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A/N: I am most definitely an E/C'er, but, I find that I cannot completely hate the fop (usually…) Anywho...I consider this E/C, but it is (maybe?) kind to Raoul. Please Read and REVIEW! This is my first attempt at anything other than poetry in this area!

Raoul watched his Little Lotte sing with her Angel. The Phantom of the Opera. A man, nothing more, nothing less…He saw the light in her eyes, a light that could not be forged, one that never lit her eyes around him. Oh, dear God… Tears pricked his eyes as a thought struck him like a bolt of lightning—even should she be his, she would never be his… As he watched the passion thick between the couple onstage, Raoul de Chagny knew he had truly lost his Angel to the Phantom of the Opera. Her Angel. He knew that a part of her would never be his. And he knew he could never change that.


Please Read and Review!