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Metal and Neon

Chapter 1: Opening

Dimensions are funny things. Most people believe that dimensions are spherical, always staying the same size, coming very close to each other but never touching. That is wrong.

Dimensions are shapeless blobs, always expanding and contracting, never staying the same size or shape. There are times when they do touch each other, flow into each other and mingle. When such an event occurs, gates can open between the two realities. Unlike the "artificial" gateways, which are caused by powerful explosions rupturing the dimensional barrier and tend to open spectacularly, accompanied by high-pitched shrieking sounds and gale-force winds that pull anything nearby into them, these natural gates open silently and peacefully. Races with the technology and the knowledge can detect these ruptures and travel through them.

The robotic races of Cybertron had had extensive exposure to dimensional gateways, mostly of the artificial kind. Both had the technology to locate them. But only the Autobot race had true knowledge of what the breach really was. The Decepticons had only witnessed the ruptures from afar but had never travelled through them.

A monitor lit up. Something began to beep. A light on the console flashed, reflecting in the crimson optic visor of Soundwave, the Decepticon communications specialist and telepath. The dark blue Decepticon scanned the data displayed on the monitor, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. Then the energy signature fell into place and he realized with a shock that he was reading a natural dimensional gateway. After a moment of stunned surprise, he rose from his chair and hurried toward Galvatron's throne room.

The insane purple Decepticon looked up as Soundwave entered, eeyes flashing with annoyance. "What is it now?" he demanded in a rather high-pitched voice.

"Sensors have detected a surge in unknown energy," Soundwave reported in his monotone voice.

"So what?" Galvatron sneered.

"I have identified the phenomenon as a dimensional rupture," Soundwave concluded.

Galvatron paused to register that. A crafty smile slid across his face, and something ugly flashed through his optics. A shudder ran down Soundwave's hydraulic lines.

"A hole between dimensions," Cyclonus mused, glancing toward Scourge. The Sweep leader shot him an unreadable look.

"Are the Autobots aware of it?" Scourge asked.


Galvatron rose from his throne, his smile growing wider. "Gather the Decepticons! We will go through this hole and plunder that other dimension of all its energy!"

"Is that wise?" Scrapper asked. Galvatron ignored him.

"We will take enough energy to retake Cybertron and destroy the Autobots!" Galvatron crowed. "Summon everyone to the ships! We will go now!"

A few minutes later, the entire Decepticon army filled several large ships, muttering uneasily amongst themselves. None of them liked the plan at all. The last time they had been near a rupture between dimensions, many of them had ended up mowed down by the Autobot leader. None of them liked the idea of venturing into unknown territory after energy. At least the Autobots were a known hazard.

"Approaching the gate," Soundwave reported.


Ahead of them the gate itself was visible, a faint hole rimmed in pale blue, the edges rippling as if in a light breeze. Dozens of optics eyed it uncertainly. Galvatron cackled at the sight of it.

"Take us in!"

Ramjet swallowed nervously and complied. The lead ship nosed its way into the opening and vanished. One by one the others followed, until all of them had passed through.

Nearby drifted a small rogue asteroid. From it a set of optics watched the ships approach and pass through the opening. The watcher remained completely still while the ships passed his hiding place, waiting until well after they were gone before lifting off and swerving away.

The watcher was a smallish green robot shaped like a UFO. His name was Cosmos and he was an Autobot. Experience and observation had given him a clue as to what he had just seen, and that thought filled him with panic.

'I have to get back to Cybertron! Prime has to hear about this!'

With that thought foremost in his mind, the green Autobot streaked through space as fast as he could, heading back to Cybertron with his urgent report.

The speed with which Cosmos shot through Cybertron's thin atmosphere startled the crews stationed on the two rebuilt moonbases and sent other fliers scrambling madly to get out of his way. He dodged several larger ships, all the while keeping his course directly for Iacon. He knew that Ultra Rodimus had recently returned from Earth and hoped that he hadn't already left again. Fortunately, luck was with him.

"He's down in Repair Bay," Sideswipe told him, pointing down the corridor. Cosmos thanked the red warrior and dashed off.

When Cosmos reached Medbay, the doors opened seconds before he would've slammed into them. He skidded through them and right into the middle of a discussion.

Kup, Jazz, Hot Spot, Scattershot, Ultra Magnus, and several others filled the main room, leaning against walls or standing in the open. Cosmos dodged his larger comrades, his vision starting to blur from the non-stop flight to Cybertron and running through Autobase to reach the Medbay. Something large loomed up in front of him. Cosmos slammed on the brakes, trying to stop, and lost his balance. He fell, landing right at the feet of the Autobot leader.

Ultra Rodimus, the Autobot Prime, was sitting on a medtable while First Aid ran scans on the new substance present in his circulatory fluids. He'd been explaining where the material, called naquedah, had come from when Cosmos had abruptly appeared. He reached down, lifting the smaller Autobot to his feet. Cosmos almost fell again, but managed to remain on his own two feet.

"F.A.?" Ultra Rodimus looked over his shoulder at the medic.

First Aid took his meaning and lifted Cosmos onto the end of the medtable while Perceptor fetched him some energon. Ultra Rodimus turned sideways, sitting cross-legged facing the scout.

"Sir-" Cosmos began.

Ultra Rodimus pointed to the energon. Cosmos nodded and paused to consume it.

"Please don't call me 'sir'," Ultra Rodimus told him. "Now, what was it that made you come in here as if you had a pack of ravenous cyber-wolves on your tail?"

Cosmos looked up, meeting Ultra Rodimus's curious gaze. The look in Cosmos's blue optics made the young Prime stiffen.

"I was scouting though the far edge of the sector when I detected an energy surge, one I couldn't identify. When I went to investigate I saw a hole in space, barely visible. I'd only been there a few minuts when the Decepticons appeared. They flew through the opening. I think it was a dimensional breach."

A deep rumble started somewhere in the vicinity of Ultra Rodimus's stomach. He got Cosmos's meaning. "They intend to plunder an innocent dimension for its energy."

The other Autobots stirred, muttering. Then Kup spoke up.

"We can't let 'em get away with this!" the old robot declared.

"No we can't." Ultra Rodimus rose from the table and turned toward Magnus, his second-in-command. The red and blue robot had already anticipated his command and had summoned all available Autobots to the shuttlebay.

The bay was crowded with Autobots when Ultra Rodimus strode in, his command staff behind him. All of them looked grim. The chatter stopped as the gathered Autobots sensed the severity of whatever had happened.

"A natural dimensional breach has opened," Ultra Rodimus announced bluntly. "The Decepticons detected it and went through with the intent of plundering an unsuspecting dimension for energy. We cannot let them succeed. So we're gonna go after them."

There was no argument. Autbots grabbed extra powerpacks for weapons and flowed onto the shuttles. Withing minutes a swarm of shuttles rose from Cybertron's surface and headed out into the blackness of space.

To be continued...

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