A/N: This was the original ending to Another's Eyes. I changed it because I felt that it went on too long and made Morgan too much of a pity case. But I posted it here for those of you who are curious to know how it could have been.


I turned my head, seeing her standing by some of the cryo chambers. How had she made it here so quickly?

"Raven!" Beast Boy and Cyborg exclaimed together, rushing over to greet her.

"Raven," Robin said, much more softly. He pushed his way through the other two guys, suddenly squeezing her in a tight hug.

The violet-haired girl seemed surprised and a bit embarrassed. "Nice to see you, too," she said. Her eyes peered at me from over Robin's shoulder, taking in everything about me. After a moment, when Robin finally let her go, she gave me a soft smile.

The guys began to talk rapidly to her, telling her about all the things that she missed and wanting to know what happened. The warmth from the blanket surrounded me, and my eyelids began to droop. Now that all of my adrenaline had worn off, I was so tired.

"You can lie me down," I murmured to Starfire, my eyes comfortably closed. "I'll be just fine." If she replied, I didn't hear it before I fell asleep.

The guys began to talk rapidly to her, telling her about all the things that she missed and wanting to know what happened. The warmth from the blanket surrounded me, and my eyelids began to droop. Now that all of my adrenaline had worn off, I was so tired.

"You can lie me down," I murmured to Starfire, my eyes comfortably closed. "I'll be just fine." If she replied, I didn't hear it before I fell asleep.

I dreamt of Slade. Not the Slade that I had met—the one that offered me a meal, but the Slade that the Titans had told me about—the cruel, sadistic killer.

He appeared from the darkness, and even though his face was masked, I knew that he was smirking underneath it.

"Welcome back, Subject H-4," he spoke smoothly.

Rage boiled within me. If I'd still had Raven's powers, I would have been able to turn Slade to cinders. Alas, even my dreams didn't grant me the satisfaction.

"I'm so glad you found a way to return to the living," he continued. "Now that you've proven my experiment to be a success, I can use it to my advantage."

"That's bullshit," I snapped. "You're dead—the Titans told me that Terra took you out." As soon as the words were out, my face paled. I had been dead, too.

He chuckled. "Thank you for making all this possible. I've learned so much from you."

I ran forward, ready to pummel him with all I had, but he stepped back into the darkness, leaving me with my wrath.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The noise was steady, and it cut through my sleep. My eyelids fluttered open, resting on the ugly white ceiling tile before scanning my surroundings.

I was in a hospital. Not the Tower's infirmary, but Jump City General Hospital. The door to my room was shut, but I could hear people passing by outside. Machines behind me continued beeping and blinking, registering various vital signs. A nasal tube pushed air into my lungs and an IV ran into my arm. A monitor was clipped to my index finger, and I could feel wires and sticky pads all over my chest. I wore a hideous and generic blue hospital gown.

Not everything was bad, though. A table beside the window overflowed with flowers of all colors. Groups of balloons taped to the walls. A giant banner that said "Get Well Soon" hung over the flowers. And a cherry, obviously not-hospital-owned, yellow blanket rested on top of me.

But how had I ended up here? The last thing I remembered was simply going to sleep after my exhausting morning. What was I doing in the hospital?

My hands obeyed me this time, and I was able to lift them and push back the blanket. I felt a tiny bit stiff and achy, but it was wonderful to be back in my own body again. I felt like Dorothy after she returned to Kansas, just feeling amazed by everything and eternally grateful.

I turned, putting my slipper-socked feet on the floor and slowly standing up. I wondered if the collection of wires and gizmos would let me reach one of the nearby roses. I reached my fingers out slowly, feeling the wires tighten on me.

Suddenly the door opened, and I jumped back like a kid caught red-handed with her hand in the cookie jar.

Raven stepped into the room, her purple eyes wide with surprise as she gazed at me. For a moment, neither of us moved. For a month I had only seen that face in the mirror, and now there was no mirror to be found. She was dressed in one of her uniforms, complete with the cloak and the weird shoes. All back to normal.

And there I was, standing in a flimsy hospital gown.

"You're awake," she said, stating the obvious. I'd heard her dispassionate voice so many times in my head, but it sounded so foreign this time as it came from the other side of the room.

I didn't know what to say, so I only nodded.

"I only left for a moment to go get a drink," she said. "Figures that you'd wake up at that time."

"You…You were watching over me?" I asked, my voice a wee bit squeaky.

She blushed for a second, nodding. "I wanted to. You took take care of me when I was gone; I figured that I could return the favor and look after you."

My knees began to wobble, and I figured it was time to sit back down. As I began to slowly sit, Raven rushed to my side to help me.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, colors swimming before my eyes for a second. "I guess I'm just not ready to be running marathons yet."

I leaned back on the pillows, and Raven helped me get my legs back under the blanket. I was too grateful to be particularly embarrassed. I could feel my body sink into the comfortable surroundings. Maybe I'd overdone it by standing like that.

"What am I doing in here?" I asked.

She pulled out her communicator instead of answering. "Titans, this is Raven. Come in."

"We read you," Beast Boy's voice said from the device. "What's up?"

"Morgan's awake," Raven replied.

"AWESOME!" BB shouted so loud that the communicator's speakers crackled a bit. "We'll be right there. Beast Boy out."

"He seems excited," I said as she put the gadget away.

"I think they all will be," she said.

My gaze drifted around the room again. "Did you guys do all this decorating?"

She brushed her hair behind her ear, nodding. "Starfire, mostly. She thought that the colors would provide good energy to wake you up."

My eyebrows furrowed as I focused back on Raven. "Wake me up? How long was I out?" I could feel the tension winding around my stomach like a vice. It hurt.

Raven looked like she didn't want to be answering this question. "Just a few days," she said simply.

I knew that there was more to it. If I had just simply been sleeping, they would have kept me in the Tower instead of moving me to the hospital. I wanted to ask a hundred questions, but the expression on Raven's face told me that I should wait. I pushed it out of my mind, the pain in my abdomen slowly subsiding.

"You look good," I said with a small smile. "That outfit looks better on you than it did on me."

She gave a soft laugh at my joke. That alone made me feel better. Raven didn't seem like the type of girl who laughed much.

"Well, it took a while to find my uniforms," she returned. "My closet was full of all these other clothes. It seems like you did a lot of shopping."

My cheeks flushed. "Maybe I got a little carried away. I didn't mean to mess things up for you. I swear that I tried to be very proper when it came to your things and your body. I always understood that the whole situation was a mistake."

"It's okay," she replied. With a wave of her hand, she used her magic to pull up a chair alongside the bed. "But I have all the clothes ready for you when you get out."

I shook my head. "Those clothes won't fit me. Please, give them a second chance—especially the 'kacey' jeans and the black sweater. But give whatever you don't want to the homeless shelter, okay?"

She nodded, her eyes clouded over with the mixed emotions again.

"By the way," I began, "I hear that I owe you my life. That you contacted the others after I did the spell."

"I did," she acknowledged. "When the spell was happening, I was aware of your thoughts—of what was going on. That's how I knew what had happened and to call the team."

"Thank you," I said. "I was so busy trying to keep my actions a secret that I didn't think of what would happen if the spell actually worked. I would have drowned." I smoothed the blanket with flattened fingers. "By the way, I didn't mean to leave you in Parasite's grasp."

"I know," she said. "When the spell worked, we got blown apart. I was able to get up and get out of there."

"But, did he still have control over your powers?"

"No, you managed to block that. I think his body was a little overloaded because of the two occupants in one body."

I was so relieved to hear this. I'd worried so much about these things. "That's what I was counting on!"

"Let's get you cleaned up before everyone gets here," Raven said as she stood and moved into the bathroom. I heard her rummaging around for a bit and running some water.

She returned with a small plastic tub of warm water and a little bag. She set these on my bedside table, rolling it closer. She dipped a washcloth into the water, then gave it a squeeze before she handed it to me.

I took the cloth, rubbing it all over my face. It felt so good. I could just imagine scrubbing years of cryogenic buildup off my skin. Then I ran it down my arms.

Raven took a comb out of the accessory bag and began to run it through my hair.

"You don't have to do that," I said.

"I don't mind," she replied.

"But I feel silly."

"Please. You've seen my naked body—that makes me feel silly."

I turned a bright shade of red, suddenly very focused with the action of washing my arms and legs.

We didn't talk. I wasn't sure what we would have talked about, anyway. I didn't really know Raven at all, which was strange considering our circumstances.

By the time I had washed every part of me that I could and still be modest, I found myself getting a bit tired. Maybe I was trying to do too much at once. I'd been through an awful lot lately.

"Are you okay?" Raven asked, gazing down at me.

"Yeah," I nodded. She kept asking that and giving me those concerned glances. It was starting to unnerve me.

"You look nice," she said.

I gave a soft smile. "Thank you."

The door opened, and the Titans bustled into the room. Starfire was first, her fist holding the strings to a fresh bunch of Mylar balloons. The others followed close behind. All of them spouted greetings at once, making my head swim a little bit.

Starfire rushed up to me, hugging me tightly. "Friend Morgan! It is joyous that you are well!"

Cyborg came around the other side of the bed, also giving me a hug. "She's a tough girl!"

I could tell that Beast Boy wanted to get in on the hugginess, too, but there was no room with both sides of the bed taken. So he changed into a floppy-eared dog, jumped up onto the bed, and ducked under their arms to lick my face.

"I think you guys are going to put her back in intensive care," Robin said. The three quickly jumped away from me like I had shocked them; Beast Boy jumped down and changed back into his human form. All of them blushed at their enthusiasm.

Robin came up to me, giving me a hug, too. "I thought we told you not to do anything stupid," he said into my ear.

"I'm sorry," I said, returning the hug. "I didn't know what else to do."

I suddenly realized something odd. My girly, crush-like feelings were gone. Completely gone!

As Robin stepped back, my eyes fell on Raven, who was pretending to be very occupied with the new balloons.

Those feelings hadn't been mine at all, I suddenly realized. They were Raven's. She's in love with him!

I was so taken aback by this revelation that I didn't notice that a nurse had stepped into the room until she was right beside my bed. The others became very quite as she checked the machines and made a few notations on a clipboard.

"Don't excite her too much, you guys," she said with a smile. "I'll send a doctor in a few minutes." Then she was gone.

"Wha-what happened to me?" I asked, my mind drifting back to the concept that I was in the hospital and had apparently been unconscious for several days. "I thought everything was fine after the spell…"

No one wanted to look at me for a moment. Then Cyborg spoke, "You went into cardiac arrest."

My eyebrows flew up high. "You mean a heart attack? But I'm just a kid! Kids don't get--"

"Mor, you nearly drowned," Beast Boy said solemnly.

"Nearly," I emphasized. "Starfire saved me!"

"It was still a bit much for your system," Raven said.

"We almost lost you," Cyborg spoke. "We got you here just in time."

I took in this information, my hand lifting to my chest. I could feel the tiniest of bumps under my fingertips, and I lifted the neckline of my shirt, peering down the front. I could see brownish-red burns on my skin.

"The defibrillator burned you," Beast Boy explained quietly.

I released my shirt, letting my mouth hang open stupidly for a moment. "But, I'm okay, right? No more heart attacks for me?"

"No more heart attacks," Robin confirmed. "You'll be okay."

Suddenly all of their communicators began to beep, signaling that an enemy was attacking the city. They exchanged glances at Robin took out his communicator and looked at it. "Dr. Light," he muttered.

"Go on," I said. "I'll be fine."

He nodded. "Titans, GO!" he shouted. They quickly fled the room.

I scooted down a bit, letting the pillows swallow me as I brought the blanket up over my shoulder. The room suddenly felt very empty and cold.

Cardiac arrest. What else was in store for me? What was I going to do when I left the hospital?

Beast Boy abruptly entered the room, wheezing for breath. "By…the way," he gasped, "We wanted…you to know…that you…can stay…at the Tower…for a while." Then he was gone as quickly as he had appeared.

I couldn't help but smile.

The Titans pretended that it hadn't been a problem to get me out of the hospital, but I knew that it was. I'd even heard several of them arguing with my doctor and hospital staff, but I couldn't make out all of the details.

"That is a very sick girl!" someone had shouted.

"Yes, but there's nothing your hospital equipment can do to get her better at this point."

"We're her family!"

"You're a bunch of kids!"

"We're Titans!"

In the end, the Teen Titans were granted permission to take me back to the Tower. It was very strange to not be in Raven's room now, but they had fixed me up a room of my own before my arrival. They'd painted the walls in pink and yellow, and given me a four-poster bed. Plus, I swear that it had the largest window in the entire building, which let me look out over both the sea and the city. I often left the curtains open so that the first light of morning would stir me.

I didn't have a lot of energy, though, and sometimes the smallest activity would wipe me out. I knew that there was more to my illness than what I had been told. Some mornings my pillowcase would be brownish-red with dried blood; blood would also appear in my urine or come up when I coughed. I would run out of breath often, or lights and colors would swirl before my eyes. Every day they took a blood sample from me or ran an MRI. But no one ever said anything to me about what was going on.

It was very weird to be in my body in the Titan tower, though. I was taller now than I had been, and my knees bumped into furniture on a regular basis. And it was weird to be without Raven's powers. The worst part was when the Titans left to go fight crime and left me behind.

To keep myself from feeling like a charity case, I asked Cyborg to teach me how to run some of the systems so that I could help the Titans out while they were in the field.

I was happy to be there. They did all they could to show me that I was their friend. Raven and I spent hours talking about various dimensions and my experience with death. But things just weren't the same, though, and I wanted to know why. I knew they were hiding something from me, and I knew it had to do about my medical condition.

One morning, while Robin was in the middle of my daily blood-draw, I decided to speak up.

"When are you guys going to tell me the truth?" I asked, watching as the blood slowly filled the tube.

"What are you talking about?" he said.

"About what is wrong with me."

His eyebrows furrowed as he removed the needle and placed a piece of gauze over the puncture. I held the gauze to the spot, holding my arm in the air to slow the blood flow. He began to dispose of various items in the red trash bag nearby. "Nothing's wrong with you."

"I'm not stupid!" I scoffed. "I know that something is wrong! I see things swirling in front of my eyes. I get sharp pains. Blood appears in the weirdest places. Sometimes it feels like my insides are crumbling away. What is it?"

He pulled off his plastic gloves and threw them away, then put his green gloves back on. Then he said still and quiet for a moment. "Your body isn't handling the reanimation very well," he said softly.

I absorbed that, waiting for him to say more. When he didn't, I said, "Okay. What does that mean?" He still didn't respond. He wouldn't even look me in the eye. That's when I realized that I knew what it meant. "It means that I'm dying, doesn't it?" I asked.

There was a pause before he nodded. He still wouldn't look at me. "We can't figure out why, but your body is…is…degenerating."

Degenerating. A nice way of saying that I was wasting away. I felt surprisingly levelheaded about the entire situation. "How long do I have?"

He didn't seem able to form words. "Um…based on the blood tests that have been coming back, your degeneration is pretty fast."

"So not long," I translated. I wasn't sad. I wasn't angry. But I did want to know one thing: "Why didn't you guys tell me?"

"We didn't want you to worry about it. We wanted you to just be happy until…" his voice faded out, and he turned his face away to hide a rush of emotion. I suddenly realized that the others were probably much more upset by this than I was.

"Thanks," I said simply, knowing better than to say something else.

It wasn't much longer before I could feel the decay of my body really take over. Some days it was hard to think clearly or hold a pen. My outer appearance began to reflect how I felt on the inside as I became more and more sickly. I continued to do what I could to help and interact with the other Titans.

I knew that my time was limited when I didn't have the ability to eat. And then came the day when I lacked the strength and motor control to get myself out of bed. Soon I had to be put back on oxygen. The doctors insisted that I return to the hospital, but I refused, and the Titans fought for me to stay. Thanks to the debt society owned them, they won.

That last day, I was lying in the bed and watching the birds fly by my window—not really thinking of anything in particular—when Robin knocked on my door and entered my room.

"Hi," I said, my voice a bit wheezy due to the oxygen being forced in through my nose.

"Hi," he returned. "Are you up for some company?"

"Of course," I said.

He came over by the bed and faced the window, watching something out in the distance. He didn't look at me and he didn't speak for what felt like an eternity.

"Did you want something?" I asked finally.

He still didn't respond for a moment. "Hey, do you remember that night when we asked questions about each other? You asked what color my eyes were?" he asked me.

I nodded. "Yeah, you claimed they were blue," I teased.

"I thought you'd like to know that I wasn't lying," he said, turning around.

Shock rippled through my body. He'd taken off his mask, allowing me to view his teenage face. The light from the window bounced off his irises, illuminating the blue in his eyes.

He ran a hand through his hair. "You're staring."

"I'm sorry," I said, blushing and averting my eyes. "I just didn't-- I mean, I wasn't expecting—"

"It's okay," he said with a soft smile. He let out a nervous breath. "You know that no one on the team has seen me without my mask?"

"Then…why are you showing me?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. It just seemed right. I wanted you to know that I trust you—that you're my friend."

His words sank deeply into my clouded head. "Th-thank you. That means so much to me. And I promise I won't tell the others."

"Tell them what?"

"How hot you are," I returned with a smile. His face flushed red. He moved to put his mask back on, but I lifted my hand. "Please don't," I said quietly. "Just a few more minutes."

He nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"There's something I want you to do for me," I said.

"What's that?" he asked.

"I know that I have no right to ask anything else of you after all you've done for me, but this is important." He nodded once, and I took that as my cue to proceed. "I want you to talk to Raven and tell her how you feel."

His eyes opened wide. "I—I can't do that."

"Why not? Afraid to take a little risk?"

"It's not just that. We work together. It would just mess—"

"You're really a moron," I interrupted. "Haven't you learned anything by being with me? You never know when your time is going to be up—especially you, Mr. Superhero-With-No-Actual-Superpowers. Your number could be called at any time. Or hers."

His eyes flickered with emotion momentarily.

"Tell her how you feel," I said simply. "Or one day you may suddenly realize that you'll never get the chance. Think about your parents—about everything that you would have told them if you'd known that you weren't going to be able to say it."

We were quiet for a long time, each of us churning over our own thoughts. My outburst had worn my out, and I was forced to sit back and take several long breaths.

Then he spoke, very quietly, "I don't want you to die, Morgan."

Now I was taken aback. I'd never heard anyone say something like that before to me.

"Don't you see that it's for the best?" I asked. "If I die, then Slade doesn't win. Then you can know that whatever technology he developed doesn't work and he can never come back."

"Don't you see that if you die, then Slade won a long time ago?" Robin snapped. "He killed you."

"But if I hadn't died, then I never would have met you guys. And you guys are the best things that have ever happened to me. So I guess that everything happens for a reason."

The two of us talked for a while, until Raven joined us. Then Starfire came in some time later, and after that Beast Boy and Cyborg. We talked and laughed and played—just like a family would have done.

That's what they were. They were my family.

And I died that night, surrounded by my family.

My soul was finally at peace.

The End.


I originally came up with this idea about three years ago for an Angel fan fiction—where Cordelia accidentally recites an ancient incantation and is possessed by a ghost who is stuck between worlds. I never wrote it, but suddenly realized that it would make a decent Teen Titans story.

Morgan was originally intended to die (permanently) when she pulled her own plug in Chapter 9. I changed this as I was writing it, deciding that it was very cowardly of her to do that. Besides, I wanted to write a fight scene, and there hadn't been an opportunity for that yet.

I had written a few scenes with Starfire expressing her jealousy over the amount of time that Morgan was spending with Robin, but I never published any of them. To me, Starfire is the hardest character to write. She's extremely moody, pouty, and child-like, and I can't portray her strange dialogue very well. So Star got little page time in my story. Sorry!

One scene that I wrote that didn't get posted was a conversation with Morgan and Beast Boy concerning Terra and his feelings for her. This ended up being lost in the computer glitch of yore, and I decided it didn't fit with the story very well, anyway, so I never re-wrote it. It was pretty sappy.

I was going to write about Robin and Raven finally hooking up, but it didn't seem to flow since the story was so Morgan-centric. I guess we'll just have to use our imaginations!

The screaming thief (Harmony) was going to be another runaway that Morgan recognizes and subsequently frees. But I decided that was a detail that didn't matter and scrapped that idea.

This was going to be a big Robin-Raven-Beast Boy triangle story, but I decided against it. Beast Boy works better with Terra and I don't think he could ever have a serious relationship with Raven.

I wanted a fight sequence between Morgan and Robin, but I knew Robin wouldn't really hit a girl unless she was truly evil. I bent the rules by having it be a dream sequence. It actually was one of the quickest scenes I wrote for the story—it only took me a few hours...which might be obvious. :)