Nexus with a Departing Soul

By: aPpLecHeRrY

Authoress' Notes: This will be out of the original Naruto storyline (that means this is an AU). This is a dramatic story with a twist of Angst and Romance. I made it albeit faster because school days are nearing. This is the last chapter! Waaahhhhh! I'm gonna miss this!

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Warnings: I made Sasuke a bit nicer, main character death, and extreme fluff and sappiness. The song lyrics is in a single paragraph and in italics.

An irreversible past, a childhood relationship blooming to a more complicated feeling, and an inevitable occurrence that is about to happen. Can the link between them endure the fate accorded upon them?
Chap 5: Sweetest Link

Today is the day she was waiting for, at the same time, dreaded. It was now her sixteenth birthday, her last day. Many people came to her house, mostly saying happy birthday and some saying goodbye even though they don't know the real reason. She said she will be going to England to study and she will be staying there permanently. The only people she told the truth were her closest friends, Tsunade and the other teachers included. Since the night Sasuke accepted their fate, she spent her remaining days, together with her boyfriend, fulfilling her list. Well, not all coz she can't do the other half of no. 1, no. 6 is completely hopeless, and she doesn't have enough time to do no. 7. Of all the people she confronted about it, Ino was the one greatly affected. Well, honestly, her best friend was only second to her boyfriend coz Ino just slapped her cheek lightly, cried, began swearing profanities and lastly, hugging Sakura and had an emotional breakdown. Well, maybe, she got the same impact with Sasuke, only in another way.

Morning and half of the afternoon was reserved for 3rd and 2nd degree visitors, meaning the friends of her family, not only hers, her other childhood friends, etc. She spent the rest of the afternoon with her closest friends and teachers. The night was nearing, and so was her life. Whenever these thoughts enter her mind, she would just shook her head, squeeze Sasuke's hand tightly, and relish the comforting smile Sasuke always gave her.

At 3 pm, she spent time with her closest friends. Of course, you can't avoid crying in these instances. Reminiscing happy memories. It made saying goodbye harder for her. In the long talk, she finally completed her list, well, partly. Moreover, amidst her cruel fate, she was very happy during those last hours. Her happiness, was so contagious, the others started laughing with her instead of being in tears. She cherished each and every single moment of this. And her infectious cheeriness, was her trait that everyone will miss and remember.

As time slip away, they barely noticed it was already seven in the evening, time for them to go. Actually, they really wanted to be at her side when the time comes, but she politely declined. She said that even though she really wanted to, she can't. She didn't explain though why, but they understood. Deep inside, she just can't go peacefully having them around her. It will be just harder to accept fate. Silently, everyone said their goodbyes and with heavy hearts, went home. All that's left in her house was Sasuke and her.

By seven fifteen, she received her most awaited call: the call from her parents. At first, she didn't wanna talk about the time. All she talked about was what happened that day. After some confrontation, she broke down, though not completely; because she's afraid that her parent would worry more if she let out all her feelings. On the other line, her parents really felt awful. They kept blaming themselves. For not finding the cure, for leaving even though not sure to return in the first place, for ignoring the curse in the early stages… for everything.

After the confrontations, the farewells, the crying, she hanged the phone. At least now, she was able to say goodbye to her family even without seeing each other. Breaking down completely, she seeks out for Sasuke's comfort. Through all those times, Sasuke was always by her side. She buried her head in his chest as she snuggled closer. Hurt as much as her, he gave the comfort and love she was looking for.

Around 8:45, they headed to their fave place where Sasuke made a special dinner for them. Also, according to Sakura's will, she wanted to "leave" on that place. She didn't want to use the term death or die coz she said it was too vulgar.

Arriving at the venue, her eyes widened. Sasuke made a lot of preparations. The lights, the candle-lit dinner, the quilt spread out for stargazing, the ambiance… Everything was wonderful and perfect! She joked, "I would die over and over again if it's the only way to see this," earning a glare form Sasuke. He breathed in her ear, "Never joke like that, it didn't sound a good compliment to me," Before he turned away, she caught his arm and pulled him in a kiss, he broke away and whispered, "If those kisses I will miss, I'd rather go with you," Now, it was his turn to receive a glare. "If you consider that a joke, it's not funny," There was a short pause, and then laughter filled the place.

As soon as they finished the joking and teasing around, they went on to their dinner, their last dinner together, her last dinner.

It was simple, really. But in her eyes, every single thing is special. Sasuke ushered her a seat, and so everything went too formal. Their actions were too refined, it's like their eating at a five-star restaurant. All the while, Sakura had a unnoticeable smile pasted at her face. God gave her caring parents, perfect friends, loving boyfriend, and she thank God for that, but now, why do these all have to disappear? Even though she already accepted her destiny, she still often wonders why it had to happen. Of all times, why now, when she is happy and so contented?

Sana naman
maibalik ang nakaraan
at nang matutunan
na 'wag kang iwanan

Sasuke seemed to notice that she's disturbed with her thoughts. He claimed her hands and gave a light squeeze. She snapped out of her trance and smiled at him, a smile that tells him not to worry. When he felt reassured, they continued eating.

Thinking that some talk would disrupt her thoughts, he decided to start a conversation. "Remember when we first met? It was here, on that tree," he pointed on the cherry blossom tree. Eyes shot up, she gave Sasuke a questionable look. He continued, "I was sleeping on a branch and you were under," Seeing his intention, she replied, "Yeah, and the moment I saw you, I threw my teddy bear at you and you fell," and she lat a light chuckle escape her. At least she was thinking about happy memories, not something that will ruin this day.

Sana naman
maibalik ang nakaraan
ng 'di sya masayang
sana ako'y pakinggan

The dinner took longer than usual because of the intervals when talking at laughing. They enjoyed every moment of it. By ten o'clock, the table was cleaned up and they were playing under the same cherry blossom tree, where they first met, like nine year olds. Chasing and tickling each other, they played until they were too tired to stand up and rested under the tree.

They stayed like that for some minutes, back to back; they relaxed. After some silence, she spoke out of the blue, "You wanna dance?" This caught him off guard. Knowing her plan, he gently stood up and smiled, reaching out a hand to her. "We have no music," She grinned and took his hand, "We can manage,"

Swaying room as the music starts
Strangers making the most of the dark
Two by two their bodies become one

His arms circled her waist, which fitted perfectly, and she wrapped her arms around her neck, their foreheads resting against another, they closed their eyes and started to sway gently, the gentle breeze serving as their music. "You actually know how to dance," it was more of a statement than a question. Still not breaking their connection, he replied, "You always asked me to be your partner whenever you practiced for your dance recital in our early days remember?" I couldn't say no to you. She chuckled, "Oh, yeah, I remember," I loved every moment of it.

I see you through the smoky air
Can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away

She rested her head on his shoulders, "Thanks for dancing me, this is my last dance," she was slowly losing her energy as she slipped a bit form Sasuke's hold. He felt it and held her tighter. He whispered in her ear so softly, "I'm honored, my princess," She smiled and relaxed in his arms.

What I'm dying to say, is that
I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you

Assuming she had no more strength to continue, he carried her and lay down on the quilt, under the stars. She had her eyes closed so peacefully, she seemed so helpless. It was tearing his heart apart. Checking the time, they only have one more hour left. He cradled her closely, not wanting to let go.

Take my hand, and gently close your eyes
so you could understand
that there's no greater love tonight
than what I've for you,

Feeling his fear, she reached out for his face and caressed it. "Don't worry, everything will be alright, I promise,"

Well, if you feel the same way for me, then let go
We can journey to a garden no one knows.
Life is short my darling tell me that you love me
So we could fade into the night and you'll know…

He was trying desperately to hold back the tears. "Sakura, don't leave me, please, not like this," He looked so miserable; tears were flowing non-stop. As much as she wanted to make him smile, she ended up with a single tear escaping her eyes. The moment they stepped on the meadow, she swore to herself not to cry anymore, for her, for him. "I will always be by your side, I promise," He leaned in and kissed her for the last time. It was full of mixed emotions: love, passion, fulfillment.

The world could die, and everything may lie,
Still you shant cry
'Cause time may pass, and everything wont last
But I'll be by your side,
Forever by your side,
So you wont cry

Her time was up. She gather every remaining ounce of her strength, she wiped his tears off. She half-opened her eyes and whispered, "I love you, always," and she went limp. It was exactly March 29,twelve in the morning. He wanted to cry out loud, he wanted to scream so badly, but he didn't. He was sure she won't want that. Instead, he held her close and kissed her lifeless body, "I love you too, thank you,"

I want you stay
Never go away from me
Stay forever
but now, now that you're gone, all I can do is pray for you
to be here beside me again

It was now her wake, everybody was there. Her parents came in the afternoon of March 29. He never left her side; he was always there. And to everybody's surprise, they never saw a single tear escape his eyes since that fateful day. There were no emotions shown on his face. It was either he was looking at her picture, or he was staring off to space. But they understood him. He was the last person with her; he was the one who carried Sakura down from the meadow, he was the one who never leaved her side since. And so, they let him be.

Why did you have to leave me
when you said that love would conquer all
Why did you have to leave me
When you said that dreaming was good as reality

It was raining. He smirked, so the heavens were also mourning with him. He was standing in front of her grave. He chose to remain there while everybody went home already. He was soaking wet, and there, he smiled a bitter smile and let tears flow freely. He was just there for half an hour. It was freezing cold already; the rain already stopped a moment ago. Suddenly, a gentle wind blew, embracing him, carrying cherry blossom petals. He felt her presence with it and he smiled, "I understand," and slowly, he walked away. Even though she wanted him to be there, she wouldn't want him to be sick does she? She'll just follow him home.

and now I must move on
trying to forget all the memories of you near me
but I can't let go of your love that has taught me
to hold on

"I know you're here," he whispered. He was lying one sunny day in the meadow, reminiscing happy moments. He felt her presence wrapping her arms around him. He closed his eyes and savored the moment. "You don't need to worry about me anymore, you can proceed now to wherever you wanna," he paused for a moment, "I love you, wait for me,"

There was a gush of sweet wind and he felt her kiss him, and then, she was gone. But he knows…

…that whatever happens, there will always be a link between their hearts.


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