Justin sat in the bathroom, looking at his reflection in the mirror. It wasn't a pretty site for him to see. Nor was it for Brian.

"Who did this to you?" Justin put his chin to his chest and avoided eye-contact. He was embarrassed at the situation.

"Just some guy. I—I don't know him." Brian took some tourniquets and wrapped them around Justin's arm. There was a big slash near his forearm and an equally sized one on his other arm.

"What'd he look like?" Justin shook his head.

"I don't know. I had my eyes closed the whole time." He pinned the bandage and started on the next wound.

"Where'd it happen?"

"Some place I've never been before."

"How'd you get there?"

"I don't know. It's all kind of fuzzy to me." He finished wrapping the arm.

"Anymore?" He nodded and lifted up his pant legs to reveal tiny cuts from his knee on up. "I'll get more cleaner," he said, going into the kitchen. His emotions were mixed and he didn't exactly know what he was thinking. He wanted so badly to figure out what had happened to his lover, but he just couldn't find the answer. He tried searching in Justin's eyes to get it, but they were blank. He had found the disinfectant and walked back to the bathroom. Justin was sitting on the ground with fresh wounds to his legs. The floor was covered with a combination of blood and tears. He weakly lifted his head up.

"He came again," he whispered. "We missed him. He got away."

"I know," he said with no emotion. "We'll get him next time."