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Meddling in and Rolling out

Summery: Netto and Rockman meet their long time friend Jasmine and Medi. Unfortunately, Meiru and Roll are a little bit jealous by their reunion.

Pre-read by Azn Girl132.

Chapter 1

In Netto's room


"Zzzz…" snored a kid who was asleep.


" Zzzz…"


"Huh? …."

"Netto. NETTO! WAKE UP, NETTO!" said the navi Rockman.

Of course this isn't really enough to get Netto up. Fortunately there was somebody to get Netto up and it wasn't some sort of machine. This girl was the next door neighbor in which was a long time childhood friend of his. Eventually she was not as patient as Netto. So when Rockman saw what she would do by looking at her face, he tried to get his operator up quickly.

"NETTO! WAKE UP BEFORE SHE-"yelled the blue bomber.


Before he could finish, Meiru ripped off the blanket off Netto's body. Then a good smacking by her acted as an alarm clock which started another day for the life of Hikari Netto.

Meanwhile in the dining room

"That Netto. Meiru is so sweet to come pick him up every morning and he doesn't appreciate it. Dear, you have to get ready too," said Haruka as she washed the dishes.

"Uh huh," mumbled Yuuichirou.

Back upstairs

"Hurry up, we're going to be late," said Meiru impatiently.

"Jees, you're such a pain in the ass," said Netto brushing his teeth.

"What!" yelled Meiru before she gave him another slap in the cheek knocking his toothbrush away.

The result was that there were a three seconds of silence in the whole house, except for the TV if it was on, since it took time for Netto to register the pain. By the time his brain registered the slap, the boy yelped in pain which could be heard a mile away.

At the route to school

Netto was walking with his childhood friend with a hand print still fresh on his face, just like yesterday or every school day, when Meiru first slapped him.

"You know Netto, you should get up earlier more often," said Rockman.

"Yeah, you would not have to get all those slaps," remarked Roll, Meiru's navi.

Netto was silent since he didn't want to learn any more "how to beat up a guy" technique from Meiru. Of course, Meiru was in her usual piss off mood, not talking to Netto. Netto sighed as they walked. Their navis went into their usual chat about Netto being so tardy. Eventually the two kids passed under a billboard. Netto looked up. The billboard was an ad for a new game. There was a woman in her late 20's cosplaying of a navi. There were other guys acting as navis as well. For some reason, the ad looked really out of place.

"She sure is cute." whispered Netto randomly as Rockman did once when he was with Roll in Internet City.

"Did you say I was cute?" asked Meiru who overheard what Netto said and she turned around. Her eyes searched Netto's face but it was blank without any emotion. She stared for a while. After a long moment of silence, she sighed and turned back onto Netto.

What neither of them knew was that there was a girl that was running really fast on the adjacent side of them. So when the duo turned the corner, there was an accident. Of course Meiru was able to avoid the collision. But for Netto being oblivious where he was going since he was still staring at the billboard crashed into the girl. Since both the parties were about the same height, their foreheads also met each other at the same time as well.

"Ow ow …that hurts!" moaned the girl. She was holding her forehead. Her butt fell hard on the pavement. Unfortunately her skirt covering her legs was wide open.

"Ugh, watch where you're going!" mumbled Netto who tried his best to yell at the person he crashed into. But that wasn't easy considering that he barely ever yelled and that the pain to his forehead was unbearable. Then, he noticed something white between her legs. He swallowed hard, really hard. That girl's panties were accidentally showing. So he did the next best thing which was being very ignorant what was going on by pretending be in pain by shutting his eyes and holding his head. Of course there was an observant red hair girl, who saw what was going on and interpreted this situation very wrong.

The girl apologized profusely to whomever she crashed into. As she started to get on her feet, she realized that her skirt was pretty much wide open, which made her blush. Seeing that it was a boy, she would be deadly embarrassed. But seeing that the boy was in some sort of pain, she breathed freely. But for some reason the boy looked very familiar especially with that blue headband.

"Netto?" asked the fallen girl after some thought and of course covering her crotch.

The boy blinked after hearing somebody calling him name. This was somehow the signal saying that the coast was clear. He looked at the girl and he knew who it was by looking at her dress. Well not really, it was more of the flowers that the girl had on her head.

"Is that you, Jasmine?" he asked.

The girl just grinned. "It is you, Netto!"

Before they could talk anymore, a red hair girl interrupted them.

"Sorry, but we're going to be late," scowled Meiru, dragging Netto away.

"Oh gosh, sorry! I'm going to be late too. Gotta go. Bye!" said Jasmine as she zoomed away.

Meiru, being alone with Netto, started to demand him

"Say, who was the girl you crashed into?" Meiru said with loads of loathing.

"Um, an acquaintance named Jasmine whom I did a job for on the Job Request Board a long time ago," said Netto who sweated.

"Really, did you see anything?" she asked.

"Uh, see what?" lied Netto stupidly.

Meiru looked if there were any attempts of lying on his face, but found none. Being satisfied, she dragged Netto to school. Netto, while being dragged, was glad everything was fine. After all he had learned a lesson in deceit when he snuck into a building metal gear style a couple times in the past. Hey, he had to do it in order to save a couple lives.

At school

Meiru was talking with Yaito while Dekao was demanding Netto another net battle but Netto declined for some reason. This caused some quirks for Dekao since Netto was always an enthusiast in net battling. Before Dekao could ask anything else, the teacher came in.

"Ok, class, quiet down! Today, I am going to introduce a new member to our class." This caused some excitement in the class. She waved a hand towards a dark haired girl to come to the front of the board. "Class, this is Jasmine, introduce yourself to the class."

"Hi, I'm Jasmine and I came from Choina. I have a navi called Medi and… that's it for now," she said as she looked at the class and spotted the same brunette whom she crashed earlier in the morning.

"Jasmine, it's you again," said Netto grinning.

"Netto!" cried out Jasmine who went to him and shook his hands like crazy.

"Since you both know each other, Jasmine can sit next to Netto," said Mariko-sensei, being amused of the situation.

"NO! WHY DOES NETTO GET ALL THE CHICKS! IT'S NOT FAIR!" sobbed most of the boys. The girls just glared at the boys, including Netto, for some darn reason.

"Hey I don't like him. Enzan is much cuter!" exclaimed one girl. Most of the girls agreed. The boys just sighed in defeat while the girls thought dreamily of their white and black hair idol. Heck they had posters of Enzan with his navi, Blues, in their bedroom.

"Most of them don't even know that I saved the world from disaster," muttered Netto quietly.

"There, there Netto. You save the world because it was right, not for fame and rewards," replied Rockman from the PET.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Enzan would do it for fame and promotions since he is an official net battler. At least I don't get mobbed by some stupid fan girls that could hinder my life. By having Enzan as a decoy, I get to know which girls are pretty, but have an empty pot," said Netto thoughtfully.

"That's the spirit!" said Rockman being happy that his brother was cheering up.

"Silence! Class will start now," said Mariko-sensei, in which all the students plugged their navi in the cyber-world.

In the cyber-world

Medi was looking for her long time friend and saw the blue bomber with the other navis such as Roll, Glyde, and Gutsman. She rocketed to him, knocking down a couple boring commercial model green navis who were in her way like a bowling pin.

"Rockman!" squealed the medic navi as she took Rockman's hands and shook them like crazy as Jasmine did with Netto. This caused an intense vibration which made the blue navi into a blur. Medi must've been really happy to see him.

Eventually Rockman's hands were yanked out from Medi's hand. Being surprise, she looked who took Rockman away. It was a pink navi with yellow antennaes circling her head who had Rockman in a protective hug.

Medi frowned and asked for a reason to the pink navi.

"If you haven't notice that he's all shaken up," said the antennae girl.

Medi saw him with whirly eyes and sweat dropped. It took Rockman for a moment to snap out of his state of confusion.

"Say Rockman, who is she?" Roll asked, purring into his ear which made him shudder in fear.

"Ah, that's Medi. Medi meet Roll, who's next to me. That's Glyde with the wings over there and Gutsman in yellow," said Rockman.

"Greetings," said Glyde politly.

"Guts, Guts" said Gutsman.

"So why are you so close to him Roll?" asked Medi in which Rockman realized that he was really close near Roll's face and blushed not mentioning that he was in a hug. The others navi just stared in the sideline. Of course Gutsman was a little jealous that Rockman was in Roll's arms.

"Well you see, we share a special bond unlike most navis," said Roll.

"What bond may I ask?" demanded Medi.

"You see, Rockman has the ability to unite with a navi, called Soul Unison. It's one of a kind," said Roll.

"So?" said Medi as if there was nothing special. Medi at first didn't know what special bond Roll was talking about but when Roll said Soul Unison, Medi guessed this "special bond" was an euphuism for Soul Unison.

"What do you mean so?" Roll blinked. Not many people know that Rockman was able to unite with a customize Navi. Even Gutsman with his intelligence knew it was a one of a kind ability. This ability was the sign of friendship.

"He may have Roll Soul, since you mention about the bond, but he has Medi Soul as well," said Medi.

It took a couple moments for Roll to take this new information. When she realized that Medi said, she pushed Rockman downward and she had him into a chokehold. Normally she would spin him onto the wall and hold him as if she was some mugger, demanding some battle chips.

"Have you been going behind my back?" demanded Roll

"What are you talking about?" Rockman asked meekly. He did not really know why Roll was acting like this.

"You know what I mean! How in the heck you manage to get her Soul!" Roll practically shouted. Of course the other two navis, Glyde and Gutsman, knew better than to interfere with a piss off navi, especially if it was a female navi.

"Can't breath," said Rockman in a choking manner.

Before Roll could squeeze any more answers from Rockman, something saved him. A first-aid kit smacked into Roll's face causing her to lose her grip on Rockman. Thus Rockman was able to breathe freely but unfortunately Roll became really angry.

"WHO DONE IT?" yelled Roll.

"I did," said Medi with a smug, swinging her first-aid kit.

"Any reasons?" asked the enraged navi whose face was turning pink with anger, matching her outfit.

"Puh, obviously you were harming him. So I saved him from your chokehold. Don't know what's your damn problem is girl, but you can't just attack people without any reason," said Medi as if it was the obvious the reasoning.

Roll and Medi glared at each other.

"Girls! Please stop!" Rockman pleaded with the two angry female navis who were about to tear each other apart. The two glared at each other, imaginary electricity sparked between the two starting from their eyes. But of course, somebody just had to fuel the fire with gasoline.

"What's wrong, no come back?" taunted Medi.

This comment caused Roll to act very out of character. For some really weird reason, Roll snapped and she attacked Medi. Of course Medi defended herself by using her medical bag. The guys of course being guys, figured out it was the best to break up the fight. But Rockman knew better than to interfere in one of these brawls. He had no idea how a girl's mind function.

After a few moment of bitch slapping, Glyde and Gutsman were able to pull apart the two female navis. After all, they were gentlemen, unlike Rockman, even though Gutsman had an IQ of a toaster. Rockman looked the result of the scuffle; she looked worse than Roll because of the nits and cuts she had gotten from the noodle whip attacks by Roll. But Roll had more bruises than she had. It was hard to tell which girl had won. Unfortunately, some navi reported about the girls' fight, which got them in trouble.

"Time out for both of you! In the containment room!" yelled Mariko-sensei from a screen which popped out of nowhere. The yelling made of the entire navis in the room coward in fear.

Gee, I wonder if what they say is true, that all women secretly hate each other… thought Rockman as the girls were escorted into the containment cells by a couple programs.

Meanwhile Glyde was thinking that the scuffle was the result of PMS, which Yaito mention once before which occurs only in girls. But again PMS don't exist in cyber-space do they?

End of Chapter 1

Author's notes:

I hope I got the characters intact. But again I have no idea how they act based on the game. One last thing, does anybody know a good forum for rockman.exe?

Oh another thing, if I get the characters wrong tell me how to fix it by giving me their personality. Thanks.