When Friends Become Enemies

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Faramir's horse travelled at a steady trot. The large black stallion was one of his personal favourites, and could travel long distances without rest, which was one of the reasons that he was using it now.

The letter had not sounded like Legolas, so as a precaution he had sent a letter ahead to Mirkwood, and had been stunned at the information that had been sent back. Legolas had been kidnapped, Aragorn was in Mirkwood, pretending that Legolas was too, and Arwen was absolutely beside herself with worry.

Lord Elrond, who had sent the reply, had suggested a plan. It was dangerous, but Faramir knew that it was their only hope of getting Legolas back. Faramir was to play along with the fake letter, and travel to Mirkwood (Elrond had suggested that the reason for the fake letter was probably that whoever had Legolas, wanted him too). He was then to allow himself to be captured, and agree to whatever they may want. By this, he would be establishing himself as a friend whom they could trust. Then he was to send letters to Elrond, telling of their exact location, and Elrond and an armed guard would overthrow the captors.

Faramir had been against it at first, but had then realized that Lord Elrond was right, and this was their only hope. He just had to put his complete trust in Elrond.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, Aragorn was exhausted. He had spent weeks searching for Legolas. From brothels in near deserted towns, to the mansions of lords and ladies, he had examined them all. He was beginning to think that perhaps Elrond had been right; perhaps he should have just followed his orders. He shook his head furiously, how could you think like that? Legolas is your friend! He sighed.

His horse snorted, and he looked over to see a group of men approaching. He instantly recognized the man in front.

"Hello, old friend!" He called out. The man smiled warmly.

"It has been a long time," the man replied. "Too long."

Aragorn smiled, and released his grip on his sword, having grabbed it after hearing his horse. His friend came closer, pulling an object out of his bag.

"Are you also helping in the search for Legolas?" He asked.

"Yes," Aragorn replied.

"Good, then you will find this interesting." The object appeared to be a heavy club-like thing. "We believe that Legolas was hit with this."

Aragorn looked it over. "Yes, that's quite likely. In fact---"

He was cut of as his good friend brought the object down on top of his head, and there was a blinding flash of light, and then darkness.

The man smiled. "Come, old friend," He said, sneering at Aragorn's limp form. "We're going to visit Legolas."


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