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Life is a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.

-Forrest Gump



Robin was bored.

Robin yawned.

Robin felt that life was making him sleepy.

Robin thought that nothing interesting was happening.

Robin wished that he was anywhere but here.

In other words, Robin was bored.

So, guess that he's doing?

That's right, doing what the majority would find themselves doing when they're bored:

he's ONLINE!

He first checked his email, only to find out that another wave of fanmail clogged his Inbox. He was currently deleting a letter that said:

'I love you forever Robin! I know you remember me, 'coz I'm that girl who bumped you in Wal-Mart and the one you smiled at while saying 'Oops, my bad' in the cutest way when you bought a stick of grape-flavored bubblegum and you threw it away in the third trash can on 28th street and I picked it up and now it's displayed on my 'Robin I love you marry me' shrine! My greatest dream is for you to marry me while I'm wearing my shimmering peach with lacey truffles and green glitter wedding dress and live in a blue and white mansion with an orange porch and have two kids named Brilary jr. and Robin jr.! I'll wait for you forever! Love you sincerely forever and ever and ever, Brilary Fluff!'

When an Instant Message popped up on his monitor.


Arsenal: Hey Robin!

"Arsenal? Who the hell is Arsenal?" He wondered aloud. Then he slapped his forehead. Of course! He should have looked at the email address! Silly Robin.

"Speedyeast2 (yes, they have their own site). Oh, it's only Speedy."

Nightwing: Hey. How was your date?

Arsenal: Oh my God! It couldn't have been more perfect! And guess what, she likes me…FOR ME! She knew it wasn't you THE WHOLE TIME!

Nightwing: Really?

Arsenal: Hell yeah! She said she didn't remember you dyeing your hair or getting a haircut when you asked her at school and said she calculated the number of hours it took to do so and that it didn't add up to the time proportion that you, I mean me, arrived at the restaurant!

Robin was… SHOCKED. Kitten… calculating? Kitten… noticing? Kitten… NOT AS DENSE AS HE THOUGHT!

OMG! It's the end of the woooooooooooooorrrrrlllllllllllddddddddddddddd!

But not really. You know how Robin overreacts. Tch.

Nightwing: Err… okay. Anything else?

Arsenal: Um… yeah. Then she added that she's never really seen you without a mask and that I didn't look like you at all but decided I was hawt anyway. Can you believe that? )

Robin clutched at his heart. The world was safe again!

Nightwing: Yeah, sure. I'm happy for you.

Arsenal: Thanks man! I'm totally in your debt. Oh well, Bumblebee wants me to wash her laundry so gtg! Oh, and


Arsenal: See ya tomorrow!

Nightwing: Okay… you too.

Arsenal: logged off

Robin looked at the clock. Wow, checking his mail (robinwest1 and chatting with Speedy took a total of: 2.38 minutes!

Well, that was helpful.

He sighed, and was about to click the 'exit' button when he received an E-card that immediately covered up the entire screen.

The email address was 'iscorchyourworld It had a cartoon icon of a pretty brunette and green-eyed girl in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit that would pucker her lips and occasionally blow kisses at the screen. Between doing this, she had a speech bubble next to her that said:

'Hey Robin,

I'm having a costume party at my house on the 17th, 8:00 pm. I hold it every year, and is considered a bigger thing than the lame Homecoming at school. I already know it's gonna be S-E-X-Y, but it would be totally cool if you'd come over.

My address is: The Roberts Manor at Lot 17 Cherry Street, Hillock Senior Estates, Jump City.

Oh, and you can invite the Titans too, if you want.



Robin, for some odd reason, thought twice about deleting the email. Sure, she was a big, pompous flirt, but did he really have anything to do on that day? Or better yet, did he even have an active social life?

That would sooo get a big, fat no in his book.

Just then, another IM popped on his screen.

TorridTasha: Heya Rob. Got my invite yet:)

Wow, speak of the devil…

But good ol' Robin was a polite, modest guy, and absolutely cannot be rude if someone asked that nicely. Well, maybe except for Slade. Or HIVE. Or Warp. Or Joker. Or Atlas. Or the Abominable Snowman. Or my sister. Or King Kong. Well, maybe not King Kong. Or Cinderblock. Or Plasmus. Or…

Well, at least she wasn't a villain… or was she?


Where did that come from?

Of course not!

Nightwing: Yeah…

TorridTasha: So you'll come?

Robin tried to think. Would he really risk that? What would the Titans say?

TorridTasha: You can bring friends, if you like…

This was a different situation. Think Robin, think…


Nightwing: I guess so. Okay…

TorridTasha: Cool! That's gonna be so awesome! Come in costume, wontcha?

Nightwing: Yeah…

TorridTasha: Um… so… do you want to go…

TorridTasha: With me?

Nightwing: Huh? What do you mean? Aren't you holding it at your house?

TorridTasha: Well, you know, maybe like, you and me… together?

Robin's fingers hovered over the keyboard. He bit his lip nervously.

What about his social status? What about his reputation? What about Raven… no, wait, weren't they fighting?

Hmm, on the other hand, it won't be good for his social status if he went to the hottest party of the year alone, and it was kinda expected for a cute guy like him (he wasn't being cocky, but fans would prove that) to go out one of the prettiest girls in school, and maybe…

Maybe he'd even make Raven jealous. After all, he might have been wrong about Tasha. She doesn't seem all that bad.

'Teehee,' Evil Inner Robin thought mischievously.

Nightwing: I'd love to, but he thing is: would YOU go with ME? ;)



The cool night air stung on his skin, and as he felt his motorcycle drum beneath his fingers on the handlebars, he couldn't have felt more alive.

Well, there was that time he kissed Raven on the cheek not so long ago…

'Wait, no, stop.' He warned himself. 'Tonight would be Me Time, and not even Raven would distract my thoughts from having fun at the party…

'Hmmm… I wonder what costume Raven will be wearing? Will she even wear a costume? Argghh, stop it!'

Just so he could feel EVEN MORE ALIVE, he closed his eyes and took his hands from the handlebars, then after hearing his cycle scrape against a truck and several beeps, he resumed the safety act.

Feeling alive was not worth being dead.

Still, there were other instances in his lifetime when he could have died, such as


"Titans, assemble!" He bellowed, and, three seconds later (record time) three of the Titans ASIDE from Robin was there. Raven passed through the floor a second later and glared at him.

"What is it, Rob? Trouble in the city?" Cyborg inquired anxiously.

"Er… no."

"Is Slade back?" Beastboy tried, a little jumpy.


"Are you not well, friend?" Starfire poked his side.

"NO!" He exclaimed, startled.

"Then what is it?" Raven asked icily.

Robin scratched at his nape. "Um, I kinda wanted to ask a favor from you guys…"

"Organize your crime files?"

"Wash your R-cycle?"

"Investigate the leads of Slade?"

"Kill you?"

"No, no, no, and…" He directed his dark gaze at Raven. "Definitely not.

"I wanted to ask you guys if… you'd like to go to a costume party on the 17th."

"That's it? I have better things to be doing with my time." Raven began to turn away, and Robin felt his blood boil.

"You're just JEALOUS, Raven!" Robin blurted aloud before he could stop himself. Raven's neck craned sharply to glower at him.

"Pardon, Boy Blunder?"

Unfortunately, Robin chose that day to turn on his stupid switch. "You're just jealous 'coz… 'coz I've made more friends than you, and people think I'm hotter 'coz you're nothin' but a… moody killjoy!"

You may be sick of this line from the last chapter, but it just happens when the two birds are fighting. Needless to say, a frosty, chilly kinda silence hung over the room.

It was Raven who spoke next, pulling her hood over her head, and if you looked closely, her eyes held a semblance of… hurting?

"I know we're not on the best terms right now, Robin, but I thought that, even then, you would have thought differently of me. I guess I thought wrong." She said it so softly, barely above a whisper, that Robin, not for the first time, immediately regretted what he said.

She began to walk to the door, but stopped just as it opened. "Oh, and just so you know, I have met someone. And he's the nicest guy I've ever met, and, for the most part, he also has the nicest hazel eyes I've ever seen." And she disappeared without a word.

That last remark stung, but he wouldn't let it show. He turned to the team, a fake smile plastered on his face.

"Toldya she was moody. So, anyone else wanna go?"

Cyborg, Starfire, and Beastboy looked like they were gonna have another brain/system/arfglarnck shutdown. Thankfully, it was only a warning.

"Uh-huh, sure."


"Affirmative, friend."

Well, he couldn't actually have died literally, but a nice, dramatic, theatrical inner death, like those gothic poets he saw on some websites (ahem). But seriously…

Raven's words had hurt him, and he was pretty sure his hurt her too.

Wow, talk about getting even.


It took Robin quite awhile to ponder what he was going as. So far, he had considered being: a Roman gladiator, a cowboy, a musketeer, a dragon, a prince, an armored night, and even himself. But those were far too horrendous… well, not really, but there might be a good chance someone else might turn up in them. So, after having a splash of creative inspiration, he decided on a costume cool enough for him.

He had bought the materials and worked on it in his room secretly, and we all know how good Robin can keep a secret. Thanks to a certain Alfred Pennyworth, he knew how to sew his own clothes, and thanks to a certain Dark Knight, he inherited a very advanced fashion sense, for superheroes anyway.

Well, this is what he came up with:

A black-and-blue themed ensemble, resembling Batman's own costume with the long tattered cape, but the golden belt was replaced by a silver one, and because Robin is not anytime soon nearing mid-life crisis remembered that underwear-goes-before-pants, a mistake that had cost Superman a good few "brief" jokes at his expense, and instead of the symbol of a bat that expanded through the chest, there was a navy-colored bird with extended wings that was not unlike the tattoo he sported on his back. A black, bird-shaped mask covered the usual domino one.

He gotta say he looks goo-ood. Yeah, baby.


Suddenly, because of his lack of awareness, he had not seen the truck coming right towards him! There was a blinding headlight; he lost control of the motorcycle, there was a loud, deafening honk, the sound of someone shouting, a brilliant flash, and then…


He couldn't even say that his last thoughts had been of her.

Raven's eyes snapped open from meditating, feeling a part of her soul being torn away.

And then the police found the body smashed under the tires of the eight-wheeler, and informed the Titans. Naturally, they spent a good jolly time of their lives grieving and mourning and whatnot but of course, Raven felt guilty the most and whatever and stayed locked up in her room mumbling stuff about Robin and then, finally, took a butcher knife from the kitchen and slashed her wrists and then she died and then they buried her and the Titans fell apart and they all died eventually.


But that would only happen in a parody-drama sorta story, and, if you checked, this piece of fiction is not under that category, because, if we were being REALISTIC, this is what really occurred:

Robin suddenly glanced at his surroundings and knew he was nowhere near the Roberts Manor at Lot 17 Cherry Street, Hillock Senior Estates, Jump City. Around him was, well, nothing actually, but that gave away the fact that he was…

He was lost.

"Just great,'" he muttered to himself.

"I'M LOST!" He wailed wearily, banging his head on the handlebars.


No sooner had he uttered it, a dark shadow appeared before him.

"M-mo-mommy!" He whimpered and sucked on his tongue, on the inside.

A figure came out of the silhouette and later revealed herself as Raven.

"R-ra-raven?" He stammered, shocked.

She raised her lowered head but didn't throw back the hood. "Don't wear it out."

"Why are you here?" he still wanted to know.

"I sensed you were in trouble and…"

Before he could say "Thank you" she continued.

"I remembered I owe you a ride."

"Oh. When was--?"

"Save your breath. I'll just show you," she touched his forehead with two of her fingertips and closed her eyes. Robin saw the images in his head, complete with surround digital sound.

She scanned the school parking lot for the T-Car, but to no avail.

"Damn! They left without me!" She exclaimed, exasperated. "Now how am I gonna get home?"

Robin started the R-Cycle. "Hey Raven! Think you can squish your cute little butt over here?"

She welcomed the remark with a glare. "Move over, Bird Boy."

Robin handed her an extra helmet, no doubt with the same "R" logo on it.

"Very befitting. Now, hold on tight unless you want to meet the man on the moon."

"Whatev--- eeeeeeeeeeek!" She cried out as Robin dashed forward before she could fix her position.

She clung to his waist, breathing heavily

"Toldya to hold on tight." He chuckled.

She pinched his arm.


"Just shut up and drive before I get a heart attack."

The scene ended abruptly as Raven grabbed his arm roughly.

"I don't want to talk. Just tell me where you're going and I'll take you there," she snapped hastily. Robin almost forgot how cold she could act if she wanted to.

"Um… I was heading for Tasha's party," he blushed involuntarily, mildly embarrassed.

She seemed passive. "Hold on to that heap you call a motorcycle and I'll transport us." She pulled him into the swirling vortex of doom, almost making him yelp, and a second later they were in front of a mansion with a lot of parked cars outside, and the blaring lights and music can be seen and heard from within.

She let go of him. "We're here."

"Thanks for the ride…"

"I already told you, I did it because I have to." She began to head in, which kind of surprised him.

"Aren't you gonna go home?" He asked. She merely scowled at him.

"FYI, someone asked me to this… party, of whatever you call it, and I merely obliged because I really like this guy…"

He hung his head. "Oh. Okay then. Have fun."

He was waiting for her reply, but heard something else.

"Hello there, Robin." Said a very sultry voice.

"Looks like you're the one who'll be having fun, Boy Blunder," Raven retorted. When he looked up, he saw Tasha and Raven locked in a glaring contest, with Tasha in a very… appealing (aka sexy) outfit. Raven preferred it be called vulgar.

"Well, looks like I'll be having a very interesting night," Robin told himself gloomily.

And so let the festivities begin!


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Gizmo: Gizmo to Jinx. Begin the first attack of the show.
Jinx: I thought that was Cinderblock in Divide and Conquer!
Gizmo: So? This episode aired first!
Robin: Titans! Go!
Cyborg: Um…don't buses normally have drivers?
Robin: And don't baby carriages normally have babies?
Flash (in carriage): How'd I get here?
Gizmo: (over hidden speaker) Are you pit-sniffers normally this stupid?
Raven: No, that's Beast Boy.
Beast Boy: headDESK
Seconds later…
Titans: xx
Gizmo: That was too easy. What a buncha cludge-heads. You guys want to get pizza?
Mammoth: Stop making up those words.
Robin: This isn't over!
Cyborg: We're just getting started!
Black Eyed Peas: Let's get it started!
Beast Boy: Who are these guys? And what's a cludge-head?
Gizmo: We are t3e HIVE!
Mammoth: Your worst nightmare!
Jinx: And this is Attack Pattern Alpha! Then the rest of the Greek alphabet!
Mammoth: What do you call an idiot with a rocket on his back?
Cyborg: Huh?
Gizmo: Doomed!
Starfire: Cyborg!
Jinx: You fight like a boy.
Gizmo: And you're gonna croak like a frog!
Raven: Once again, Beast Boy.
Beast Boy: Hah!
Mammoth: Mammoth's gonna make you extinct!
Robin: Robin's going to save Beast Boy!
Mammoth: Talking in third person is my thing.
Mammoth punches them
Beast Boy: Is it me, or are we getting our butts kicked?
Robin, Raven: It's just you.
Robin: Listen up, team. I have a plan.
Robin falls in hole
Beast Boy: Nice plan Robin! Come back later in the episode!

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