Disclaimer: The characters of Inuyasha are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, but this story belongs to me.

Chapter One: The Girl in the Mirror

September 21st

C'mon girl… you're smarter than this. Kagome scolded herself as she tapped her pencil against the textbook. The algebraic equations refused to make sense. In fact, if the teen didn't know any better, she would think that the numbers and letters were mocking her… rearranging themselves when she blinked so that nothing would make any sense.

"I bet you don't have these problems," Kagome said as she glared at the girl across from her. The girl glared back at her. "I bet you spend all day doing fun things, adventurous things. I bet you don't spend one second of your day thinking about stupid homework."

With a sigh she dropped her pencil to the desk and folded her hands, resting her chin on them. A small smile appeared on the other girl's face. They smiled at each other.

Kagome stared at the girl in the mirror. She wondered what kind of life she led. Was she plagued by endless piles of homework? Did she have a life filled with romance and adventure? Her reflection didn't answer any of the girl's questions. She only continued to stare back at Kagome with the same sad dark grey eyes.

With another, and slightly louder, sigh Kagome turned her attention back to her algebra homework.

I gotta stop letting my imagination run wild… one of these days I'll end up believing in these fantasies… kinda hard to get math done from a padded room, she told herself sternly and she attempted to focus.

Half an hour passes, and the algebra equations were no closer to magically come up with answers than they were before. In fact, every single one of her homework assignments were still in her To Do pile. Only one slip of paper was in her Finished section…and that hardly counted since it was a signed permission slip for the museum tour the next day.

"I can't concentrate!" she groans as she begins to slowly bang her head against the books on her desk. "I can do this though…. I know I can. Math is my best subject!"

She lays her head across her arms and looks sideways to the mirror. "Why can't I concentrate?" she asked the equally miserable girl in the mirror.

A nervous fluttering in her stomach caused Kagome to hop up from her chair and pace the room like a caged tiger. Why am I so nervous? There was something in the air that felt different. She sensed something exciting… something scary… but she couldn't put her finger on it. And it made no sense. After all… today was just the same as any other day. Ok… so maybe I'm a little more distracted today than usual… but that's it.

Kagome gave a little laugh than sat back down at her desk. She shoved the math book to the side and pulled out her Composition folder. With a grin she opened it up.

"Write a thousand word short story, subject of your choice," she read aloud. "Now this I can handle."

Writing stories has always been Kagome's passion. She wrote down her dreams, her fears, and her fantasies. Of course, she would change the characters names and ages, but each of her heroines of her stories was always Kagome.

Grabbing her laptop she hopped onto her bed, piling pillows in front of her to act as a makeshift desk. Without a moments hesitation her fingers flew across the keyboard. The story poured out, her fingers barely able to keep up. She wrote about the girl in mirror and the life she led on the other side of the mirror. She wrote about the girl who had her face, but lived a more exciting and adventurous life. Kagome tried to give the girl many names… but none of them seemed to suit her. In the end, the girl in the story remained nameless.

By the time she reached eight hundred words she realized that she had too much left to tell, so she spent the next two hundred words building the story to an exciting peak, and then leaving it with a "to be continued" type of ending.

With a yawn Kagome plugged the USB cord into the laptop and printed out her story. Her eyes could barely stay open, and she swore to herself that she could get math done between classes. Thank heavens that class is after lunch, or I'd be facing an F.