Just In Between
By Starian Princess

Kaoru finally thinks she's found the guy of her dreams as she takes her daily stroll at a nearby park. But walking back, she bumps into Soujiro- who makes her heart flutter and makes her want to say things that she doesn't even tell her best friend. As the two hit it off and everything goes perfect, Kaoru is invited over to Soujiro's house to have dinner with his family. But just what happens when she finds out that the dream guy she saw at the park is actually Soujiro's older brother?


Glaring up at the newly painted ceiling, I tried to stop the tears from falling down my already red cheeks. There were countless things I happened to not like about my life right now. For one thing, my family had to move to a new town two weeks ago right after Christmas break. Though this town isn't that far away from where we originally lived in, a move is still a move. This one happened to be a 5-hour drive so if ever my friends and I would plan a "spur of the moment party", it would have to be a 24-hour-before spur of the moment thing. Great, this ensured that I wouldn't be invited to one for a while.

Still, there were far worse things. Like the fact that I am now attending the second semester of my sophomore year at a school where everyone probably already knew each other since they were like preschoolers. Now that just wasn't fair! I would've had that if I'd stayed. I also would've still had my best friend, Misao if I had tried to persuade my parents a little better. Okay, maybe not but at least the thought of trying harder to beg for mercy would have satisfied me a bit more. It's not that we aren't best friends anymore, but we've been drifting apart and that was no doubt the effect of not seeing each other for a while. Things have gone just so wrong in the relationships department for me ever since I got here.

But that's not even the worst part yet. You see, a few minutes ago I was talking to my boyfriend, Kenshin on the phone and although I would have hoped that things would still be the same, in plain words they weren't. How can you be with someone if you don't see them as much as you used to? I miss him, I do. I miss the way he'd smile at me with those knowing purple eyes of his, and the way his long fiery red hair would casually bounce along with us as we'd take our morning jogs together. I really missed that. But I know what you're thinking. Hey, I could just take a 5-hour drive all the way back and meet him. Oh how wrong you are! My conversation with him a while ago didn't go so great. In fact, we broke up.And he says that he's in love with this really pretty girl in his class, Tomoe.

Really, that settles everything. I am never falling for seniors ever again! I wish I could go call Misao up right now and tell her how everything she's told me about them is right. But the thing is that I can't because of two reasons. One, I got into a big fight with her last week. And strikingly two, she's dating one of Kenshin's best friends who happens to be a senior right now. This also happens to be the reason why we got into a fight last week.