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Metal and Neon


Galvatron paced his throne room, radiating so much raw fury that not even Cyclonus would come near him for fear of being taken apart circuit by circuit.

The Decepticon leader was beyond furious. Their plan to steal enough energy to destroy the Autobots had failed. They'd been followed, and the resulting battles had resulted in their complete defeat.

The results of the second, ill-planned battle had been by far more devastating than the results of the first. Several Decepticons had been killed, and far more had been severely wounded when the Autobot leader had gone berserk. Bludgeon needed extensive repairs to the circuitry and hydraulics in his neck. The head armor of Razorclaw's lion mode had to be completely replaced. Horri-Bull and Tantrum also needed armor replaced. Carnivac and Iguanus were stuck in robot mode while their outer shells, which had apparently been skinned, were repaired and while new skin was added. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Fangry's wings and some of his fur, Flamefeather's head armor, the wing covers of three of the Insecticons, Pounce's puma mode's head armor, Divebomb's eagle wings, Headstrong's rhino horns, Birdbrain's shell's wings, all of Ravage's outer armor, Snarler's shell's tusks, Stranglehold's rhino mode's horn, Skullcruncher's alligator jaws, Weirdwolf's wolf mode's head armor, and Wingspan's hawk wings had been taken, all without damaging a single circuit. Whoever had done it, and Galvatron suspected that it had been Ultra Rodimus, had pried off the armor without so much as nicking a circuit casing. It would take time for the armor to be replaced; there were so many serious injuries that armor replacement was at the bottom of the medics' priority list.

The purple Decepticon ground his teeth in rage, too furious to make a sound. His optics blazed with hatred and rage. Privately, he vowed to one day hang the Autobot leader's head on his wall.

He spun toward the windows, staring toward Cybertron, and began thinking of his next encounter with his enemy.


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