(Chapter 8)
As they entered Vince's office, Melody clenched to Mark's hand. She felt like if she let it go she'd float away. She played with the wedding band on her finger with her thumb. Vince was pacing the floor; Linda, Shane and Stephanie were sitting at the table and the head attorney, Mr. Williams was leaning against a wall.

"Sit." She heard his voice boom through the room.

Mel and Mark did as told and she found the tears threaten to fall. She wasn't upset she was married to Mark, she loved him.

"Did the two of you…..did you?" Vince asked.

"Did you have sex?" She heard Mr. Williams ask.

"Yes." Mark replied.

"Well you can't get it annulled. It'll take months to put the divorce through." He began. "If you're not trying…."

"We're not getting a divorce." Mark said, surprising Melody. "I've been divorced. And I'm tired of it. Let us try this first."

Melody followed Mark to his locker room and stood by the wall.

"But we don't love each other." Melody said.

"It'll come with time." Mark said, grabbing his bag. "Stay here. I'll be back."

Mark left and returned twenty minutes later.

"Come on." He said, grabbing Mel's hand. "We're off for the next two weeks."

"Why?" She asked.

"We're on our honeymoon. As far as everyone in the back is concerned we're really married and we need to act that way."

The two left the arena hand-in-hand. She sighed as they entered the airport three hours later. She couldn't hold back the smile as she looked at the sign behind the counter. Flight 451 Houston Hobby 3:15. He was taking her to Houston, to his home.

They got on the plane and Melody snuggled in to the window seat next to him.

"Go to sleep, when you wake up we'll be home." Mark whispered, wrapping a big arm around her.

Melody felt his body warmth against her side and let the sleep come.

(Chapter 9)
Melody felt herself being shaken and looked up to see Mark standing over her.

"Ready to go home sweetheart?" She heard him ask.

"Yes." She smiled standing and following him.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at the big ranch outside of Houston.

"Can I go riding later?" Mel asked, looking at the horses.

"Anything you want." Mark said, smiling. He wondered if the horses would be the only thing she'd want to ride.

He showed Mel the house and led her to his room. He flicked on the lights and smiled as she looked out the window to the small spring nearby.

"It's beautiful here Mark." Mel said, smiling.

She felt Mark wrap his arms around her frame from behind and tensed up at first. Then she felt him kiss her neck and she found herself tilting her head to the side unconsciously. He turned her around and pushed her back against the wall lightly, removing both their clothes and entwining his fingers with hers. He pushed her hands up against the wall, with his own and continued to kiss her, pressing his body as close as he could so she was crushed between the window and his hard body and his erection was pressed into her lower abdomen. He grinned when she moaned.

Mel felt him let go of her hands and lightly run his hands down her body to her hips. He grabbed them and led her to follow him. She smiled when he sat on his bed and pulled her to straddle his lap.

"What are you doing?" Mel asked, laughing.

"You said you wanted to go for a ride." Mark smiled, positioning her so his erection was teasing her entrance. "I think you'll find this much more exciting then riding those boring horses outside."

Mel sat down on his lap, until his erection was fully seethed inside of her and she began to grind her hips against him as he moved her up and down on top of him with his strong hands. She smiled when he lay back on the bed and let her take over. She leaned back, resting her hand on his thigh and began to move up and down quickly, letting her other hand reach up and massage her breast, pinching the nipple lightly between her thumb and forefinger. She felt him reach one hand up behind her back and push her forward and she saw his head rise up. As she felt him suck her nipple in his mouth, she let her hands cup his head and pull it closer to her breast. She felt like she was in heaven. She concentrated on clenching her muscles together and began to move faster as he bit and sucked on her nipple, massaging her other breast lazily. She threw her head back as she felt the beginning of her orgasm shooting through her body and let her hands rest on the bed next to his head, quickening her pace. She felt his hands grab her hips, lifting his own to meet her thrusts and yelled out as she felt his erection swell in her and the warmness fill her insides. She fell to the bed next to him and let the sleep claim her.

(Two Weeks Later)
SmackDown was in Houston and after two long weeks of sex Mel and Mark were scheduled to return to the road. Mel entered the arena next to Mark sadly hand-in-hand. She wished that Mark could really love her and they didn't have to act. She wished it all came natural to them and to her it did but she knew to him it didn't. She left Mark at his locker room and went off to find Stephanie.

Half-way through the night she was in the hallway by the gorilla area awaiting Mark's return from his match when she saw John approaching. She turned to leave, trying to avoid the conflict, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. She felt him throw her against the cold wall and felt him slap her across the face. She looked to John Bradshaw and the others standing in the back but none looked too hyped to help her. She clenched her eyes closed as she saw him reach up to hit her again. Only the hit never came, instead she heard a loud bang and opened her eyes.

She watched as Mark threw John on top of the backstage boxes and started punching him. Mel ran to his side and placed a small hand on Mark's arm, trying to get him to stop.

"No one hits Mel! You hear me jackass!" Mark yelled. "You hit her again and I'll kill you. She's my wife and I don't want you to even look at her or think about her."

Mel followed him to his locker room and jumped when he slammed the door, causing the mirror on the wall to shake. She turned and watched him pacing in the room and fidgeted with her hands.

"Mark…" She began.

"Just let me think for a minute." She heard him yell, glaring. The anger in his voice scared her and she bit her bottom lip.

"Okay." She said quietly, sitting on the couch. She put her head in her hands and waited for him to calm down. She felt him touch her hands and she looked up to see him on his knees in front of her.

"Don't be afraid of me." Mark said. "I'm pissed at John and myself. I would never hurt you."

"Why would you pissed at yourself?" Mel asked.

"Because I'm supposed to take care of you, you're my wife." Mark began. "I wasn't there to keep him from hurting you."

Mark wiped the trace of blood by her mouth from where he'd slapped her.

"It's okay. I'm okay." She said. "Besides it's not your job, we're only married because we were drunk off our asses. You don't love me; therefore you don't have to take care of me."

Mel looked at the floor and sighed.

"It IS my job." Mark said, putting a finger under her chin and pushing it up to look at him. "I love you. And I know you love me. Why do you think I wanted to try and make things work? Do you think I'm been fucking you for the last two weeks?"

"Yes." Mel began. "I love you, I've always loved you but you can't love me."

"I made love to you." Mark said. "I always made love to you. Even the first night. When the poems began I never thought you could see me like that but then as I read more and more and I found out it was you, there were things ONLY you could know about me. You know all my fantasies even though I've never told you them, just like I know what you want before you tell me."

Mark pulled her to her feet, with him and hugged her to his body.

"I love you Melody." Mark said, kissing her forehead. "Please tell me you'll stay my wife. Please."

Mark kissed her eyes and nose and cheek before letting his lips sit before hers and awaiting her answer.

"I love you too." Mel said, crying. "I'm so glad that I'm your secret admirer."

Mark kissed her and pulled back smiling.

"It's not such a secret anymore. But I'll be looking forward to more detailed poems from you Admirer."

The End.