When You Say You Love Me

"No, you've got to be kidding!" the blonde Egyptian replied. Before him was two boys, one with burning red hair and dazzling, cerulean eyes smiled at him cheerfully, while beside him an older one with navy blue hair and auburn eyes hidden behind crimson sunglasses. The Egyptian was more surprised by what he was told than he had been a couple of weeks ago when he found out FD was anorexic. Poor girl, but now he had just been informed by these two young men that his girlfriend had become even more of a powerful blader than what he had seen.

"We're not, Mystel. Rika has gotten a lot stronger than before. I haven't seen a power like that," Hitoshi, the older boy, spoke in a stern and strict, almost authority voice. He seemed a little tense as he spoke with Mystel.

"FD has grown quite powerful, almost brutal," Brooklyn, the red head, spoke. "Like her idol, Bernard Coy."

"Who?" Mystel asked.

"Bernard Coy. Not surprised that you don't know him. FD won't tell anyone she idolizes him. He was an inmate at Alcatraz that plotted a big and desperate attempt to escape the escape-proof island of a prison. That crisis went on for three days, and had to call in the Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. FD idolizes him, for some reason," Brooklyn spoke. Hitoshi and Mystel looked at him in a concerned and questionable way.

"Okay…but are you serious about how strong she became?" Mystel asked.

"Yeah, her opponent's blade was nothing but broken fragments. About a thousand rained on him, and she struck such fear into him, he won't sleep at night in the dark. Poor kid," Hitoshi pronounced.

"Why? FD's blade isn't darkness, like Brooklyn's. It holds the light element," Mystel spoke.

"Yeah, but something about it wasn't right. It was light, but the power was so brutal, so destructible, like it was a demonic power," Hitoshi pronounced. He looked at the boy beside him, and then thought for a while. Then he snapped his fingers in idea. "Did you notice this?"

This question was mainly towards Mystel, but Brooklyn mistook it for him.

"Notice what?" he asked.

"You…and Rika. You guys are complete opposites," he spoke.

"Yeah, so?" Mystel asked.

"That's where the power comes from. Brooklyn appears innocent, kind, and nice, like an angel, while his bitbeast represents darkness, evil, destruction, and rage, like a demon. Now, take Rika. She's dark, mysterious, somewhat scary, and puts off the aura of a demon, right? Well, her bitbeast represents light, purity, sanctity, and protection, like an angel. Both Rika and Brooklyn have inside them emotions never revealed and the bitbeasts draw on our emotions for power and strength. The more emotions building up inside Rika, the more powerful Ra becomes," Hitoshi explained. He left both boys in confusion and questionability.

"Okay…" Mystel spoke, still stuck on what Brooklyn said about Alcatraz. Brooklyn heard him, he just didn't hold any emotion of understanding or concern. He mostly was worried about FD. She hadn't been seen or heard from since the day before. Mystel was worried, also. He could tell. Normally they would have heard something from her by now, but she hadn't called or anything. Brooklyn exchanged looks with Mystel, and then thought that maybe he should be the one to seek the young woman out.

The night was cold and a chilling breeze hung in the air as it seeped through into the open and dark bedroom. The draping curtains flowed gracefully upon the concrete flooring of the balcony trailing from the railing and retreating into the room. A young woman was found on her queen-sized bed, cross-legged on the surface of it, a book propped open on her knees while her silver, moon-like eyes trailed over the petit and dark typed words of the book. Upon the cover of the book, being covered by one of the girl's small, delicate hands was a picture of a rusty, old-looking, white, abandoned prison on a small island. In bold letters, spelled across the cover in white were the words "Battle at Alcatraz." As the girl read the book, her perfectly formed red lips parted slightly, breathing in some of the cool air that flowed through. The cold breeze captured in her long black hair and billowed it perfectly behind her tense and hidden back.

It had been so long since she had read this book before. She had been so busy and stressed out she never had some alone time to herself and finish this book that she bought three years ago. The author of the book, Ernest B. Lageson, not only signed the book for her, but was the son of a man who was caught in the conflict of the book. She idolized one of the persons who partake in this part of Alcatraz inmate, former inmate Bernard "Bernie" Coy, who not only plotted the scheme, but also holds much resemblance to one of her favorite present day actors, Hugh Laurie. Unfortunately for her, Coy was killed by the end of the crisis of Alcatraz and is not alive to this day, nor are the five other inmates that partook in it, Joseph Cretzer, Sam Shockley, Marvin Hubbard, "Buddy" Thompson, and Clarence Carnes. Clarence Carnes was the only surviving inmate that wasn't persecuted in the murder trials that took place after nor shot in the crisis. He survived the whole ordeal, but died of AIDS by the age of sixty-one.

As she turned the page of the book to come to another, she heard a soft rustling sound come from the trees beyond her room balcony. Was someone there? She closed the book, setting it down beside her, and approached the open window, hoping not to be taken by surprise. The cool night breeze greeted her gently as she stepped out onto the balcony, and then screamed as a pair of ruby eyes stared at her from the darkness. She fell back onto the flooring of the balcony, landing hard on her back. A painful groan escaped her lips as she looked up into the shadows of the trees to see the eyes smiling at her from a gold mask that reflected off the moonlight. Golden blond bangs hovered over the mask, while a golden braid swung behind the figure in the gentle wind. He smiled cheerfully at her as he stepped from the tree branch he was standing on and onto the marble railing.

"Lovely night, isn't it, FD?" he asked her sweetly. She rolled her mooneyes towards the pitch-black sky, and then stood up. She looked around towards the other balconies a few feet from hers, and sighed. The rooms were pitch-black, also. One even had soft, soothing sounds escaping from a small box inside. The sounds resembled that of a recording of the ocean. Alexis' room always had that playing at night when she was stressed out during the day. Then she turned to her boyfriend with a bit of frustration flowing through her eyes. She didn't know why she was suddenly so excited with anger and rage, she just was. Luckily, thanks to a bit of her mother's help years ago, FD was able to contain herself from speech of what could devastate Mystel.

"You shouldn't be here," she spoke softly to him. Mystel smiled as he hopped silently from the railing and approached her carefully. He didn't heed her words, but simply shrugged them off and reached over to touch her face. His hand came up over her ear and stroke downwards on her cheek. His warm touch soothed her chilling and red face. She couldn't help but let out a soft moan from the comfort and love she obtained from his touch.

"I had to see you tonight. I missed you," he spoke. He was so close to her, her heart quickened its own pace in her chest. Her chest was hurting extraordinarily. His hand moved from her face to her lips, and she quickly pulled away from him. This brought confusion and concern to his hidden azure eyes.

"Never trust a man who can bring you to your knees."

That was a warning her mother gave her. One of the warnings she gave before she was taken away from her. FD remembered well of how that happened. Memories of the last moments she had with her mother were so clear in her mind, it was as if it happened just yesterday instead of five long and scary years. FD pulled back from this side of her mind, hoping someday they would be either buried deep in a hidden and forgotten spot of her heart or fade completely away.

"What's wrong?" Mystel asked. He was close again. She could feel faint warmth from his breathing on her. It welcomed her. Damn, this was too much, too deep. She held back, hoping he wouldn't get closer. She was more worried today than any day before. Actually, she was more worried that Mystel would….

No! He wouldn't do that! She trusted him with her life, her heart. He wouldn't dare. Besides, he was younger than her. If he ever did try, she would just snap his arm in half like a twig. However, she loved him, she wouldn't try to hurt him.

"FD, I need to know something," Mystel's voice broke her thoughts, and she looked up at him as he removed his mask to reveal his gorgeous, azure eyes, which were filled in the empty shadows with confusion and concern.

"What is it?" she asked, fearing this could turn out wrong. Nevertheless, what helped her to calm down was that Mystel carefully took her by the shoulders and brought her close, embracing her on the lips by his own. This was a friendly, assuring kiss, and when he pulled away, he spoke again.

The closed white curtains opened just slightly so to look out into the dark woods before the closed off balcony. The glass was cool and prevented the breeze from fluttering into the warm and darkened room. A young girl sat on the floor, her slender legs stretched out, yet bent slightly under her to make her comfortable in her position. Her hazel green eyes were filled with anxiety and anticipation. She was shivering from excitement as she looked onto the next balcony beside hers. There she saw them.

Two figures she easily recognized. The oldest was a young and beautiful woman with long, billowing black hair and her moonlike silver eyes sparkling in the darkness of her face. Before her was a younger boy with dark skin, yet his golden mask shimmered in the moonlight, while his gold hair billowed in the shadows, his outfit quite peculiar, like Egyptian. Mystel and her older sister, FD.

Her short brown hair fell slightly over her face, making her even more concealed in the shadows of her room. They couldn't see her, but lucky for her, she could see them. Her balcony always fell on direct sight of her sister's. She still loved her sister, and always will. But lately she was feeling a bit…angry. She was always looked upon as second best compared to her. She wasn't nearly as pretty, wasn't nearly as smart, and nearly as talented. She didn't have FD's perfect figure, her ample chest, her sparkling yet mysterious eyes, her perfect black hair, her lovely laugh. She didn't know as many languages of FD, she didn't understand math and history as well as her, she didn't do that well in Language Arts and Science, and she wasn't taking as many advanced classes as her. She didn't know how to draw and paint as well as her, she didn't know how to play instruments like her, she wasn't a cheerleader, she wasn't as perfect as her sister.

Alexis couldn't believe that her sister just "accidentally" makes all the guys around her fall in love. She had to be trying something. Her sister always got on her nerves, always received privileges over her. Already she knows how to drive, she's allowed to be alone with a boy in her room, she's allowed to drink alcohol on certain occasions, she's allowed to go to concerts alone. She just got everything in the world while Alexis bit on her bottom lip in order to hold in the feeling of frustration and anger building up inside her. She couldn't believe her. Her sister was all alone on her balcony with a boy, and Chuck wasn't going to do anything. She needed to prove to everyone FD wasn't as great as everyone believed her to be. She was never going to be what everyone thought she was. That…bitch!

Alexis' body tensed up, her fist clenching the white cloth of the curtain with anger bulging to the surface. Her nails dug through the material, but she didn't care. She clenched her teeth, holding in the strange emotion inside. She loved her sister…she wanted her to live…she just wanted her to see what she had to go through these years. She wanted her sister to understand the pity she got, the grief she got.

She released the curtain and it fell softly to the floor. A sinister plan came to mind, and Alexis smiled malevolently as this plan came to life in her own mind.