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Clarisse was sitting in her suite waiting on Joseph. It was past ten, he'd be here soon. She had got used to the times of his routine now ,they had been married for six months and it was still just as good, probably better. She rubbed her head to try and rid herself of her looming head ache, she kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the coffee table - she laughed a little to herself, how un-queenly ! The both of them had been working so hard, Joseph was helping Shades finalise security plans before he retired completely and Clarisse had been helping Mia run the country - she was so smart but still had so much to learn. She felt as if she had hardly seen him, she enjoyed the little time she had with him so much, the late evenings and the early mornings but it was better than nothing, she mused. The door creaked open behind her, she didn't turn round - she knew his footsteps well. He walked up behind were she sat and put his hands on her shoulder, he felt her immediately relax under his touch.

"hard day, sweetheart", he whispered so close to her ear that it made her shiver.

"mmm", she murmured.

"could I help in any way?", he asked feeling how tired she was.

"yes, come and sit next to me, please". he laughed gently and moved his way round to sit beside her on the couch. He pulled her closer and she snuggled up to him, tucking her legs underneath her and placed her head on his shoulder.

"are you comfy?", he questioned with a smile. A few years ago she would never have done this, lay in his arms so easily but now she was so different and so close to him.

"yes", she smiled, feeling so close to him always made her feel safe and relaxed not on -edge and tense.

"good, do you want to tell me what's bothering you?", he said staring into her eyes.

"I just - ", she faltered " I just don't feel as if we see each other any more, I hardly seen you today and I just, oh , I just missed you".

He looked at her for a long moment and then a gentle smile came to his lips, he pulled her impossibly closer and said " well, in that case I'll just have to make more time for my Queen, then won't I and she'll certainly have to make time for her commoner of a husband", he teased. She sat bolt up right and hit his arm playfully.

"don't Joseph, you're not a commoner!", she admonished. He pulled her back and kissed her lips so she couldn't argue anymore, he had got the required reaction. She pulled away breathlessly and smiled.

"you're the only man I'd ever let away with that", she laughed.

"well, that's a reassuring thought, darling", he returned.

"what are you suggesting?", she raised her eye brow playfully.

"nothing. What else would you let me away with?". she jumped up and made her way across the room, he wasn't sure what she was doing. She stopped at the door way of their bedroom

"well, you'll just have to wait and see won't you, are you coming to bed?", she questioned.

"is that a command, you majesty?", he said walking across the room, he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her close

"no, more of a request", she said playing with the button on his shirt with an air if indifference.

"Clarisse, you are getting good at teasing me, I'm afraid I may have to raise the standard".

"do that and I will have my head of security hang you by your toes in the court yard".


"really, so you best be careful Mr. Joseph".

"I'll be on my best behaviour, I promise."

"so, are you coming to bed then?"

"yes, of course I am".

"good, I can let you away with that".