A/N: If you don't know already, I reside in Louisiana, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina on Monday. Most of my family was fortunate to live so far north that they would bespared, two of my sisters were not. One sister (who goes to Medical School in New Orleans and is a member of the National Guard) has left the Superdome with the victims and is now safely home with us. Another sister, who lives close to New Orleans, had to evacuate her apartment and probably won't be cleared to go back there for a few days, if not weeks or even months. This hurricane destroyed lives, buisnesses, and homes across much of the Gulf Coast, and I would ask if you could do anything at all to just keep these people (not justmy sisters but ALLvictims obviously)on your minds, in your hearts, and in your prayers. Thank you.

Enjoy the update, sorry for it's severe lateness.

Chapter Nine: Ain't Love Grand?

Everyone (except for Joey, who was still in some sort of lust-trance) rushed up to Yugi's room where the fould a rather disturbing (well...depends on what you call disturbing) image waiting for them: Ishizu, down to her bra and panties, was straddled on the waist of one Yami, who was in total shock.

"FRIENDS! Ishizu's gone mad, please, just please help her get off!"

Tristan snickered. "Um, pal, I think that's exactly what Ishizu wants you to help her do right now..hehe."

Duke and Bakura looked over at the boy with grins on their faces as Serenity rolled her eyes.

"I had no idea you could be such a pervert, Tristan!"

Tristan waved his arms frantically, trying to explain that he meant nothing like that when Tea and Kaiba rushed up the stairs.

"What the hell?" Kaiba froze as he looked over at the bed, watching Ishizu cuddle up with his rival.

"WHAT THE HELL INDEED! GET OFF OF HIM YOU DISGUSTING OLD WENCH!" Tea said as she had to be restrained by Tristan and Duke.

Ishizu looked back at Tea with eyes of fire. "QUIET! THE PHARAOH'S MINE! PICK SOMEONE ELSE!" Ishizu thought for a second and roared again. "AND IM NOT OLD DAMMIT!"

The next thing that everyone knew, Tea had jumped into the bed and was now wrestling with Ishizu. Yami just lay there mortified as two rather (scratch that, VERY) attractive women fought for his affections; everyone else watched with a bit of shock on their faces. Kaiba felt a piece of cloth fly on his head. Wide-eyed, the "boy wonder" removed the fabric from his hair only to realize that it was a piece of Tea's blouse.

"Um...shouldn't we break them up?"

The gang (or at least those who weren't spellbound or fighting to the death) looked over at Mai and shrugged.

"Ahh, let 'em go! It's been a while since I've seen a good catfight lately!" Duke said as he looked over at the two women brawling, his mouth almost salivating. Mai looked back over at him with contempt.

DoANY men think with the head on their shoulders?

"I think I've seen enough, I'm going downstairs to poker." Bakura said as he shuffled down the stairs.

"Me and the thief don't agree on much, but that's one thing we do agree on." Maliksaid as he joined Bakura back downstairs.

Tristan and Duke didn't seem to hear them, as they were enjoying the "view" in front of them. Mai and Serenity looked on, shocked. Kaiba? Well, his cell phone had rang again, and he was now in direct negotiations with his brother.

"Hello, Seto? Any luck yet?"

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "Mokuba, Rome wasn't built in a day. It's going to take me a while to find what you want."

Mokuba rolled around in his brother's comfortable office chair, knowing that with a single keystroke he could ruin his brother's "stone cold" image.

"Seto, Seto, Seto...all I ask you to do is find me a date for my back-to-school dance, and youcan't even do that. Too bad...I guess I'll have to let everybody know that you listen to J-Rock, Hillary Du-"

"MOKUBA! Please...Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you call that Rebecca Hawkins girl?"

Kaiba could almost see his little brother's face contorting into a disgusted frown.

"EWWWW...gross! She's scary, has those super-huge glasses, and is a bigger nerd than I am! Besides, she's totally got it for Yugi!"

"Oh? They make a cute...what the hell am I saying! I'M SETO KAIBA, DARN IT! I AM THE EPITOME OF COOL!"

"Blah, blah, blah, you have a fan club with a gajillion members, blah, blah, blah...whatever. Just snag a cutie for my date, or you're screwed. Got it?"

Kaiba grumbled under his breath. Little brother, you are going to pay for this through the nose, I swear! "Alright, Mokuba."

Meanwhile, downstairs, Bakura and Malik looked over at the still star-struck Joey, trying to figure out how to wake him up.

"Should we banish his soul to the shadow realm?" Bakura suggested as he studied Joey's drooling form.

"How the hell would that help? I say we stuff ice in his pants!" Malik was heading for the kitchen before Bakura said that he had an idea.

Bakura rushed into the kitchen and emerged with a bowl of Kibbles'N Bits and some water.

Malik looked at him as if he had lost his mind. "Do you really think that's going to work?"

Bakura smiled slyly. "Just watch."

He poured some water into the bowl with the dog food and held it to Joey's nose.

"Here, puppy-wuppy, nice doogie food!"

Joey sniffed a couple of times, eagerly dived into the food. "I LOVE KIBBLES 'N BITS!"

Malik and Bakura looked on astonished as Joey devoured the entire bowl of dog food.

"How did you know it would work, Bakura?"

The albino shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. A wild guess?"

Well, I guess that would be a proper place to stop. Besides today being my 20th birthday, I don't have much cause for celebration, considering recent events. But one thing that I saw last night made a smile creep on my face. In the small city of Monroe, Louisiana, a football game was played last night between Northwestern (La.) State University and the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Obviously, both schools had players, coaches, and fans who had relatives or friends who experienced Katrina's wrath. Somehow, both teams focused enough energy to play a game that served, at least for a few hours, a diversion from the tragedy of the situation here. Trailing by 23-0 at halftime, the Northwestern State Demons could have packed it up and gone home and no one would have thought of them badly for it. Instead, they rallied and won the contest 28-23. Why is this important? Well, it isn't. It's just good for the state to have something to focus on that's positive...even if it only lasts for three hours. See you all soon.