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Yu-Gi-Oh! Does Texas Hold'em!

Chapter One

Yugi set up the poker table in his grandfather's kitchen. The chips and the card decks they would be using were ready and waiting…all he needed were some players.


One by one, Yugi's friends arrived. Joey, Tea, Mai, Ryou, Tristian, Duke and Serenity all came in at one time.

"Hey Yug, you ready to lose your lunch money?" Joey asked as he sat down at the table.

"Do you run your mouth when you play poker as much as you do when you play Duel Monsters?" Tristan asked, laughing at his friend's confidence.

"He does have a point, your mouth has a habit of writing a check your butt can't cash!" Tea added, her hands on her hips.

"First of all pencil-head, I don't see you winnin Duel Monsters tournaments! What exactly do you do anyways? And YOU...Miss Friendship...you have the biggest mouth of anybody sittin at dis table!" Joey looked as if his face had turned into a tomato, steam blowing out of his ears, causinghis sisterto chuckle a little.

"Calm down, Joey...they were just kidding around. You are so serious sometimes!"

"Serenity's right...lets play already!" Yugi said as he pulled out a deck of poker cards.


The gang looked on slightly confused as Yami took Yugi's place at the table.

"Huh? Where's my Duel Monsters deck? What are these strange looking cards? WHERE IS KAIBA! I MUST FACE HIM, THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE DEPENDS ON IT!" Yami looked around, frantically searching for his deck, while everyone else either laughed histerically or pondered if Yami should be committed.

"A little too much caffine today, Yami?" Ryou asked, his face flushed with amusement.

"Dude, you should calm down. This is a friendly game of poker, not some duel to save the world from some power hungry, egotistcal, Donald-Trump-wannabe like Seto Kaiba." Duke said as he began to deal the cards out.

"I heard that, Dice Boy." The gang turned to see Seto Kaiba standing in front of them, his normal trenchcoat absent.

"KAIBA? HOW DID YOU GET INTO YUGI'S HOME!" Yami stood up, questioning Kaiba as if he had stole something.

"The door was open, any other dumbass questions?" Kaiba put on THE smirk. You know, the one that has hundreds of fangirls drooling over him, the one that every hotshot duelist wants to slap off.

"Yeah...when are you gonna leave? We're about ta play some poker here...we don't need losers like you ruining the atmosphere, see?"

"Joey! Let Kaiba play if he wants to, I'm sure I could talk him into being our friend..."

Everyone covered their ears in fright. "NOOOOOOOO! ANYTHING BUT THAT!"

"Tea's right though, maybe we should give him a chance...besides, I'm sure Kaiba has some pretty deep pockets." Mai put in as she made room for Seto to sit down.

Kaiba grunted, and sat down, much to Joey's dismay.

"Let's start the betting..."

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