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"Geez, Cy, could you be any more unfair?" Beast boy whined. "I mean, you get to lounge all day in the Tower while the rest of us suffer in the depths of hell."

Raven rolled her eyes. "BB, I've been in hell and back. And trust me, Hades is way worst than a couple of lousy classes and killer teachers."

"Come on, BB, school ain't that bad." Cyborg said thoughtfully. "Football practice, inter-school games, house parties… heck, school was fun!"

"As if! Of course school was fun… for you! All you probably remember was your glory days as top jock of the senior football team!" Beast boy argued.

"Whatever." Was all the metal man could say.


"Guys! We've got mail!" Beast boy chirped as he ran inside the Tower. No one bothered to look up from what they were doing.

"Hmmm… To the Teen Titans." He said. "From Jump City Hall…. Hmph! And I thought it was fan mail. What is this, some sort of ad?"

"Give me that!" Robin snatched the envelope from Beast boy's hands, focusing his attention on something aside from his laptop for the first time that afternoon.

He ripped the letter open.

'To the Teen Titans,

It has come to our knowledge that four out of five of you have not completely finished your schooling…' He read aloud.

'However, it is clearly stated in the Jump City Constitution, Section 137.4, Article B56 that "All Jump City residents under the age of 18 should attend educational classes by any means possible, which may include: a) public or private schools, b) private tutors, etc."

Since there are four of you who are under 18, namely Robin (16), Raven (16), Starfire (15), and Beast boy (14), a single private tutor is simply out of the question. There is only one available solution, and that is for you to attend Jump City School.

On the other hand, we still acknowledge your being super heroes to the city, and so you will be graciously excused from your classes when any need might arise that requires your assistance.

We also understand that it is essential for you to keep your secret identities, and we shall respect that, in the manner that it is by which you will be referred to in the school.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jump City Council.'

Enclosed in the letter was a copy of the school handbook, the requirements, and their individual schedules.

For a good minute the team just stared at the pieces of paper in Robin' hands, then reactions started to come out.

"Say whaaa?" Robin stuttered.

Raven let her book drop from her hands in surprise. "Uhhh…"

"Booyah!" Cyborg exclaimed.

Starfire twirled in midair. "Oh wonderful and joyous day!"

Beast boy's jaw dropped open.



"Okay, y'all. We're here!" Cyborg opened the car door. "Who'll be riding with me going back home?"

All of a sudden, Robin arrived on his R-cycle. He was dressed in his street clothes, which were all black, Raven observed. Black biker jacket, tight black shirt, black cargo pants, black hiker boots, black biker gloves, and even black shades to replace his mask.

"Hey Rob!" Cyborg greeted. Then he turned to the others. "As I said, who'll be riding with me going back home?"

"They'll just beep you, Cy. You never know. Clubs, extra-curriculars and stuff." Robin interrupted.

"Okay, just meet me here." He said, before starting up the engine and driving away.

"Yes Daddy, whatever you say." Beast boy cracked a joke before going back to his 'depressed' mood.

As their ages indicated, Beast boy was in 8th grade, Starfire was a freshman, while Robin and Raven were in their sophomore year.

The group first dropped off Starfire to her first class.

"Feeling okay, Star?" Robin asked.

"Oh, I am delighted, Robin! I shall be able to learn more about earth customs and make new friends!" She chirped happily.

"Well, uh—okay then. See you at lunch."

Raven watched her happily going in the classroom. She was wearing a pink version of her usual costume, with shorter boots and no gloves. Raven wondered if she would survive this.

Next was Beast boy.

"The horror… the horror…" The green boy groaned.

Robin patted his back. "You'll be alright. See ya."

Beast boy entered the classroom, mumbling something that sounded like 'In my funeral maybe, dude.'

"He's probably just nervous." Robin said to Raven.

"Yeah, probably." She answered, knowing it was more than that. Beast boy obviously dreaded school. He dressed extra-brightly today to cheer himself up, wearing a Hawaiian shirt over a red sweater and khaki pants, even though it didn't seem to work.

"Okay, where's your first class?" Robin interrupted her thoughts.

She scanned her list. "Uhh… History."

"That's mine too. Second?"


"Okay. Got that too. Third?"

The game continued, and it turned out they had every single class together, until the last period, which was Geometry.

Well this isn't awkward, Raven thought sarcastically.

"So, I guess we have to get to History now which is in… room 167 with a… Ms. Darcy Hyenal? Hyenal?" Robin said, a little puzzled.

Raven couldn't suppress a little giggle. "Don't wear it out, Boy Wonder. Let's go."

They soon found Room 167.

"Ready?" Robin asked her.

She nodded. "Ready when you are."


Ms. Darcy Hyenal was a small, timid-looking woman with wild red curls who looked like she didn't belong to a classroom, especially in this classroom, amidst students who acted like they were at a rock concert rather than in a History class.

"Class, quiet down please." Ms. Hyenal tapped the board with a broken ruler.

Miraculously, the class obeyed, probably more because of the two strangers in front of them than because of good teaching skills.

"Class, I'd like you to meet Robin…" No sooner had she uttered the words when all the girls started to scream.

"Oh my god! He is so hot!"

"Whoa! Cute much!"

"He looks so much better than in the mags!"

"I wanna die!"

Robin's cheeks reddened slightly, much to Raven's amusement.

"He is one of the Teen Titans, and he'll be attending classes in our school…"

"He's gonna study here!"

"I'm the luckiest girl in the universe!"


Robin ran a hand through his hair out of sheer mannerism, which triggered more cheers from the female population of the classroom.

Ms. Hyenal gave up, and just directed Robin to an empty chair.

"And this is Raven. She's also a Titan, and she'll also be going to our school."

There was silence. Then whispers came around.

"Is she his girlfriend?"

"Oh, I hope not!"

"I thought he was single!"

But the murmurs of the girls were drowned out by wolf whistles and hoots by the boys. Raven suddenly felt exposed in her short, fitted hooded purple sweater, black Capri pants and sneakers.

"Raven, your seat is over there." Ms. Hyenal pointed to a desk in front of Robin, pushing her tiny circular glasses up her nose. The half-demon was relieved to be able to finally sit down.

Suddenly a boy with a nose-ring, who happened to be Raven's seatmate, leaned closer to her. "Heya, dollface. Wanna go catch a flick later? I can snog real good, especially in the dark." He hissed, with a malicious look on his face.

Robin clenched one fist. "Talk to her like that again, and the only thing you'll be snogging is the sole of my shoes." He said sharply.

Nose-ring quickly backed away from Raven, nervously looking at the sharp spikes of Robin's hiker boots. "Hey, hey. Chill out. Wuz just kidding. I ain't never gonna dare go messin' with ya girl."

Raven expected Robin to say something like 'She's not my girl,' but he just glared at him and continued on reading Chapter 43 of their history book.

After a few more classes, the bell rang to signal the start of the lunch hour, to which Robin and Raven immediately went out of the classroom.

"I almost forgot how school felt like," Robin commented.

Before Raven could reply, they passed by a section of the hallway with nothing but three spacious, expensive-looking lockers.

"What is this place?" Raven said aloud.

A passing 7th grader heard her. "This is the Royalty Hallway. Those lockers belong to the Royalties: Kit, Jess, and Tasha. Their parents are stinkin' rich, and bought the entire corridor, along with special lockers. Yep, life sure is unfair."

The boy walked ahead without another word.

"Royalties, huh? What do you think they're like?" Raven looked at the lockers again.

Robin didn't even notice the big lockers.

"I dunno. Strangers to us, like everyone else here."

He didn't realize how wrong he was until they reached the cafeteria.

You wouldn't realize how huge the cafeteria was until you went inside, because it really was.

"Whoa." Robin whispered hoarsely.

Raven nudged his elbow. "How do you think we're gonna find Star and BB here?"

"I seriously do not know."

Their eyes scanned the whole length of the cafeteria with gaping mouths. The thing was, everyone else was gaping at them.

"Hottie Alert!"

"Damn, that girl is sizzling."

They slowly walked through the crowd, heading towards the line and at the same time trying to look for their other teammates.

Raven took a plate of carbonara and a slice of lemon pie as she walked by. But she noticed that Robin only took a can of raspberry soda.

"Hey, aren't you gonna eat anything at all?" She asked wonderingly.

Robin didn't answer her. After a good 5 minutes of searching for an empty table, they found one that only seated two people.

Raven tried a last attempt to catch a glimpse of Beast boy and Starfire and finally gave up.

"Hey, wait a minute." Raven eyed Robin suspiciously. "Where did you get that?"

She was referring to the greasy cheeseburger Robin was holding.

Robin casually took a bit off the burger. "Swiped it from someone as we passed by. Why?"

Raven was shocked. Robin stole? She never knew it could happen. Robin was the righteous, upstanding, noble, blameless, upright, dignified and honest one. She didn't think he would take a dime found in the vending machine vault even if his life depended on it. But here it was, the evidence right in his very hands.

"You… you just stole your lunch. How could you?"

Robin took a sip of soda. "I was hungry. They didn't have anything good, anyway. No big deal."

"Ever occurred to you that you lock up people who do that?"

"What? Filch a burger?"

"Argh. Are you in weirdo mood today?"

"Listen, Raven." He turned his gaze directly at her. "It's nothing. I haven't gone bad or anything. It's just a stupid burger."

She exhaled. "You're right." Then her eyes twinkled. "So, tell me. How did you learn to do that? I mean, no one, not even me, noticed. Must be pretty good hand moves."

He grinned. "Hmm… It was easy, really. After I stopped being a sidekick to Batman, I lived in the streets for awhile. Learned to pick pockets and stuff. But it was only a couple of times, when it was necessary." He added. "You know what happened next."

Raven let a small smile form on her lips thoughtfully. What happened next were them meeting each other, and the founding of the Teen Titans.

They became quiet for awhile, but it wasn't like being tongue-tied. It was like some sort of 'comfortable silence.' She picked at her carbonara while he consumed his burger in small, slow bites.

"Hey, what's happening?" Raven pointed to the crowd of students that was hurriedly making way for someone coming through. Someone important, no doubt.

"Royalty." A bystander said.

Everyone's attention was fixed on the Royals, but Robin didn't seem to pay interest, until…


Masked eyes widened as his burger flopped on the table. His eyes pleaded with Raven. "No. Please, no. Tell me it's not…"

"Hey Robbie-poo! It's me!"

Robin slowly turned his head around to face a haughty-looking blond girl whose face he still distinctly remembered.

"Kitten." He managed to say, through gritted teeth.

"Oh, Robbie!" Kitten flipped her hair. "Long time no see! Did you miss me?"

Before he could reply, Kitten was already babbling away. "Of course you did! Girls, I'd like you to meet my adorable Robbie-poo. Robbie, this is Jess and Tasha."

Kitten introduced a brunette and another blond, Jessica Parkers and Natasha Roberts, her equally smug-looking friends.

"Hi." Jess greeted casually, not very impressed by Kitten's new boyfriend. I mean, if you got to see how often this girl switched boyfriends, which happened to be in less than a week, you pretty much assume she dates every cute guy she sees and breaks his heart.

Tasha had a different approach.

"Hello, hotnesssss." She said sexily. She secretly winked at him, with a glint in her eyes that might be described as desire.

Oh, hello yourself! Raven thought, disgusted. She preferred it would be called disgust, for she couldn't fully admit it was actually jealousy.

While Robin sat frozen, Raven knew she had to move.

"Um, excuse me ladies." She stood up from her seat.

"Robin and I have to be getting to class now. I'm sorry. It was… kinda nice meeting you. Name's Raven, by the way." She put her arm around his and led him outside, leaving Kitten staring at them blankly.

Robin breathed a sigh of relief. "Thanks Rae. I owe you big time."

They both noticed she was still holding on to his arm. She quickly let go.

"Actually, Robbie-poo," She walked ahead, smiling all the while. "I think we're even."

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