutor said.

"Lucky, Mr. Callaway seems to have an obsessed fan, maybe more than one. They've been in his house, his locker room, his hotel rooms, everything. They've even left some 'presents' for him at his house. We need an officer to stay with him, undercover of course, until we figure out who is behind this." The Chief said.

"Okay so what's my cover?" Lucky asked.

"Well Mr. Callaway we asked you what type of women you were attracted too and you said blonde, blue eyes, nice body, funny and athletic. Lucky fits that perfectly, so Lucky we want you to pose as Mr. Callaway's wife until this blows over and then we'll have it annulled or you guys can get a divorce, whatever." The city prosecutor said.

"You want ME to marry HIM." Lucky said, laughing.

"I'm not marrying her." Mark said.

"What's wrong with me?" Lucky demanded.

"You WILL marry her if you want to catch these people and Lucky you WILL marry him if you want to be considered for the Detective position coming open soon." The Chief said.

"Yes sir." Lucky replied.

"Good now go to the clerk's office and get a marriage license and you'll be married in the court house in two hours. Mark you will buy Lucky a ring and Lucky you'll do the same. Nothing cheap, people have to believe that she is actually your wife and you love her. You'll have to come up with a background and Lucky you'll have to move into Mr. Callaway's ranch. You'll travel with him; Mr. McMahon has made all the arrangements. You'll email me at least once a day with updates; you will call no one and tell no one of what's going on. Not your mother, not your brothers, not even your priest." The Chief said.

"Yes sir." Lucky replied.

"The only one's who know the reality of this are the people in this room, so do not talk about it with anyone else. Not even the other officers." The Chief said. "This is serious. You must act like you are in love."

"Anything else sir?" Lucky asked.

"No Lt. Take Mr. Callaway and Mr. McMahon to the clerk's desk and get the license. Email me tomorrow after you've settled into the ranch and Mr. McMahon will fill you in on your schedule." The Chief said. "Stay safe child, stay safe."

"Yes sir." Lucky said, leading them down the hall to the window where they gave out marriage licenses. They filled out the information and signed. Within minutes they had a license in their hand. Lucky got in her car and went to a jeweler's she knew of downtown and picked out a ring for him. It was 15,000 but her trust fund would pay for it, she didn't want to be outdone. She made her way quickly back to the courthouse, wearing what they'd agreed on. Leather pants and tee shirts. She had no idea why but Mr. Callaway assured her that people would expect him to wear stuff like that to get married. She found Mr. Callaway, Mr. McMahon and their lawyer sitting in the hall. She pulled down the small jacket she wore. She felt naked. She was getting married, to a man she'd known for two hours and in a pair of low-riding leather pants and a white baby tee with Angel written across it.

"Mr. Callaway and Ms. Murcurey." The court reporter called.

"What no prenuptial agreement?" Lucky asked, smiling.

"We won't be married long enough for that." Mr. Callaway muttered.

"Whatever you say Mr. Callaway." Lucky said.

"You have to call me Mark or NO ONE will ever believe we're in love." Mark said.

They now stood in front of the judge.

"Do you Mark Lucas Callaway take Kathie Billie Jean Murcurey to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" The judge asked.

"I'd love to hold and love her." Mark thought, looking at the small-framed woman standing next to him.

"I do." Mark said.

"Do you Kathie Billie Jean Murcurey take Mark Lucas Callaway to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" The judge asked.

"I do." Lucky said.

"By the power invested in me by the city of Houston, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride." The judge said.

Mark leaned down and lightly kissed Lucky on the lips. He looked at the ring on his finger. He was sure that the young lady would buy some cheap Wal-Mart ring. Surely cops didn't make much money.

Lucky looked at the big ring on her finger. She felt like she should be insured herself, just wearing it. It had to have cost at least 50,000. She came to reality when she felt Mark grabbing her hand to lead her out of the courthouse.

"I have to go to my house and get my things." Lucky said.

"Young lady you lead us and we'll get some clothes and stuff and then the rest you can leave there until this is all over." Vince said.

"Okay but I have to take my cars. I can'y leave them in my neighborhood, they'll be gone by morning." Lucky said, getting in her F150 and driving to her small house in the middle of town. It was a two-bedroom small house. She let them in and went to her room to pack some clothes. She packed some jeans, hip huggers, leather pants, bras and panties. Stuff that she thought someone of Mark's 'type' would wear. When she came back down she saw Vince and Mark watching television in the living room.

"Okay so show us the cars so we can get you to Mark's house." Vince said, standing.

"If you scratch one of them I'll shoot you." Lucky said. "And that's not a threat it's a promise."

Lucky led them to the garage and took off the sheets that covered them. One was a '69 Cherry Red Camaro Super Sport. The other was a 1985 Grand National.

"Wow. Great choice in cars." Mark said.

"Yeah well. My father taught me well." Lucky said, giving them the keys.

She locked the door and entered the alarm code and followed Mark to his house. She got out in front of a huge ranch-style house just outside of Houston. He had horses, dogs, motorcycles, and a pool. Everything. He led her inside and to her room, the guestroom. It was right across the hall from his. She put her luggage down and went to the kitchen. She couldn't find Mark so she figured he was outside somewhere. She cooked them some steak and mashed potatoes and corn and made them both plates. She didn't know what he drank or even if he'd eat what she made. She found some cans of Dr. Pepper in the fridge and sat them on the table. Judging from the looks of the kitchen it didn't get used often. She went in the living room and saw a woman standing there.

"Whoa." Lucky said, putting a hand on her gun, which was in the back of her pants, under her jacket.

"Hi. You must be Lucky, Mr. Callaway's wife. I'm Maria, the housekeeper." The woman said, extending her hand. She was an older lady, probably late 50's. "Mr. Callaway is taking a shower I do believe."

"I'm right here." Mark said, from the stairs. "I see you met Maria. She cleans the house while I'm gone."

"Oh. Yes. I made dinner, if I would have known I would have made more." Lucky began.

"Oh no ma'am. I go home at 5, I was just getting ready to leave." Maria said, leaving.

"You cooked?" Mark asked.

"Yeah. If nothing else, at least you'll get fed." Lucky said. "I don't usually have anyone to cook for."

Lucky led him to the kitchen and sat at her place at the table.

"A home cooked meal. I don't get those too often." Mark said, sitting down. "The guys would be so jealous."

Lucky couldn't help but laugh.

"I hope you find it edible. I didn't know what you liked." Lucky said. "Which brings me too, we need a background story and we need to find out what each other like before we get to Los Angeles tomorrow. Everyone will be asking questions and we'll look like fools if we don't have any answers."

"Okay we met at a boxing match. You do know some stuff about boxing right?" Mark asked.

"Okay but it had to have been at an Oscar De La Hoya match, because he's my favorite." Lucky said.

"That'll work." Mark said. "Two years ago. And we've kind of kept in touch ever since. We got a wild hair up our asses and got married one day. It'll fit me I'm too spontaneous for myself." Mark said.

"Okay. What's your favorite color?" Lucky asked.

"Black, yours?" Mark said.

"Blue." She replied.

"Favorite food, drink, car?" Mark asked her, taking a bite of his food.

"Pizza, Dr. Pepper and Jack Daniels, and an old modeled Monte Carlo." Lucky stated.

"McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Pepsi products, and anything alcoholic. And Harley's." Mark said.

"Okay. My birthday is July 13, 1981. My mother is in a hospice, my father died when I was 5, leaving me a big trust fund. I have two older brothers, Billy and Antonio. They are both lawyers. My mother was born in Mexico and my father is American. I graduated in 1999 and sang in a small band. I'm a six-degree black belt. So I guess we'll stay with that because after that all I did was go to the police academy." Lucky said.

"My birthday is March 13 I won't say the year. I went to school here in Houston. I went to college on a basketball scholarship and quit college with one semester left to become a wrestler." Mark said.

He went on to point out all his tattoos and what they were for, what each meant and other things.

"We should get some sleep." Mark said, heading up to his room.

Lucky did the dishes and went to her own. She never slept much, not for some time now. She sat on the couch for a while. She slept for about an hour but was awakened by another nightmare. He was beating her, stabbing her. She looked at the clock, 5:15, the flight left at 8:00. She decided to take a shower and pack one bag. She never was one for traveling with a bunch of luggage. All she needed was a change of clothes for the four days they'd be gone and maybe something to sleep in. Along with her badge and a few other things. She put on a pair of leather pants and a halter-top and went down to make breakfast. She made some bacon and eggs and put it, along with glasses of milk on the table and orange juice. She made a plate for Maria too. Lucky smiled when Mark came into the kitchen to join her and Maria.

"Good morning darlin'." Mark said, putting a hand under her chin and kissing her lightly on the lips. He took his seat and began to eat. "Girl I'm gonna keep you around, you're going to make me fat."

Lucky stood to begin the dishes.

"I'll do those Mrs. Callaway." Maria said. "That is what I'm paid for."

Lucky laughed and grabbed her bag.

"The cab's here." Maria yelled from the kitchen.

"Come on darlin'." Mark said, taking the bag from Lucky. "Is this it?"

"Yeah I like to travel lightly." Lucky said.

"My kind of woman." Mark said.

The flight to Los Angeles went quietly. Lucky was nervous of what would happen. She'd spent the first thirty minutes of the flight telling Mark of all the schools she'd gone too and all the places she'd lived. He'd probably never understand, he'd only lived in the one place most of his life, except for the few years he'd moved to Tennessee when married to his first wife. She looked over at the sleeping man next to her. She could easily fall in love with him for real, but she couldn't. Not after everything she'd gone through with her ex-boyfriend. She had run away from men for so long. She just hoped she continue running away from Mark after the 'assignment' was all over.