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Nexus with a Departing Soul

They were childhood friends.
Their lives blend smoothly as they grow, then Lady Fate decided to play.
She added an unwelcome twist to the blend.


Chapter One: Beginning of the End


Ring. Ring.


"Hi Sasuke, Sakura here. Are you free tomorrow? D'ya mind if I ask for your company, even just for the day?"

"Oh, hi. Yes I'm free, I really don't have plans for tomorrow. Why'd you ask?"

"I just want a company 'cause my parents will be leaving early tomorrow and they won't be back until next week. Ino is not available either."

"Why? Having a date with Shikamaru?"

"Yeah. Besides, I really want to spend the day with you…"

"…Kay, what time d'ya wake up?"

"Around 7… Why? Planning anything?"

"Never mind, just wait for me there tomorrow"

"Thanks! Bye."

And with that, she hanged the phone.

They have been close friends for a long time. They often meet and keep themselves comfortable in each other's presence. But lately, Sakura's been acting odd. She keeps going out with her friends and asking for more attention. Sure, she's friendly and all that, but still, it feels like something is wrong.

He pushed the idea to the back of his head and lay down his bed, trying to sleep and stop worrying, but miserably failed.

'It's already past 11 and I still can't sleep! Damn! Sakura what are you doing to me? I keep asking you what's wrong and you just reply with a smile that tells 'everything is okay' Normally, you would prefer spending your time with Ino or Hinata but now you want me to accompany you for a whole day? It's not that I don't want your presence but… sigh insomnia is taking over, I really need some sleep. I'll just worry tomorrow'

But what he didn't know that another load of worry will come the next day…

She woke up with the noise of a car.

'They really intend on finding that thing'

She glanced at her bedside clock, not noticing a white thing beside it and sighed,

'waking up 4 in the morning is really disturbing. I should go back to sleep'

6 am…

He immediately brushed his teeth and cleaned himself. After changing, he went downstairs, got all the things he needed, rushed out the door and shut the door with a loud bang.

He stood in front of her house for a while, studying the ambience. He concluded, 'Still sound asleep.'

He sneaked in to the secret entrance only he and Sakura knows.

After sneaking in, he went to the kitchen and scattered all the things he needed at the table.

"A nice breakfast and some preparations would be enough to start the day," he told no one in particular and started doing his magic on the kitchen and through the whole house.

6:57 am…

Sakura woke, not with the noise of a car, but this time, the delicious aroma of breakfast wafting through her senses and surrounding the area.

'I should have known' she thought with a smile forming on her lips.

She stood up and went directly to the bathroom. As she opened the mirror and got her toothbrush, a small white thing fell, upside down. She bent down to pick it and returned it back to its original place without looking at it.

After her freshening up, she opened her door and let her senses lead her to the kitchen.

"Did I wake you up?" he said, elbows on the table, hands on his chin and his usual smirk on his face.

"No," she chuckled, "but your cooking did."

"I know. I've been doing this since who-knows-when."

"Yeah, and I never get tired of it" she replied, sitting on the chair. "What's the menu for this morning?"

And the heartily conversation went on and on, they tease and annoy each other, never minding what time will they end.

Coz every little thing he does is magic
Every thing he does just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for him goes on

And after some time, finally, they halted.

"I win," cheered Sakura. "that means you'll wash the dishes!"

"Fine" Sasuke replied, pretending to be disappointed.

"Aww, too bad… I'm just gonna take a bath while you're washing the dishes… and wipe that look off your face Sasuke-kun, it doesn't suit you" she said in a teasing tone.

"Well, thank you Sakura-chan. Do you want me to also wash your clothes, hm?" he retorted in a mocking tone, which easily irritates Sakura.

"Ha-ha, very funny," she irritatingly said. "well, after I take a bath and you finish the dishes, what do you plan to do?" she continued, effortlessly changing the vibes.

"Don't worry about it," he assured "I already have plans".

"and so do I, but yours go first. I'm planning to do it later afternoon." And with that, she walked off.

Sakura's bathroom...

She took off her garments and submerged onto the warm bathtub.

'2 weeks from now… so sudden but, I think it would be enough. They haven't notice anything wrong with me yet so, that'll be a shock to them when they find out. I need to do something. Anything slow but surely to make sure they won't panic much. I need to start with Sasuke." Thinking of him pasted a small smile on her delicate face.

After taking a bath, she hurried outside her room only to find Sasuke bored, sitting on the couch.

"I thought you have fallen asleep," Sasuke said.

"I should've, only if I don't have things to do." Only if it wasn't for you…

He smirked. "C'mon, we've got lots to do." He stated, pulling her arm.

"Um, 'bout that," hesitated Sakura.

"What? D'ya want to cancel it for tomorrow?" he let go of her.

"No, not that. I just wanna have albeit change of plans" she beamed him a smile.

"Fine. No prob," he sighed "So what's our first thing to do on your list?"

She grinned. This is going to be a long, happy day…

To be continued…

Song inserted is 'Every Little Thing (he does is magic)' by M.Y.M.P. It doesn't fit much, I know.

Pardon me if I made this chap a little- how do you put this- sappy? and sorry if Sasuke is OOC, I really need to do that. Oh, and Sasuke and Sakura were friends since childhood, and so is Sakura and Ino, but they still have their catfights some time.

'Nexus', by the way, means 'connection' or 'link'


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Chapter Two:
Sakura's List

What is the white thing beside Sakura's clock? Why is Sakura thinking about these things? Who can guess!


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