Ok here's the thing, I finish the game of rockman and I saw the ending which is the very last ending for the rockman series. I'm not sure what to do know since it pretty much sums up the future and it seems I guess almost pointless to continue cause we know who Netto ends up with.


anyway, 20 years from the game...

Dekao is mayor of Dentech

Yaito continues her business

Enzan becomes the head of the "official net battlers"...

Mayl marries Netto.They both have a child.

End Spoliers

So yeah there you go. The end of the series. So I'm not sure now, do you want me to continue this story or should I just abandon it?

I mean we all knew that Mayl marries Netto in the first place since the first game. So I kinda feel empty that keeping writing this story would be pointless now.

So I'm going ask you do you want me to continue writing or not? Netto marries Mayl in the end so I'm not sure if I should continue. I do it if you readers want me to, if not I'll call it quits since my stories must be bad.

Cast your votes people especially the ones that I mention here who I happily gave me advice.

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Well Lan, Mayl fans, seems your dream came true for sure.

I leave my rest of the stuff I had worked on including others stuff that I had worked on in my other stories. I may or may not update depending on the stats of reviews I get now. It just seems my story isn't so good compare to any other stories. I had emails that said my story just sucks and that I shouldn't write anymore

This is the end of the megaman series for sure.

Disclaimer: Rockman.exe is owned by Capcom. I don't own it.

Omake 1

Hikari's house

The door of the sanctuary opened hurriedly.

"MAMA! I'M HOME!" Netto shouted as he hastily removed his shoes which also can be skates.

"Is that you Netto?" Haruka asked as she was chopping some vegetables for tonight's dinner.


"Don't worry son! Go to the armory room! I'll delay them!"

Netto went into the room without even asking. It was consider the safest place in the house. It had a stock full of various weapons including the following:

Impact Hammer, Chainsaw, BioRifle, Shock Rifle, Pulse Gun, Ripper, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Redeemer, Flame Thrower, EMP Grenade, Napalm Launcher, Freeze Gun, Rail Gun, Nailgun.

Yeah that's a whole lot of other stuff. Heck there was something called a Soul Cube here. That was considered for using it as a last resort since a person who used a nuke could die of radiation. Then there was a pokeball…

"Nah that children plastic toy can't be the real thing anyways," muttered Netto as he knew weapons won't work against these girls. So he grabbed the Soul Cube.

After coming out he met the girls who were still fighting with her Mama who was holding them at bay with her broom and he threw the Soul Cube. After a couple moments of screams and such, the girls' souls disappeared into the cube thus leaving Netto a peaceful life.

Well close enough….

Omake 2

Hikari's house

The door of the sanctuary opened hurriedly.

"MAMA! I'M HOME!" Netto shouted as he hastily removed his shoes which also can be skates.

"Is that you Netto?" Haruka asked as she was chopping some vegetables for tonight's dinner.

Seeing there was no answer she turned around and saw two girls fighting against each other at the door.

"Oh dear, I never knew this is the day I need to use my skills again," sighed Haruka as she took a hockey mask, a bunch of red stained loose clothes, and a huge kitchen knife from the bottom of the kitchen sink.

Eventually Meiru won the struggle since she was much stronger than Jasmine. She pushed Jasmine back enough that she could enter first. But she then stopped.

Jasmine was puzzled about Meriu's reaction. So she tapped onto Meriu's shoulder. Meiru had a reaction of fear and she gestured Jasmine to look at the place.

So Jasmine looked at the direction where Meriu was looking at. It was a person with a hockey mask wearing a bunch of red stained loose clothes, and it was hold a huge kitchen knife.

Both of the girls look at each other and knew they were in deep trouble.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed the girls as they ran away from the killer whom they saw on some television screen when they were little kids. They had no idea that the hockey mask person truly existed. So they ran for their lives.

"Well that sure did the job," said Haruka. Then she heard a gasp and she turned around.

It was her son who was in total shock.

"Whoa, I'm related to you…"

Then Netto then proceeds to faint onto the floor.

"Whoops, it seems my identity was discovered. Better do something about it!"

Omake 3

"Help me!" screamed the blue bomber as he was being pulled apart by two navis. Of course the two navis did not notice that there was somebody who talking to Rockman since they were so obsessive in winning.

"Uh, I'll find some battle chips for you!" said Netto uneasily.

"Wait, Netto!" cried out Rockman. But it was too late, his operator closed the window.

Rockman mentally wanted to scream at his brotherly operator for leaving him alone. It would be nice at least to die with somebody he knew. What he did not know was that Netto was hiding in the closet whether to get his most powerful battle chips or just plain old hiding from the female navis' operators.

"Battle chip, Thunderbolt! Slot in!" shouted Netto.

"Lightning!" shouted Rockman as electrical bolts came out from his body. Many panels were damaged by the flying bolt. But that wasn't the only thing that was damaged. The ability of the Thunderbolt chip is that it damages any obstacles on the terrain such as stone cubes or prisms near Rockman. Considering that the two females navis were near him, they were consider as obstacles and not only that they were holding onto his arms tightly that they got a shock of their life.

The girls got electrocuted with a high dosage of electrical current worth enough to open a power plant.

"Ah!" screamed the girls as lots of voltages went into their body. They tired to let go of Rockman but couldn't because their arms wouldn't listen to their commands. So they had to endure the duration of this electrical crisis with a blast.

Afterwards, the girls' smoking bodies fell down. If you had been closer, their bodies were still twitching with sparks flowing through their veins as if they had them. Their clothes were dreadfully singed. Medi's hair was frazzled while there was still static electricity still going on Roll's antennas.

"Wow that sure was electrifying!" exclaimed Rockman.

Author's notes:

Not sure about the killer with a white hockey mask, I seen him before but don't remember which movie he was in. Any body knows would be great thanks.