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Chapter Forty-One: Embracing Your Inner Slytherin: Step Two

A loud BANG resounded throughout the ballroom, causing everyone to jump in fright. At the doorway stood Albus Dumbledore and an odd mixture of the Order of the Phoenix members and Aurors. Unfortunately, the Minister For Magic, Cornelius Fudge was present as well.

Dumbledore strode forward as Fudge told his aurors to start checking for surviving Death Eaters in the wreckage. Harry picked out Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt in the group as well as a limping Mad-Eye Moody before Dumbledore reached them.

Harry stood and looked the old wizard in the eye. The Headmaster's gaze drifted toward the pile of ashes back to Harry. That was the first time the Elemental Veela really noticed the many worry lines in his face.

An ambitious auror ventured by the group and gasped at the ashes.

"What was that?" he exclaimed and Harry looked at him.

"Voldemort." Was the reply and a small grin graced the Gryffindor's face when the hardened auror jumped away from the pile in fright, drawing his wand.

"Don't worry, he's dead." Harry explained, moving closer to the man. He gave the Boy-Who-Lived a doubtful look.

"They said that the last time and look what happened."

Snape growled. He'd become grouchy after missing a full night's sleep and if everyone were honest with themselves, they would admit that the Potions Master was a grouch even with a full nights sleep.

"There wasn't a body last time, you incompetent lackey. I highly doubt you or any of your comrades will be attacked by a pile of ashes."

The auror blushed but Harry ignored him. Luna was still lying on the ground. Swiftly, he took off his torn and dirty cloak and covered her cold body with it, bowing his head respectfully. One smooth, warm hand slipped into his as another old, withered hand grasped his shoulder.

"She died for me." Harry explained. "She wanted me to remember so I could complete my destiny. I don't understand how they did what they did but it saved me."

Aurors had come over to Luna's body and begun collecting evidence. Fudge followed them. He was pale and nervous.

"Is- is that...him?" The portly man ventured, twirling his lime green bowler hat in his hands. Harry nodded before turning to Dumbledore.

"Can we leave?"

The Headmaster of Hogwarts nodded and turned to Fudge.

"I'm taking my students and my professors back to my school. Questions can be answered at a later time. Ms. Lovegood will be going with us."

Fudge turned red.

"You cannot do that! We have to get evidence and find the cause of death-"

Harry cut him off.

"Voldemort killed her with the Killing Curse. Does that answer your question?"

Fudge gapped like a fish as Dumbledore turned the chunk of marble Harry had thrown at the Dark Lord into a portkey. Sirius spoke up.

"What about Remus? Ginny and-"

"They have already been picked up and brought back to Hogwarts. You should be pleased to know that everyone will be okay. Now please, grab on."

Not letting go of his mate's hand, Harry touched the cool marble and felt that familiar tug around his navel.

The group landed in Dumbledore's spacious office. The wizened old man calmly sat behind his desk. He surveyed the group with bright blue eyes before conjuring up enough squashy armchairs to let everyone sit comfortably.

"I know you are all very tired and wish to check up on your loved ones but a few questions must be answered."

Harry sighed. "Ask away."

Dumbledore gave one of his favorite students a smile. "Explain how you all ended up at Riddle Manor and how Voldemort died."

Harry sighed and started from the beginning withDraco, Ron, Hermione and Sirius adding bits along the way. The Elemental Veela explained the fight between Draco and himself, Draco leaving and thenbeing kidnapped. There Sirius, Draco, Snape and the others who had been captured told Dumbledore about Neville. Here, the old wizard looked defeated.

Hermione spoke up. "Sir, why would Neville do that? Voldemort's followers killed his parents."

The Headmaster gave a grim smile.

"We found Augusta Longbottom's remain in the basement of her cottage late last night. It appears Neville killed her, possibly after one of her rants about his marks." Here, he looked at Harry. "Do you remember, in the Department of Mysteries, if any curses were used on Neville? Anything at all?"

Harry's eyebrows frowned in thought.

"Yes. His nose was broken but that wasn't from a curse. The only thing I remember is Bellatrix Lestrange using aCrucio on him. It's wasn't for too long but long enough." He starred back. "Why?"

Dumbledore sighed before looking out his window at the still rosy sky.

"Remember when I explained to you that the Longbottoms were tortured into insanity?" At Harry's nod he continued. "I did not kow how right I truly was. Neville was there. Apparently, he was used as a bargaining chip in getting information about what had happened to Voldemort."

At Harry's fearful, understanding look and everyone else's confusion, Dumbledore explained.

"They tortured him as a baby. It was most likely erased from his memory but left his sanity very fragile. When he was tortured in June, it must have broken his mind. From what I could get from him last night, he blames everything that has gone wrong in his life on you, Harry."

Draco looked angry. "So we were kidnapped by an insane Death Eater in training with an unhealthy obsession with my mate? That's unbelievable!"

Ron had his head in his hands.

"How could we have not noticed? He was in our dorm, always asking about Harry, out at all hours of the night. I thought he may have gotten himself a girlfriend!"

Hermione rubbed her friend's back soothingly.

"Sometimes evil is hidden under a veil of normalcy. The ones who seem the most normal are usually the most dangerous."

Dumbledore nodded his head. "What happened after that?"

Harry then explained how he had felt an intense pain after Draco had left but had been distracted when Hermione, Ginny and Luna told him about the whole school knowing about his inheritance. It hurt to say Luna's name but Harry felt a bit of peace after doing so.

Harry and Hermione explained that they then went to talk to Ron, who they found knocked out in the Common Rooms, Ron and Harry being friends again and then joining Luna and Ginny in the library.

The Boy-Who-Lived thenexplained that the pain from the strain on their bond had gotten worse sohe went to find Draco and explain. Harry had begun to worry when he hadn't seen Draco and his friends nor Remus and Sirius since breakfast and decided that they all might be in Professor Snape's office. When no one answered,he had gone back to the Great Hall and met with his friends.

"We all split up and searched the castle for any sign of them while Harry had gone to get the Map." Hermione added. Everyone knew what the map was and the story continued.

The Elemental Veela told of how he had found Neville's letter.

"Oh Merlin!" Harry said suddenly, his eyes wide. "I destroyed our room!"

Sirius chuckled. "We know. There was a monitoring spell put on the letter so that we could see your face when you found out we were missing. It was torture."

The group told Dumbledore about realizing that it was Neville who had been after Harry all this time and discovering Ginny's and Blaise's relationship.

"After that, we all made plans to meet at half past eleven and face Neville together. Harry had wanted to go alone but we talked him out of it." Ron said with a smirk. Harry sent a mock-glare at his best friend.

Turing back to the Headmaster, Harry grinned at what he was about to reveal.

"I was waiting for the time to come when Fawkes came to me. I asked if there was anything she knew that could help me and she brought me here."

Dumbledore's eyes flashed. "Did you just say she? How do you know?"

Harry nodded in confirmation. "She told me when she lead me up here and gave me Gryffindor's sword. She can only speak to non-humans, so she obviously couldn't tell you."

The wizard stroked his beard, a smile on his face. "Fascinating. Continue, please."

Harry told him about leaving the castle, Luna's gift of the communication necklaces, feeling Draco's emotions and the completion of the Second Bond(both wizards had blushed at this bit) and the fight with Neville.

"Where's Hagrid?" Ron asked suddenly, looking around as if the half-giant would suddenly appear in the room. "We've got to have a talk about his spiders."

Harry ignored his best friend to explain how they had found where Neville had taken everyone. Snape was actually shocked that Harry had preformed Legilimency.

"Fawkes and Fireneze brought Neville back here while we grabbed some Thestrals and flew to Little Hangleton. There, Ron figured out a way to get into the Manor but we were attacked by Nagini before we could get there."

Ron puffed out his chest. "Ginny took care of that for us." The pride in his voice was clear.

Next came the trip down the tunnel, Harry freezing the Snake Sap and the conversation with the snake.

"We went up the stairs quietly because Bellatrix was right outside. The door was a one-way mirror. We waited until she had stomped around a bit before Ron came up with the idea to scare her with Luna pretending to be a Cocuhemal." Harry explained, his voice getting scratchy.

Dumbledore put a wrinkled hand up and quickly stood. Walking over to his cupboard, the wizard puled out his pensieve.

"Perhaps it is best if we see for ourselves what happened from here on out. Mr. Potter, if you would be so kind."

Harry put his wand up to his temple and concentrated on the last few hours. His memory was bright and silvery as he put it in the penseive and shook his head. Dumbledore then used the same spell Neville did, making a screen out of the silvery liquid in the bowl.

"There are simply too many of us to fit." He explained as the image of Harry walking up to the large ballroom doors appeared. The group watched as Harry was joined by Luna and the two began their distraction. Next came Harry's display of his powers and finally Voldemort. Harry closed his eyes when Luna and his mother stood in front of him. He heard Sirius gasp as well. When Tom Riddle's and Luna's souls vanished, Dumbledore gave Harry back his memory, looking thoughtful.

"So your protection has been restored. How did you know?"

Harry rubbed his eyes. "That scene, with Luna and my mother is almost exactly like the memory the Dementors show me when they get close. It was the proof I needed to stop Voldemort."

Lucius finally spoke up.

"Why not kill him? You could have done it and easily I might add. You would have been within your legal rights to protect your mate by Avada Kedarva-ing him."

Harry smirked. "I could have but that wasn't my destiny. The Headmaster told me that my greatest power was love. My mother's love protected me fifteen years ago and again tonight. It wasn't necessarily me who killed Voldemort's body but my mother's protection acting in self-defense. The prophecy doesn't name me as the killer of the Dark Lord but 'The One With The Power To Vanquish' him."

Understanding bloomed in many eyes at this but Harry continued.

"So my mother's magical protection destroyed his body. All that was left was his soul and his magic, which are connected. If my power lies in my ability to love, then killing Voldemort's soul was obviously not the way to go. I thought about love and what it means. It means caring about someone and loving them for who they are and sometimes forgiving them for their mistakes."

Harry stopped as Draco squeezed his hand, understanding the hidden message. Dumbledore continued.

"I understand. When Voldemort was forgiven by the one he had wronged the most, his past mistakes were washed away, leaving simply..."

"Tom Riddle." Harry cut in and smiled. "I 'vanquished' him alright. All the way to heaven."

After explaining everything, Dumbledore told them that classes would be canceled on account of Voldemort being gone for good and let the group go get checked out by Madam Pomfrey. Severus refused, instead, deciding a good sleep would benefit him more than the medi-witch's ramblings.

With Voldemort gone and a free day, Lucius and Narcissa took the chance to visit Malfoy manor and get everything on order. After making sure Draco was safe and okay of course.

The five sixth years then followed Sirius to the Hospital Wing to check on Remus and Blaise. Madam Pomfrey was bustling about, mixing potions and mumbling to herself when they entered and spotted the two. Ginny was sitting on the edge of Blaise's bed, stroking the Slytherin's coal black hair as he slept.

Theodore was in the next bed, out like a light while Remus was bundled up under his blankets as well.

Ginny looked up and quickly put a finger to her lips before motioning the group over away from the sleeping patients. Sirius shook his head at the girl before moving over to Remus and actually lying down with him. Madam Pomfrey looked as though she was about to protest but thought better of it and continued with her work.

Pansy looked over at Theo before turning to Ginny.

"What happened to him?"

The red-haired witch blushed.

"When we got back here he was worrying himself sick and annoying me like crazy, so I stunned him and Madam Pomfrey gave him some Dreamless Sleep. He should awake tomorrow very refreshed."

Ron fidgeted. "How's- how's Zabini?"

Ginny looked at her brother in surprised before turning her head and looking at her own soul mate.

"Madam Pomfrey said he was hurt pretty badly with the electricity but we got to him in time and with a few more days rest and the right potions he'll be back to normal. Dumbledore's called his parents. They should be here tomorrow." She stopped and looked at the group in confusion.

"Where's Luna?"

Harry bit his lip and looked down while Hermione's eyes filled with tears and the whole group looked solemn. Draco answered for Harry.

"Voldemort got her before Harry could get him. She saved his life."

Ginny had a hand to her mouth, her freckled face pale.

"Oh Merlin! Her father! Does he know yet? Does the school know?"

Harry cleared his throat before looking at the fifth year.

"No, no one knows about her or that Voldemort's gone. Classes have been canceled, so they'll all know by breakfast which is in an hour." The Elemental Veela kissed Draco's cheek. "I'm going to see how Remus is doing then tofind somewhere to sleep. Would you like to come with me after?"

The blond nodded and went back to talking to Ginny about Blaise, his silvery eyes darting over to Harry every now and then.

Harry made his way over to Madam Pomfrey, seeing that Sirius and Remus were sleeping curled around each other. The Gryffindor mentally sighed. What he wouldn't give to just curl up with Draco like that.

The medi-witch was in her office, writing up medical reports on her patients. She smiled when Harry came in and carefully closed the door.

"What do you want, Mr. Potter?"

Harry bit his lip in worry.

"Will Remus be okay? Sirius said that the bars on his cage were made of silver and I know that Remus can't be anywhere near silver for a very long time and-"

Pomfrey cut him off.

"Remus will be fine. He has a small burn on his hand and will be very tired for the next forty-eight hours but there shall be no lasting side-effects. Anything else?"

Harry shook his head and turned to leave. He had his hand on the door knob before he turned back around to face the witch.

"Please, don't force Sirius to leave. It took them fifteen years to find each other again, I'd hate to have them separated for more than a minute."

Madam Pomfrey looked at the Gryffindor in thought before nodding. Harry smiled at her and left.

Ginny had settled down on the cot next to Blaise and was fast asleep. Pansy, Ron and Hermione must have left to get some rest of their own as Draco stood by himself, waiting for Harry. They smiled at each other before Harry was close enough for Draco to grab his hand and pull him out of the Hospital Wing.

The halls were empty, it still being too early for anyone to be up. Draco looked at Harry.

"So will everyone be okay?" He asked the Elemental Veela.

Harry nodded. "A few days rest and everyone will be back to normal."

Draco caught the silent 'except Luna'. He sighed and pulled Harry into a shadowy corner.

"How are you?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around the Gryffindor.

Harry melted into the embrace with a heartfelt sigh.

"I just wish I could have moved faster, avoided the curse, made her avoid the curse. Anything."

Draco ran a pale hand through Harry's silky hair, smiling slightly when he purred.

"Harry, this wasn't your fault today. Any of it. Neville was crazy because of Bellatrix and Luna died because of Voldemort. You're a victim in all of this. A victim and a hero."

Harry closed his eyes. "If you say so."

Draco looked at him and smirked.

"Since you've destroyed our old rooms, I believe we require some more if we're to sleep at all today."

Harry's eyes popped out before a grin broke out on his face.

"That we do. I have just the place."

Harry had dragged them to the hallway that contained the Room of Requirement. He smiled brightly at his mate.

"Choose whatever kind of room you want."

Draco looked at Harry curiously for a moment before taking a deep breath and thinking. What kind of room did he want? A week ago Draco's mind would have immediately have given them both separate beds and be done with it. Now...Draco wanted more. Much more. They could have died last night.

Harry watched amused, as Draco seemed to come to a decision and walked up and down the corridor before an almost unnoticeable door appeared. Draco opened it and stood aside, his arm outstretched.

"After you."The raven haired Gryffindornoticed his voice shook slightly with nerves.

Entering the room, Harry saw why it had taken so long for Draco to make up his mind.

It was done in all black; the walls, the carpet, even the ceiling, although Harry could see it was done to look like the sky at midnight. In the middle of the room stood a large four-poster bed surrounded by candles. The sheen on the curtains and sheets suggested they were silk.

Harry blinked at the surroundings and said the first thing that came to his mind.


Draco came in and closed the door, which promptly disappeared.

"I need to talk to you." He said as he pulled Harry closer to the light. He wanted to see his face when he told him the truth.

"About what?" Harry's hands were cold in his own, from his own nerves Draco assumed.

He looked at Harry's dark emerald eyes. "In Dumbledore's office today, you told everyone that you felt the Second Bond complete itself. We both know that it's an emotional bond and exactly what that means. It means that-"

Harry cut him off. "You don't have to say it. What matters is thatI can feel it. That's all I really need."

Draco smiled, a full-fledged smile. "But I want to say it. I want you know that that I love you. I want your friends, my friends, both of our families to know it. Not right at this moment," He explained at Harry's amazed look. "But if anyone asks me I'll tell them I love you."

Harry pulled his mate close again. He loved being this way with Draco.

"And you know I love you too."

Draco buried his head in the crook of Harry's neck.

"That's why I want to complete the Third Bond with you." He mumbled and Harry froze.

The Elemental Veela trembled as he pulled Draco away from him, looking at his face. He was serious.

"You don't have to do this. We still have two months. I feel like I'm forcing you somehow."

Draco gave a chuckle. "How are you forcing me? I came to you. We may have two months but whether we do it now or right before you're supposed to die, my feelings won't change."

Harry swallowed. "What brought this on? Just yesterday we were fighting like cats and dogs, now you want to bond."

Draco used his hands to frame Harry's face.

"I realized, sitting in that small, cold cage that my last words to you weren't the best and I regretted that more than ever. When that screen went out and I thought I had lost you, I couldn't bear it. Last night mad me realize that the one thing I was avoiding was the very thing I wanted."

Without waiting for a reply, Draco pulled Harry's face toward his and kissed the Elemental Veela. Harry didn't hesitate in responding to his mate's kiss, opening his mouth to allow Draco's skilled tongue entrance. Strong arms wrapped around Draco's waist pulling the two bodies flush against each other. Draco made a small sound of pleasure as their lower halves connected.

Harry worked Draco's outer robes off, his having been left at Riddle Manor. Draco broke his mouth away from Harry's. He was no blushing virgin and Harry was a creature made for this kind of action. Their auras swirled around them as Draco gave the Gryffindor a feisty grin.

"There is too much clothes between us, don't you think?" He asked as he began to slowly undo the buttons to Harry's plain white school uniform.

Harry nodded, his pupils large with lust and he snaked a hand up Draco's shirt and lightly drawing his hand across the top of his mate's pants, making the blond inhale sharply. Draco swiftly undid the rest of Harry's buttons and pulled of the confining shirt.

Harry's chest was as perfect as Draco had pictured. Strong but not bulky muscles were covered with soft, pale skin that glowed with happiness. Draco smoothed his hand down that skin, testing to see if it was real. The hand slid over defined abs to circle around Harry's bellybutton. The area had a slight dusting of dark hair that journeyed rather down. Just thinking about Harry's 'rather down' made Draco shiver in anticipation.

Harry quickly grabbed the hand that was circling his bellybutton.

"Keep that up and it'll be over before it's even begun." He explained before grabbing the hem of Draco's shirt and pulling it over the blond's head. Draco mock-pouted.

"Hey, I took the time to undo yours." He complained as Harry pulled him close and began to kiss Draco long, pale neck.

"I'm"- kiss- "not"- lick- "that"-longer kiss-"patient." bite. The Elemental Veela said but Draco was too breathless to respond.

Pulling Harry's mouth back up to meet his, it was a few more minutes before Draco replied.

"Where'd you learn how to do that?" he asked in a breathy voice.

"I'm just following my instincts. Now shut up and kiss me."

Draco complied happily. The Slytherin started at Harry's shoulders and slowly ran his hands over the Elemental Veela's back, nearly purring in delight as those muscles under Harry's satiny skin tensed and relaxed. Those hands met at the top of Harry's belt, at the small of the boy's back. Harry kept his attention on kissing Draco into oblivion, letting the blond take it at his own pace.

Draco slid his hands around Harry's lean hips to the front of his pants. Feeling the boy shudder, Draco dragged a finger down the buckle before pulling the worn leather out of the hops of the dress pantsthe Gryffindorwore.

Harry slowly slid one of the hands that had previously been holding his mate's face down the side of his neck and onto Draco's shoulder. There that hand stroked the heated skin for a moment before dancing down the blond wizard's chest and onto his belt. Harry took no precaution from gently brushing against Draco's crotch.

Draco sucked in a breath and pulled back from Harry's mouth.

"Merlin, I love your instincts." He moaned before jerking the zipper of Harry's pants down, pulling the garment with his fingers. Harry eagerly stepped out of them and Draco tossed them aside. Standing quickly, Draco undid his own belt and zipper and slid out of his pants. Harry gave him an amused look.

Draco glared at him for a moment before literally attacking Harry's mouth.

"I"m not that patient either." He mumbled into his mate's mouth as he maneuvered them over to the bed. Feeling the mattress behind his knees, Draco fell back wards, pulling Harry on top of him. Both wizards sighed as their bodies were touching again, from shoulders to knees, skin to skin.

Harry quickly straddled Draco's waist and rubbed their erections together, making them both hiss in pleasure. Draco lifted his hips to join Harry's rocking before breaking the kiss.

"How do you want to do this?" He asked, breathing deeply. Harry looked down into those familiar gray eyes and bit his lip.

"Our first time as to be..um, traditional with me-"

Draco put a finger to his lips with a smile. "With you on top. I'm okay with that. More than okay."

Lifting his hips again, Draco swiftly pulled down his silver colored boxers and smiled when Harry trembled.

"It usually works better if you're naked as well."

Harry grinned and shed his last article of clothing as well. Draco dragged them back until both Harry and himself were completely on the bed. Harry quickly began kissing him again letting his hands roam over Draco's body, teasing and touching.

He pulledaway after a moment and crouched back looking around for something. Draco, panting, gave the Elemental Veela a quizzical look as Harry flipped over a pillow and "Aha!"-ed.

From under the pillow, Harry had grabbed a small jar. Opening it, the Gryffindor was greeted with the unique scent of his mate. Harry closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Draco groaned in frustration.

"It smells like you." Harry said apologetically. Carefully dipping his fingers into the jar, Harry prepared Draco as painlessly as possibly, kissing the blond's muscled stomach and thighs. Draco had his eyes closed as he relished in the attention Harry was giving him. He truly felt loved. Second thoughts weren't even in his vocabulary at this moment.

Every now and then, Harry would hit a certain point in Draco that would make a wonderful heat raced through his body. He wanted Harry. Now.

Finally the Elemental Veela poured the oil over his own straining erection and lent over Draco. His mate opened his eyes.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked. He wanted this to be perfect. Draco looked into his eyes and nodded. Inwardly, Harry breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been physically painful to stop now. Getting Draco comfortable, Harry slid slowly into Draco.

Both gasped at the intensity of the feelings they felt at the moment. Wholeness, completion, happiness didn't even come close to describing it all. Their joining auras brightened making the candles flutter in an unearthly wind. Harry stayed still, his arms shaking with tension as he waited for Draco to adjust. Only when the Slytherin reached up and pulled the Boy-Who-Lived into a heated kiss did he move.

Together they moved, both wanting the same thing; completion. Harry looked down at Draco. He was beautiful; sweaty and incoherent and completely beautiful in Harry's eyes. They came together, as it should be between an Elemental Veela and his mate and it was everything Harry thought it would be.

All three bonds joined and flared up in their own completion. Draco felt as though the best moment of his life had just happened. In his mind there was Harry and there was Draco but there was also a part that was a complete mix of them, connecting them together as one.

Waving his hand tiredly, Harry cleaned them up and pulled out of his mate before laying down beside him and pulling them close.

"That was amazing." He whispered in Draco ear. The blond nodded and snuggled closer to Harry's now warm body.

"Sleep now Harry." He said with a yawn. "We've got the rest of our lives to do that as many different times and as many different ways as we want to."

Harry chuckled before drifting off to sleep.

Harry waved goodbye to Ron, Hermione and Ginny one last time before they got into the last carriage that would take them to Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts Express. With Voldemort gone, everyone in the castle had left to spend Christmas Break with their families. Not even Harry would be staying this year. Draco's parents had invited Harry, Sirius and Remus to spend Christmas with them and the group would be leaving later that afternoon by Floo. Draco was currently still packing

Harry sighed as he walked back to Hogwarts in the snow.The last month had flown by after Voldemort had been killed. Neville had been taken to St.Mungo's andwas currently residing in the same ward as Umbridge and Lockhart. Harry and Draco had completed their bonding; now a very happy couple and the envy of most of Hogwarts. There had been a beautiful funeral for Luna a few days after her death. The Seer had been awarded an Order of Merlin: First Class, recognized as a True Seer and a member of Dumbledore's Army. Narcissa had then surprised everyone by renaming the Divination Tower to Luna's Tower.

When news of Voldemort's defeat was spread, the wizarding world smartened up and kicked Minister Fudge out of office. Aurthur Weasley had been offered the position but the red-haired wizard declined, claiming that he was not the best man for the job. He did, however, accept Vice-Minister to Madam Bones and is finally enjoying the life he always deserved.

Headmaster Dumbledore was waiting for Harry when he reached the steps.

"Hello, Harry." Dumbledore said cheerfully. His roebs were flowing and festive in colors of reds and greens."All packed and ready to go?"

Harry nodded. "Thanks again for letting Sirius and Remus adopt me. I'd be awfully lonely in the castle this break."

Dumbledore chuckled before looking over the grounds.

"What a first term it has been, eh, my boy?"

Harry smiled. "That it has, sir. Some pretty little secrets made for a few interesting adventures." The Elemental Veela twitched his fingers and watched as the wind picked up and made a tiny snow-tornado. "The year isn't over yet, Sir. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

Dumbledore laughed loudly. He looked over at Harry.

"I"m going to miss you these next two weeks, Harry. You've always kept me on my toes."

Harry looked at his watch. He had better get moving before Draco left without him.

"And I you, Sir. Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas, Harry."


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