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Birthday Blues

Miserable Mina

It was a fine day, nearing the end of October, when the League, was assembling in the Dining Room for breakfast.

"Morning chaps! Am I last?" A voice without a body, only a black leather coat, spoke up cheerfully as it entered the large room. Any normal person might have thought they were hallucinating the first time they met Rodney Skinner.

But the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, as they were called, had been living with the Invisible Man for almost four months, and didn't find the presence of a walking, talking, and usually annoying coat in any way unusual.

"Well done Skinner, for once you're not the only one we're all waiting for!" Tom Sawyer leaned back in his chair and grinned at his friend.

Skinner glanced around and did a check. "Mina?" he said as he joined the others at the large table.

"Yep, you're going to have to watch yourself Skinner. She may just steal your spotlight of being last down!" Tom's grin stretched across his features.

Skinner shook his head, his own invisible grin becoming wider by the moment. Him and Sawyer had become good friends ever since the incident with the flame thrower in Mongolia, in which Skinner had undoubtedly saved Tom's life. Skinner still maintained that he wasn't going soft.

"That woman's can find her way around this machine. I can't!"

"Talking of Mina," this time it was Henry Jekyll who sparked up the conversation, "has anyone noticed something a bit, I don't know, different about her recently?"

It was Nemo's turn to participate in the conversation. "Yes, Mrs Harker has been acting strangely. She's quieter than usual and appears to be spending more time in her lab than is normal for her."

"Sounds like she's bored to me. I know when I'm bored I do what I do best. Stay silent, strip, and sneak around your rooms!" This was obviously Skinner's interjection.

"We're not all like you, Mr Skinner," Nemo gave Skinner a look of disapproval.

"Mina has seemed a bit depressed lately, you're right about that Jekyll." Tom steered the conversation back on track again.

Skinner snorted and apparently missed the warning looks that were shot in his direction, though you couldn't be sure. "She's acting all emotional and woman-y you mean!"

The four men looked at each other. All four were completely bewildered as to why their vampire friend would be acting this way. Strangely enough it was Hyde that suggested the most plausible answer.

'What about that kid of hers?' said the dark, rough voice in the back of Henry's head.


'Last week, before all this started, you asked her a bit about her past and she said she had a son staying with family friends back in England. Honestly, are you stupid Henry? She probably misses the little bugger! She's a woman!'

Henry chuckled to himself. 'I didn't realise you had any compassion or interest in anyone else's feeling Edward!'

Ignoring Hyde's string of curses, Jekyll informed his companions of what he had learned.

"Skinner, normally I wouldn't ask but-" Nemo was cut off.

"Let me guess, you wish me to put my talents to use, have a sneak about our dear ladies room and see if there is anything I can dig up on this kid of hers. Correct? Well, it'll be my pleasure!"

"The man's body may be invisible, but at least his brain can make an appearance from time to time." Tom grinned.

They men heard footsteps and closed the topic of conversation with two final warnings to Skinner.

"If I hear that you've stolen anything aboard my ship, there will be hell to pay Skinner!" said Nemo.

"And whatever you do,-" this was Tom,

"Don't get caught!" they all said in unison.

The double doors opened.

"Who? Me?" Rodney Skinner, gentleman thief, mouthed to them.

Jekyll looked up as Mina entered. "Just on time Mrs Harker. We thought we'd have to start without you!"

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