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Clarisse smiled as he handed her an envelope.

"happy birthday", he smiled kissing her cheek, while Olivia fussed about her, trying frantically to get her ready.

"mmm, what is it?", she smiled, prying at the seal.

"open it and see", he said gently.

"oh Joseph a weekend in Paris!", she smiled and suddenly her face darkened, " I might not have the time", she mumbled.

"my darling, that is all dealt with. We leave in 2 weeks", he laughed at her sudden concern. She allowed herself a smile, why had she been so concerned, he always planned ahead.

"oh you're so romantic and well organised", she said lightly, cupping his cheek. Olivia was playing about with the bottom of her dress, really beginning to annoy her. She rolled her eyes at him and inclined her head to the maid at the bottom of her dress. He chuckled softly, she could be so intolerant.

"Olivia, could you please fetch my gloves?", Clarisse questioned with not a hint of annoyance.

"but Majesty, your dress is to be done up", the young maid tried timidly.

"sir Joseph will see too it", she commented regally, with no apparent embarrassment. Joseph gleamed at the idea, though he had to admit he wished he was undoing it.

"I hope you wouldn't ask just any man too do that and I must admit it's much more tempting to be undoing it", he scolded playfully. Olivia's face reddened slightly and Joseph suppressed a laugh.

"are you any man?", she scorned, " I seem too remember something about you being my husband", she continued.

"you remembered correctly", he said lacing up her dress at the back, " I should think that would be quite memorable".

"oh most defiantly sir Joseph", she laughed, " I loved all my presents".

"oh but darling the best is yet to come".

"was that a threat?", she raised a playful eyebrow.

"one err, never knows", he laughed, offering her his arm.

"thank you", she laughed, accepting his offer and they made there way to the dining hall.


Dinner went by without a hitch, royal birthdays had always been a big event and although Clarisse enjoyed them, the thought of the whole nation knowing her age really damn annoyed her.

She was standing on the terrace while everybody was in the drawing room. She felt so content and happy, Joseph's love in her life seemed to have that effect on her. She let her lips curl into a contented smile as she leaned against the balustrade. She was finished thinking about the recent events, they were over. All she wanted to concentrate on was her and Joseph. There weekend in Paris, she couldn't help but grin at the possibilities. She felt so contented. She shivered a little as the end of summer breeze worked its way through the orange groves and up to the terrace carrying with it the heady scent of summer lilies tinged with bitter orange.

He watched her from the French doors and smiled to himself, he knew she was thinking the exact same thing as him- it was up to them now. He was leaning on the door frame, hand clutching the little leather box in his pocket. She was looking so beautiful in a powder pink, sleeveless, evening gown. He noticed her shoulder blades quiver as she shivered and swiftly moved toward her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She jumped a little and breathing in his fantastic cologne she immediately relaxed in his arms.

"hello", he whispered in her ear. She shivered again, but she was most certainly not cold.

"hello to you too", she smiled, closing her eyes and resting her head back.

Are you enjoying your birthday, darling?", he questioned.

"oh yes, it's lovely, I just needed some air. Lord Pallimore's cigars are quite vile", she laughed and he nodded in agreement.

"I have something for you", he stated softly.

"haven't you given me enough?", she laughed gently.

"no, this one's very important, it is to me", he said seriously. She bit her lip in her intrigue. She turned round in his arms and still holding her close he handed her the box. She flicked it open and gasped.

"oh, Joseph it's so beautiful", she whispered, husky with a sudden sense of emotion.

"it's an eternity ring, something perhaps I should have bought you long ago", he whispered, staring into her eyes.

"oh I love it, it's so beautiful", she smiled. She studied more closely and could see a faint engraving. It was hard too see in the poor light.

"here", he said, handing her the eye-glass, she put it up to a perfectly make-up eye and smiled wider as she read the engraving. She knew Latin and Italian pretty well, it made beautiful sense to her.

"Now I know what love is", she whispered, smiling at him through her tears.

"as do I", he whispered back and slipped the ring on to her dainty finger.

"for eternity", she said gently, taking his hands in hers.

"I'd have it no other way".

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