Since I did so well with my song fic, I thought I'd try my hand at a full story. Hope this one is as good as Proud Of Your Boy. Read and enjoy (hopefully)!

Disclaimer: I don't own Complete Savages.

Synopsis: A new girl comes to town and Jack and the rest of the gang take her in.

Note: I changed my last name for the story.

The New Girl

Chapter One: First Day and New Friends

It was a beautiful Fall day, as the crisp wind blew through a young girl's dirty blonde hair. The girl shuddered and pulled her coat closer to herself as best she could. But to avail - she was still cold. As she walked up the lonely steps to the high school she was about to start attending, she tripped over her own feet. She heard a roar of laughter start up and she could feel her cheeks turn a deep shade of red. Why did I have to live up to my name already this morning? She thought angrily as she tried to gather herself and what was left of her dignity up off the ground. Being the tender, sensitive person she was, she could feel a few hot tears roll down her cheek as she pushed open the huge double doors leading to the school's interior. I'm never going to get through this alone. She thought bitterly as she quickly wiped away the tears that escaped her eyes and the ones that threatened to fall.

The young girl's name was Chrissy Tripper. She was a sweet, quiet girl that kept to herself. Mainly because she was afraid of strangers and she thought that everyone judged her because of her heavy size. Chrissy looked down at the now crumpled paper in her hand. Then she looked left, then right and then straight ahead. She sighed and started walking quickly ahead of her. She rounded a corner and bumped into somebody - literally. She felt herself being thrown down to ground and down the hall a few feet. This is just great! She yelled in her head. First day, and I've already made a fool out of myself and I've managed to hurt someone!

Suddenly, she felt strong hands grip hers. She shook herself of her thoughts and stood up, with the help of the stranger. She looked up at the person who helped her up. He was good-looking boy, about 5'9, blonde and muscular, but not too much. He was wearing a blue checkered shirt that was open, reveling a white wife-beater and blue jeans. She smiled brightly (and somewhat lustfully) as she looked him over. "Are you okay?" The words he said went through her ears, but somehow, she didn't hear them. "Are you okay?" The boy asked her again, a little louder this time. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm . . . fine." She answered with a sigh, not taking her eyes off of the boy. "Good. I'm Jack, Jack Savage. And you are?" He introduced himself to her while, yet again, extending his hand to the girl. "I'm-I'm Christin Faith Tripper. But you can call me Chrissy." She answered, taking his hand and shaking it. "Hey! That's quite a grip you've got there!" Jack commented. Chrissy blushed out of embarrassment and quickly let go of his hand while mumbling an apology for knocking him down. "You didn't do anything, it was me who was running. Sorry for that." "No . . . problem." Chrissy replied, sighing again.

Just then, another boy showed up. He seemed a little taller than Jack and skinner. He had unruly blonde hair that was a shade lighter than Jack's. "Hey, Jack come on! We're going to be late!" That's when he saw her - and fear was swept across his face "You're not a friend of Brenda's, are you?" He asked her with a gulp. "No, I don't even know a Brenda. That goes to this school, anyway." Happiness replaced his fearful face as he breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew! That's good! I'm Sam Savage, by the way." he said, giving Chrissy his hand for her to shake. She took it willingly. "I guess you already met my brother Jack." "Yeah . . ." she said, as she looked over longingly at Jack. Sam stifled a laugh and decided to help his poor brother out. "Well, would you give me the pleasure of helping you find your first class?"
Chrissy thought it over, and decided that even though she wanted to stay with Jack, she should probably go with Sam as she was afraid of her heart beating right of her chest. Finally, she slowly nodded. "Okay, great! Now what's your first class? Oh, and while I'm taking you there, would mind telling me your name?"