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He opened the door with much surprise, but I think after he thought about it, it made sense. After all, I was his first-born, and I needed answers. I needed to know why Georgia was so much better than me. It was pathetic to envy a baby like I did, but I did. I wanted to know why I wasn't good enough to matter to him. He simply led me to the couch and put Georgia into her playpen in the other room. At first I had sat there staring at him and I could feel the anger boiling inside me. All those time he was never there, and he dared to break apart the one thing I had hoped for.

"Why Dad Why?" I said simply and he looked at me dumbfounded. I just stared at him while he scrambled for a way to answer my question. 'Why did you try to tear them apart? Was it fun for you?' I asked and Christopher began to look guilty.

'No Rory, it wasn't about that, I love her.' He says and I scoff. 'Love isn't leaving, or calling when it's convenient. Love is being there day after day, and love is certainly not ruining the one thing that is good in their lives!' I stated and Christopher sighed and rubbed his face. 'It wasn't like that Rory. Remember the story I told you, ever since she first kissed me, it's only been about her.'

I laughed at that. 'Come on Dad, you know I'm not an idiot. If it had been about her, you would have stayed with us, even if she didn't think it was right to marry you back then. You would have taken some sort of interest in me, and you certainly would have stood up to your parents like mom did time after time'.

He looked at me and I think he was trying to figure out how to get me to come onto his side. That's the thing with leaving your child behind; it tends to come bite you in the ass. 'I tried Rory, I tried.' He said simply and I just said nothing. I waited until I heard anything that would be any sort of explanation,

By my silence he continued on. 'When Lor told me about you, I was in shock. I was a 16 yr old boy, and it didn't help that my parents planned out my future. Lor and you were never in their picture. What was I supposed to do?' He asked and I knew that by me coming here, it was a huge mistake.

'Well you gave me my answer. I don't want anything to do with you. Perhaps when Georgia is older I will contact you, but right now, the only father I have is Luke Danes. I just hope you don't screw up GiGi as much as you screwed me up, and I barely saw you.'

Christopher started to object but I just shook my head at him. 'You know this is the best possible thing to happen. My mother will forget what you did in time, but you won't will you. Do you know why I know that Mom will be there?' I ask him once more. He shakes his head no.

'Because you never once defended me to your parents or you never fought for me. You were around when you thought it would impress Mom, but it was never about me. Well now I am not going to fight for you. Bye Chris.' I said simply and left his apartment and didn't look back. I drove to Stars Hallow and climbed into bed with my mom hours later. She looked up at me in surprise and I hugged her. 'I love you mommy.' I simply said and she smiled and kissed my head. 'I love you too kid.'