A Glance at the Future

Summary: Hermione and Draco have been transported to the future due to a shiny watch they found. Will they find their way back? Will they continue to bicker endlessly? Or will a romance blossom between them? DMHG fic. Please be nice…

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Author's Note: Hey! I just wanted to thank all my reviewers for supporting my story! This is the final chapter of "A Glance to the Future". I Love you guys! Thank you for everything.

Final Chapter: At the beginning

Darkness engulfed Hermione's sight. She could feel her body becoming limp but she could also feel a pair of strong arms encircling her body.

"Is this dying? Is this how my life is going to end? I never even had the chance to tell Draco that I love him…" Hermione told herself. She felt as though she was falling into a deep abyss without end. She then drifted into unconsciousness.

"Hermione? Hermione?" Hermione heard two voices calling her. They seem very far away.

"Harry, do you think she's alive?"

"Of course Ron."

Hermione then found the strength to open her eyes. She saw an ebony haired boy and a red haired boy. Both of then looked anxious to see her open her eyes. They both smiled at her and rushed to her side.

"Hermione! I thought you died!" Ron said frantically.

"Hi Ron" Hermione managed to say weakly.

"Hermione. What happened? One minute you were laughing with us and the next minute you fainted!"

"Harry where am I?"

"You're in the infirmary! We rushed you here!"

"DRACO!" Hermione suddenly shouted.

"What? What do you want with Malfoy?"

"Where is he?"

Harry pointed to a bed near Hermione's. Hermione saw Draco not moving. She stood up and rushed to Draco's bed. She jumped in the bed and shook Draco.

"Draco! Draco! Please don't leave me!" Hermione cried. "Please don't! I love you! Please…"

Draco opened his eyes and smiled.

"How dare you Draco Malfoy! How dare you scare me like that" Hermione said and slapped Draco in the arm.

"Ow! Is this the way you treat the one you love?" Draco said.

Hermione cried and said "I thought I lost you…"

"Of course not Hermione. I'll never leave you…" Draco said and bent down to kiss Hermione.

Harry and Ron apparently forgotten just fainted. Madame Promfrey looked at the two boys and levitated them to the nearest beds.

After 2 days in the infirmary, Draco and Hermione explained to Ron and Harry what happened. Hermione and Draco went to see Professor Dumbledore.

"Ah! Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy! Come in, Come in." Professor Dumbledore told them.

They entered the office and sat down.

"Professor, how did we come back here?" Hermione asked

"You solved the riddle."


"You and Mr. Malfoy showed undying love for each other by being willing to sacrifice your love for each other…"

"Thank you Professor." Draco said and got Hermione's hand and led her to the lake.

It was sunset and the lake was the perfect place to watch it. The sky was pinkish orange and the water glistened as if embedded with thousands of diamonds. Draco them kneeled in one knee and got a little black box from his pocket and said

"Hermione, would you be my wife?"

Draco opened the box and Hermione saw a diamond ring with emeralds at the side. It was simply stunning.

"Of course I would." Hermione said and hugged Draco.

Author's note: It's finally done! Hope you liked the ending…I'm thinking if I should write a story about Hermione and Draco's future. I would use the same characters here. Only it would not be a glance anymore but the real thing… Hehehe. Please review! I would greatly appreciate it!