Chapter Two: Lunch Time (A.K.A. - Meeting Angela)

The rest of the morning carried like a normal first day - except Chrissy had new friends to help her out and pick her up when she fell. Now, it was lunch time. She scanned around the cafeteria for one of the Savage boys. Her hopes seemed to be dashed, but then she spotted Sam standing in the lunch line. She saw him turn around and face her. With a big smile, he waved to her enthusiastically - that is, before a big guy behind Sam shoved him to the ground. Chrissy gasped and, not worrying about politeness or strangers, she rushed over to Sam to make sure he was okay. Before she was able to bend over and help him once she reached him, he jumped up, smiling all the while to reassure he was okay. Chrissy couldn't help but giggle at her new friend. He reminded her so much of her best friend back where she had moved from. Her best friend was always tripping or falling, much like she, and he was known to her as "The Absent Minded Professor" as he was so busy he usually would forget things like to call her or even his own birthday. She was shaken loose of her thoughts by Sam who was asking her how hungry she was. "What? I'm sorry Sam. I was thinking about my friends back in my hometown." Sam gave her a sympathetic smile; complete with a head tilt. "You know what I need?" She asked him. "No, what?" The blonde replied. "I need a hug. A big, friendly, 'I-will-always-be-there-for-you' hug." She told him as they moved over to their table. Chrissy sat her tray down and was going to sit when Sam brought her into his arms for a hug. She smiled at her new friend's actions and hugged him back. Was there anything this guy wouldn't do to make her feel welcome?

"Samuel Savage!" A cry came from behind Sam. The two broke apart and poor Sam started stuttering. "Sam, I'm going to give you one chance, one, to tell me what's going on!" Chrissy, feeling brave again thanks to Sam, stepped in to help him. It was her guess that this girl was Sam's girlfriend and she was hurt to see that Sam was hugging her. "It's my fault," She told the angry girl before her. "I was upset and Sam was trying to cheer me up. I'm sorry, I really, truly am." That seemed to calm the girl - she even smiled at Sam. "Aw! My sweetie was being an angel of mercy to broken hearts! You deserve a kiss!" She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck and gave him a small peck of a kiss. When Sam's girlfriend let go of him, he looked confused. "What a minute, why is it okay that I was hugging her now, but it wasn't then?" He asked. "Because then, I thought you were cheating on me, now, I know that you were cheering her up. See? Big difference." She turned to Chrissy and held out her hand. "I'm Angela. Sorry I was so angry." Chrissy took Angela's hand and shook it gently. "Nice meeting you. I'm Chrissy." she replied. "And that's ok. I'm just flattered that you found me threatening. No one's ever thought that I could get a guy interested in me." "Hey, no problem." Now Sam was more confused than ever. "Did I miss something?" He asked as he scratched his head.

Just then, something caught Chrissy's eye. Or rather, someone. Jack was walking down the aisle with a food tray being carried in his hands and a girl was closely following behind him. She secretly wished that that girl was just heading to her table, and not Jack's girlfriend. But all of her hopes were lost when she saw the girl sit dangerously close to Jack. Guess that's why they call them crushes. Chrissy thought depressingly. Angela looked up from her lunch and saw poor Chrissy sitting across from her staring at Jack. So, it seems I have a little project for this year. Angela thought, an evil grin appearing on her face "Operation 'Jack and Chrissy' is set to commence." She said quietly, while Sam looked at her strangely.