(Chapter 1)

Mark picked up the pink envelope that was lying on top of his bag and smelled it. The same beautiful smell of perfume, same dark lipstick across the back of it. He'd been getting these letters for weeks from his 'secret admirer'. He knew it had to be someone on the tour but WHO? He opened it up and looked at the letter, written in the same purple pen.

Let me tell you all my fantasies:

Sit back enjoy the show

Don't worry I'll take it slow.

Let me show you where to put that hand

Pull up a chair, I'll bring a fan.

I don't want a valentine

I just want to have a good time.

I want to feel the whispers in my ears

You don't have to give me too many beers.

When I see you in tight jeans

It makes me want to cream.

When I look into your eyes

I know I'll be mesmerized.

I see you in my dreams

I know you can make me scream.

A naughty girl, with naughty thoughts

Spank me now, you'll find the right spot.

I want to get some pop rocks

Then lick you like a lollipop.

I also like to watch

That should bring it up a notch.

You want to see two girls kiss?

Well come on baby make me a list.

I want to feel you inside

I like it from behind.

Push me up against the wall

Give me your all.

I want it now, I want it rough

So let's go until we've had enough.

On the 'cycle, on the desk

Come on give me your best.

With the thoughts I have I'll go to hell

So fuck me now I'll never tell.

Oops…now you're so sore

You can't go no more.

After all these writings and these thoughts

I need to take a shower and touch my private parts.

Don't be mad…let's compromise

Find me and I'll give you a prize.

Mark ran a hand through his hair and gritted his teeth together. This woman was driving him crazy. Who could it be? He sat down quickly making a list of all the girls on the tour, before trying to decide who it was. Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, Dawn Marie, Stephanie McMahon, Melody McMahon, Joy, etc.

He put the list in his pocket as he made his way to the cafeteria to meet Orlando and Shannon for some food before the show began. He laughed as he saw Paul Levesque, aka Hunter holding a notebook over his head as Melody jumped up and down trying to grab it. The poor girl was only 5 feet tall, she didn't have a chance.

"What's he got now?" Mark heard Stephanie yell from across the room.

"The match listing for tonight and next week." Melody said, crossing her arms and sticking her bottom lip out.

"That's not going to work." Hunter laughed, waving the notebook around.

"You're such a child." Melody said, stomping her foot.

"ME?" He laughed. "That's funny coming from fresh blood, such as yourself."

"Shut up and give me my notebook." She snapped. "I am NOT a little kid."

"Yeah right." Hunter laughed.

Melody had it. She reached back and punched him in the stomach hard enough so that he grabbed it and she snatched the notebook quickly and ran across the cafeteria.

"Haha." Melody said, laughing as she neared the table where Mark stood.

"Looks like she got you." Mark laughed. "You are a fireball."

"I try my best." She laughed.

"You know if you didn't wear business suits every week, I bet you'd be hot." She heard Orlando say.

"Shut up." Melody said, flipping him off.

"Melody!" She heard her name boom across the room. She turned and saw her boyfriend, John Cena standing at the end of the room fuming.

"I should go." She said, hurrying toward him. He grabbed her arm quickly and drug her from the room and toward his locker room.

(Chapter 2)

Melody stood in the back thanking her father for the opportunity to run the next few smackdowns and house shows by herself. But also secretly thanking him for giving John a few weeks off. Three and a half weeks without him standing over her, treating her like a rag doll, ordering her around. She smiled as John left the arena for his flight.

"Why do you put up with his shit?" She heard Mark ask from behind her.

"I'm not really sure." Melody shrugged.

"You shouldn't." He said, placing a hand on her shoulder. He laughed as he felt her shudder. "Something wrong?"

"Just felt like someone walked over my grave that's all." She said. "I should get going. I have a meeting with Stephanie before she leaves."

Mark watched her walk away and thought about what Orlando said. She may be cute out of the business suit. He shook his head and pulled out the list.

Torrie – happily married to Pete aka Kidman. Would NEVER cheat on him.

Joy – couldn't stand the way he dressed.

Stephanie – duh!

Jackie – couldn't stand him because of a suggestion about her outfits being to revealing.

Dawn Marie – was a ho. Good prospect. But Mark wouldn't do her.

Melody – yeah right……

Melody? Why wouldn't she be a prospect? She was young, beautiful, funny, and smart. Unhappy with Cena. However innocent. Practically a virgin. Cena had actually succeeded in that once or twice. Wouldn't know anything about the kind of stuff written in those letters. Except her sister was kind of a freak and the road was filled with it. He decided he'd better keep her open.

He ran a hand across his chin as he stared at the list.

"Hey Mark, what are you still doing here?" Melody asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"What?" Mark asked.

"I left for my meeting forty-five minutes ago, everyone else is gone." Melody said.

"Oh I guess I spaced out." Mark said, laughing.

"Oh well. Go back to the hotel and rest. The plane leaves early in the morning." Melody said, grabbing her bag and walking toward the exit.

"Mel wait up. Could I catch a ride with you?" Mark asked.

"Sure I just have to drop Stephanie and Paul off at the airport." She said, smiling. "It shouldn't take long."

Melody grabbed her rental car and picked everyone up by the arena and pulled out into the busy traffic.

"It looks like it's going to storm; I hope our flights on time." Stephanie said, looking at the dark clouds outside.

Melody dropped her and Paul off outside the airport just as it began to sprinkle. By the time the two pulled into the hotel parking lot it was pouring outside. Melody pulled her business suit up over her head and the two sprinted toward the hotel. In the lobby Melody noticed a few superstars, late arrivals for the next day's press conference checking into their rooms.

"Did you get your room already?" Melody asked Mark.

"Yeah." He said. "813."

"Really? I'm 815." Melody laughed. "Looks like we're neighbors."

The two went up to their rooms. Mark took his shirt off and looked for a towel to drive off with. He went into the bathroom. Nothing. He slowly made his way from the room and knocked on Melody's door.

In Mel's room

Melody had removed her soaked business jacket and taken her hair out of its ponytail. The white lace of her bra could be seen through the wet white button-up shirt she'd had on under the jacket. When the knock at the door came she quickly opened it. When she saw Mark on the other side she wondered if she should have put something on over it.

"What's up Mark?" She asked.

"What?" He asked, looking up.

"What do you need?" She asked again, blushing.

"A towel. I don't have any towels in my room." He mumbled.

"Come in and I'll get you one." She said, allowing him entrance and disappearing into her bathroom.

Mark looked at the open suitcase on the bed; he'd interrupted her changing obviously. He noticed tank tops and lace underwear scattered among other things in the suitcase. He quickly turned his gaze when he heard her turn off the light switch in the bathroom.

"Here you go." She said, handing a white hotel towel to him.

"Thanks." He said, beginning toward the door. "Mel?"

"What?" She asked, hanging her suit jacket on a hanger to dry.

"Why do you always wear business suits?" He asked.

"I don't know." She said, shrugging.

"Since Johns gone and so is your dad for awhile why don't you try and be comfortable?" He said, smiling and leaving the room.