Sweet Misery

Written by FD (Forbidden Dystopia)

Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade nor its characters, no matter how hard I wish I owned Mystel.

Winter Blush

Sweet scents of flowers and water and grass grew heavy in the air. The grass was pure green and moist with the Winter dew. The trees were tall, leaving long shadows across the ground, the branches some what bare, leaves falling endlessly onto the ground, which was already covered by dew, frost, and leaves. The sky was clear blue, cloudless, and perfect. The blond boy smiled up at it, one thing on his mind. "How come this Winter looks like Autumn?"

The cool breeze flowing in the air, taking his long, golden braid with it. He ran his fingers through his bangs, sighing as the wind relaxed him. It was beautiful, really. How could something that was supposed to be so cold be so beautiful? He walked toward the trees where he trained and practiced endlessly, instead of the crowded and stuffed up BEGA building in which his teammates trained. He preferred the freed air, the endless fields, and the tall trees where he would leap from branch to branch. He enjoyed the freedom he had outside compared to the inside. It was his world.

He followed an alignment in the grass between the trees and found it came to a spring. Apparently, it was abandoned. Why not take a little dip for enjoyment? He smiled slightly before approaching the spring.

"This Winter is so crazy," came a soft, strong, yet feminine voice from the water running from the spring. Tall, slender Rika Micamura, or FD, which she was now called, was relaxing in the springs. She clutched the cloth that was wrapped around her and ducked her head beneath the warm, soothing water. Beads from the waterfall came under to her and tickled her soft cheeks like feathers. Smiling slightly, she broke the surface and sighed.

She looked up at the sky. It had been cool lately, and these hot springs her family owned. They were at first abandoned because the previous owner couldn't pay taxes and money. So, when her family bought the land, they ended up buying these springs. Now every afternoon, whenever FD got back from either school or swimming practice, she would spend her time in the springs, relaxing.

She kind of started a rumor about town that the land was haunted by the ghost of the previous owner because he was scared to death by the police, so people didn't even hang out in the woods surrounding the area. She sometimes smiled at what work she had concocted.

Peaceful as ever with the winter breeze, she ducked down again to warm up from the coolness of the air, and then broke the surface again. She felt lazy, all of a sudden. Tired, relaxed. She smiled and leaned back into rocks surrounding the spring. "Who would think of coming here?" she asked herself, and her eyes fell elegantly over her eyes. Darkness blinded her, and soon she fell into a dream.

The scenery around the springs was quite lovely. A wooden fence barricaded the springs, and the front door was blocked off. Only way to get in was to jump the fence. How wonderful. Mystel reached up over the top of the fence and pulled himself up. He lifted himself over the fence, and landed elegantly on one foot. He looked around and then blinked. He noticed, behind the steam drifting from the water, lying on the rocks, was a sketchpad and a black ribbon. Solid black, with white lining. He clenched the ribbon and looked around. This meant someone was here.

He looked at the sketchpad and picked it up. Whoever was here was quite an artist. He flipped through it, looking at all the pictures. One picture caught his attention. It was of the forest surrounding the springs, but there was a lot of shading beneath the trees. Inside that black was a set of eyes, like the ones from his mask. Maybe whoever drew this spotted him training one of those other days?

He placed the sketchpad down, careful not to get it wet, and looked around. He didn't see anyone. So he got on his knees and touched the water. Very warm. Almost burning hot. He quickly pulled his hand out and smiled. He removed his bird like mask and looked at it, the gold glittering in the Winter sun. Then he reached behind his head and undid his hair. It felt cool and warm all at once. He ran his hands through its long strands, separating its tangled mess. He smiled. A cool afternoon of training, a nice relaxing bath. He won both ways.

Yet his winning streak was interrupted when he heard a soft sigh. He looked over and gasped. There was someone there. He quickly turned and jumped over the fence, when his leg was caught and he fell hard on his back. "Ah!"

FD lazily opened her eyes and stretched with a longing sigh. That was a good nap. In fact, the most relaxing one she ever had. She stretched her limbs out and smiled. She swam to the other side of the springs and reached up the rock for her ribbon. It was gone. She looked down and saw that her sketchpad was in a different spot than where she put it, open, and flipped to a picture she drew a couple of days ago. She remembered she was exploring the forest around the springs then, a summer aura around her, sun high in the sky, warm weather, the trees tall and filled with green and yellow leaves, the shadows even darker. She remembered being inspired drawing the picture, but there was something in the trees that caught her eyes. Eyes, ruby red, sparkling in the sun. She never found out whom those eyes belonged to, but what she did remember was there was four of them.

She put her hands on the rocks, pulling herself out with enormous strength. Deciding whether to stay in the water, she got out and stretched, tightening the white cloth around her slender body, clinging to her. She saw something flash in the sunlight. What was that? She thought. She approached the fence. Though as tall as she may be, the fence was even taller.

She reached up and grasped the wooden planks. Lifting herself up, she groaned as the sharp corners dug into her abdomen. But what happened next was so much worse. Silver gray met azure blue. For a split second, the world surrounding her seemed to have stopped, her breath caught in her chest, her eyes widened. The water beneath her did not dare ripple, and the air seemed to have stopped circulating. The atmosphere grew tense, and then, like a booming voice….

"AAARRGGGHHH! YOU PERVERT! YOU JACKASS!" FD screamed, as she reached over and struck the young man across the face. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!"

The blond seemed quiet, and his silence only angered her more. Growling and screaming, FD narrowed her eyes and gave the startled man a once over. He was on his knees, rubbing his neck with one hand. His clothing was strange and interesting. Looking up, she actually felt her breath get caught in her throat, cold like ice. She had caught up glimpse of his eyes. They're so beautiful, she thought. Crystal, azure, with a slight mischievous look, and his hair, spun over his shoulders, beautifully golden like thread. The bangs straight, while the back strands were wavy as they fell along his back. The object that really grasped her attention for the moment was the metal item, which was resting on his head. Golden, like a bird mask, but its eyes she recognized. Ruby red, sparkling in the sun like gems. She felt her face grow redder as she took in his whole appearance. He was so dreamy, she thought. She couldn't stop looking at him, from both anger and embarrassment, and admiration.

Reality, though, hit her hard in the face. She bent over and reached toward him, wanting to slap him hard again. She was only clothed in a small bathing outfit, a white, tight, clinging to the body, soaked to the bone outfit. She wanted to hit him so hard. "YOU PERVERT!" she screamed again, trying hard to have her hair cover what he could possibly see.

The blond blinked and shook his head in an amazed state. He could only stare at the girl in front of him. Her screams shook him by surprise and he blinked to find himself looking up into a pair of silver, gorgeous orbs narrowed in anger and embarrassment, glaring at him dangerously. Her long, silky, lusciously black hair was wisped around her shoulders and frame, making her look even more stunning. Her long, curved eyelashes hovered over the gray pools in her eyes. Her tanned skin had beads of warm water running off it, and the blond only wished he could lick them off. Her voice was beautiful, and beautiful she was, as his eyes left her face and trailed downwards toward her body. She was so tall, slender curves around her small waist, and ample chest that stuck out in front of her, barely coverable by the cloth that stretched around it.

As he stared at her, his throat became parched and dry. He couldn't talk. All he could do was gaze and be astonished by the beauty in front of him. However, that was soon corrected as something hit him hard on the top of his head, jerking him out of his thoughts and fantasies. He had just realized that the girl had thrown something at him.

"HEY!" he yelled at her, standing back up, rubbing his head.

"Well, I finally am happy u woke up from your daydream. How was it? Did your fantasies please you enough!" she growled low in her throat, anger building in her voice. He could hear it. "Will you please get out of here!"

"Why should I?" wrong choice of words, you ass, the blond thought. The girl became more angered.

"YOU PERVERT! YOU ASSHOLE! HOW DARE YOU!" she screamed as she chucked another rock at him. He jumped out of the way, but he stumbled over the roots in the ground and landed hard on his side. He got back up as the woman continued throwing objects at him, stumbling repeatedly stuff, holding his hands up over his head so as not to be hit.

"AH! Stop throwing things at me! It was an accident!" he yelled over her screaming.

His foot was caught in a loop in the ground formed by the roots and he stumbled over and hit the ground hard. Pain shot up into his leg, and he hissed in pain.

"I'm only going to tell you again! Get out!" the girl yelled, approaching him.

"I can't!" the blond yelled back at her, pain screaming inside his leg.

"Why?" she asked angrily.

"Thanks to you, I just sprained my ankle!" he yelled.

Suddenly, the expression in her eyes changed. She looked from his eyes full of pain to his ankle that he was clutching. It was swelled and red. She sighed sadly. The boy tried to back up, trying to stand up to leave. Then pain syringed his whole leg and he hissed when he applied pressure to it and fell back down to his knees, clutching his ankle.

"Damn it…" he muttered. The pain was too strong to ignore. Then he felt a hand on his back. Warm, soft, caressing. He looked up and saw the girl kneeling down to him.

"Here, let me see," she said. He backed up and she carefully pulled his leg out for her to get a better view. She stared at it for a moment, and then looked up into his eyes. There was a different emotion in her eyes. Instead of anger and embarrassment, it was concern and another emotion. One he did not recognized.

"Your ankle shows repeative injuring. What do you do?" she asked him, not looking into his eyes, but at his ankle. He didn't answer. She then shrugged off his silence and placed a hand over his ankle, causing him to hiss in pain. "Oh, stop, you'll be fine. It's not that bad of an injury. You'll be fine in a day or so."

He looked at his ankle. How could she tell there was repeative damage? Was she a doctor of some sort?


"I wish I had something to wrap it up in. Like that ribbon of mine," she said sadly. Ribbon? He reached into inside his clothes and pulled out the ribbon he found.

"This?" he asked her.

She looked at the ribbon and a small smile crossed her face. She picked up the ribbon and began to wrap it around his ankle.


"Yes?" he asked her. She seemed curious about something. She was a completely different person all of a sudden.

"Where are you from?"

"You're rather nosy for a psycho girl," he teased.

She sighed sadly and pulled the ribbon tighter, earning a hiss of pain. Then she smiled again. "Oops. I'm sorry. I thought that was your mouth," she glared at him. He faked a laugh, and then looked away. Silence surrounded them once more and she was about done bandaging his ankle.


The blond nearly jerked his leg away when he heard the female speak.


"FD. My name is FD…" she spoke again.

He nodded, and there was another moment of silence. She groaned angrily and then finished with his ankle. Then she stood up, and helped him back up. She helped him rest against the tree, and he sighed as he checked his ankle. No more pain, but there was that tight feeling around his leg due to the ribbon.


"I'm sorry, what?" the girl said, looking at him, trying to avoid his eyes.

"The name's Mystel."

She smirked and looked away. Was she laughing? "You have a problem with my name?" he asked angrily.

"No, no. In fact, I like it." Her eyes were sparkling now. Was it the sunlight, or something else? He took a step forward, and then realized his leg was fine. He looked down at it, then back up into her eyes.

"You did a good job. Thanks. Listen that was an accident, earlier. I thought no one was here, and then I heard someone sigh and tried to leave, but I was caught on the fence. I'm really sorry," he said. Then she smiled.

"It's okay. I kind of overreacted. Not your fault," she said. "But as a heads-up, I do come here every afternoon. My family owns this place."


"Yeah. The previous owner abandoned it because he couldn't pay the taxes, and when my family bought the land, they accidentally bought the springs. I've been coming here every afternoon, now," she explained. He smiled.

"Must be kind of cool, having your own hot springs," he said.

"Yeah, it's okay. A nice place to relax after swimming," she spoke.

"You swim? Even in the winter?"

"Yeah. It's an all-year thing. I can't stop."

He shook his head, then noticed how more beautiful her eyes were. Almost hypnotic. So deep, so beautiful, endless beauty that swam deeper and deeper into the dark silver unknown. They were kind of forcing him to do things he didn't necessarily wanted to do. Or did he?

He found himself walking towards her in long strides, grabbing her by the shoulders, staring into her eyes. His instincts seemed to have taken over as the woman's eyes gazed into his, pulling him closer, captivating him in an endless gaze. He didn't understand then, and still doesn't to this day. He just knew that he was pulling her closer and leaning into her, forcing her, capturing her in a passion-filled kiss.

FD was startled. In fact, she would have collapsed right there to her knees if he hadn't held her up in his embrace. If someone had told her that a stranger would kiss her today, FD would have responded with a sarcastic remark, like "yeah, and I'll marry that person on the same day." But they would have been right. A stranger who she thought was a total pervert at first was embracing and kissing her, like as if they had been together for years. And it was hard to push him away, not physically, but more emotionally. She wanted him to go away, yet she wanted him to stay all at once. The way he held her, the way he kissed her was completely different from what any guy has done to her. And she would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it.

It was the same deal for him. It hurt him inside, kissing her, yet a strange emotion lingered deep in his chest, telling him to hold her tighter, to kiss her harder, and to never let go. How he wanted to never let go. To never release her. Keep her in his arms. Yet it was he was pulled away. He knew it hurt her, but from the light red that formed beneath her eyes, she had become a winter. A blushing winter wonder girl. It was harder to let go of her. She was so warm, so soft, like feathers. He leaned a little closer, the scent of flowers from her hair drifting into his nostrils. Her calming, warm body wrapped around his waist, causing him to blush, yet he returned it.

"I'm sorry…FD…" he pulled away, and took one look at her before turning away and running from that spot. He could still feel her warmth around him, her stare on him as he ran from her. His face burning beneath his eyes. His hands shaking. His voice was low and hoarse thanks to the kiss. Yet, deep down, he didn't want it to end. He wished inside that he could go back and kiss her again. But he couldn't…. But he knew he would see her again some day….