Dont Tell Me It Was All Pretend:

A thin line between love and hate

Harry walked silently down the long corridor. Hermione and Ron were visiting Hagrids. Harry had stayed behind at the school because he had just been awarded the grounding within Hogwarts. How did he come by such an honor you might ask? Well Harry and his best friend Ron had sprayed the Gryffindor hallway with water the other day, and with a freezing charm learned that day in of course, charms class, froze the water, making their very own indoor skating rink. A new novelty at the centuries old castle. The two boys had finally convinced the clumsy Neville to take a turn, and as he did, predictably something went wrong and Neville soon crashed into the statue of Malcoana the fierce, toppling it over. Fred and George had left a few stink bombs in the statue, presumably for Filch, and as it broke, disgusting smells soon permeated the one clean air in the school of magic.

Harry had rushed to Nevilles aid while Seamus tried desperately to melt the ice, but all too soon Mrs. Norris' hiss could be heard faithfully followed by the loud clunking of Filtch's heavy footsteps. Seamus, not wanting a howler from home for detention, dashed through the fat lady's pro trait. Harry being covered in water from sliding around the ice, and innocently holding two bags of empty stink bombs from off the floor was instantly blamed for all the mishap. His fellow Gryffindors had gone in earlier and Ron had only just ducked out of sight to relieve himself. Neville, who was helped up by Harry got off easy because he had suffered two broken wrists and McGonagal considered that punishment enough since he wouldn't be able to mix his concoctions in his favorite class, potions. Poor Neville. McGonagal, being their head of house sentenced him to be castle bound.

Harry looked around him, bored. Uttering a spell he watched half-interested as red and golden sparks shot frantically out of his worn wand. He looked ahead of him to find that he was slowly nearing the library. With a sigh he decided that he did need to get some studying done and to finish an essay for transfiguration. As he rounded the corner, he ran into something odd, causing his glasses to fall to the floor. There was a wall in the middle of the corridor were a wall definintely shoudn't be. This so called wall surprisingly was able to talk, yelling a loud "OUCH, WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Harry bent down to retrieve his fallen glasses, thinking 'that sounds an awful lot like Malfoy, wonder if he's going for a new look as a wall instead of a ferret this year?' Standing back Harry said "Sorry" automatically.

Instantly he regretted it because he saw unfortunately that his nemesis was himself and Harry was certainly not sorry for casing him any pain by running into him.

"Anyone would think that 'The Boy Who Lived' would know how to pay attention and to not run into people." Malfoy said with a sneer. Pausing, he must have decided that his comment wasn't any where near enough to being its normal harshness so he added "Or are you missing you dead mummy and daddy so much that you just don't know what to do!" Malfoy smirked, crossing his arms and barring his passage. Two weeks ago someone had decided to relive old Hogwarts memories for Gryffindor and somebody had kept the old hag Rita Skeeter's stories that she had written about Harry in his fourth year were she depicted Harry as a lost child without his parents..

Harry decided that Malfoy had gone a bit too far this time. His parents were dead and he had no right to make fun of them or him for being that way. He was still trying to get over it.

With a flash of anger and frustration of being cooked up in the stuffy castle Harry took a quick look left and right and threw a punch at Malfoys face. He had learned that one watching Hermione third year. Malfoy stepped backward, a surprised look on his face that Harry enjoyed very much. Malfoy quickly regained his composure and threw an equally good punch in Harry's direction, landing smartly on his jaw. Harry was not surprised by this and grabbed Malfoy's shoulders to push him to the ground so he could have a better advantage. Malfoy was smart and he grabbed a handful of Harry's robes and they both went down together.

"You fight like a girl" yelled Malfoy.

"You are a girl you blond haired sissy" countered Harry. He flipped them both over so that Harry landed on top of the Slytherin Prince. Malfoy didn't care for this arrangement so he took hold of Harry's collar and pulled his face close, raising his arm, preparing for a punch. Suddenly a shadow loomed over them and both boys closed their eyes and sighed.

"What do you two think you're doing? Get a room if you must but not in my hallways. Detention both of you tonight, in the Dungeons.

Malfoy easily pushed a stunned Harry off of him, Harry being stunned of course at such a ridiculous comment.

"We were not making out you old fool!" yelled Malfoy. Harry stuck his tongue out in disgust.

"Tomorrow night too boys, see you at 9 p.m. sharp."


"Mr. Potter, you're late!" Scowled the potions master Snape.

"Sorry." muttered Harry, be glanced around the dungeon and saw Malfoy sitting at the back. Harry, not wanting to be anywhere near his enemy, he sat at the front desk. He had trouble deciding whether or not he had made the right choice when Snape leaned on the nearest table which was his and glared at him and opened his mouth as if to say something. A moment later a knock was heard. Snape went to his desk and yelled "Enter headmaster." while grabbing his cloak. Dumbledore's head appeared in the doorway, closely followed by the rest of his body.

"Hello Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy. Ready to serve your detentions I see. Hope you boys learn your lesson and stop your foolish fighting. All set to go Snape?" Dumbledore winked at Harry and looked at Snape expectantly.

Snape was a sight to see, Harry was delighted by the look on his face. Harry and Malfoy had yet to receive their detention assignment. Harry was glad, that in the presence of the headmaster, Malfoy would have to her an equal portion of the sentence. Rather than Harry getting it all as he usually did in these circumstances. Malfoy gave his head of house a glare as if to say, "If I have to do any work my father will hear of it." Snape sighed and realized that their was only one thing to do.

He grabbed a banana.

Realizing this wold do nothing to solve the problem at hand, he peeled it, took a bite and said, "The headmaster and I are going to Hogsmeade for two hours, by that time I want you two to scrub these floors, so that they are sparkling when I come back.

Dumbledore nodded his approval, and as they headed out the door, Snape looked back at Draco and mouthed "Do it." to him. The door slamed shut and with a click it locked, preventing them to wander the school without completing their task. Harry just looked at Malfoy. Malfoy looked back.

"Well? Get to it." said Malfoy. He leaned back in his chair and propped his feet on the desk in front of him. With a smirk in Harry's direction, he started cleaning dirt from under his nails.

"What? You heard Snape. We both have to clean the floor. Don't think for an instant that I'm going to do it myself. I'd rather serve another detention with you than do that."

"Nice speech there Potter. But you see, who's going to make me do it? We both know Snape said that I had to help you because Dumbledore was present, he didn't really mean it. Times wasting, better get working." He resumed his careful attention to his manicured nails.

I am not doing this alone, thought Harry. Looking around him, he spotted a sink towards the back of the room behind Malfoy. Perfect for making the Slytherin help him. He grabbed a bucket nearby and filled it with clear ice cold water. Spinning around quietly, he tip-toed to Malfoy. Lifting the bucket above him, he placed a hand on Malfoy's right shoulder, next to his throat, holding him down in his seat.

"You promise to do your share of the work, or I'll pour this on you. I know how you must hate getting you hair wet, the way you fuss over it in class when Pansy touches it. You'll also prolly not want to spend the next two hours in cold wet clothes." Harry felt Malfoys pulse quicken beneath his hand. He was most likely trying to find a way out of this situation. Harry smiled, the only one he saw was his way.

"Fine Potter, have it your way." Harry nodded happily and quickly dumped the water on the floor beside him as Malfoy stood up, gasping as the water splashed around their feet.

With a sharp intake of breath he said "Jeez Potter, that water is freaking ice cold. god damn." He threw off his shoes to the corner of the room. Harry laughed at him then stopped when he threw a brush at his head, "Get to work." was all he said.

"You know, you've been considerably nicer to me since we've got back to school. Getting a soft spot for me, eh!" Asked Harry.

"Yeah, well, people change. Don't get used to it." Said Malfoy, turning away from him, picking up a bucket, soap in his other hand. He set both items on the counter next to the sink. Stopping for a moment, he pulled his robe up over his head, and folded it on the counter. Underneath, Harry saw, he wore faded blue jeans with a pale green t-shirt. Harry set his stuff on the other side of the sink, away from Malfoy's things. Malfoy glanced at him. "What? I don't want it to get wet." He said, referring to his discarded clothing.

"Good, I just don't want you to start stripping in here." Harry also pulled his off. He wore kakhi pants with a red t-shirt.

"You even dress like a Gryffindor."Malfoy said with a sigh of disgust. Harry gave him a look that said 'What, you don't?' as he ran his eyes over his body, indicating with a nod at his green shirt. "And I only strip for the lucky ladies, so don't worry about it."

"Haha, lucky ladies, more like the cursed ones if you ask me."

"Many women would consider it a privilege to wake up next to me. And I didn't ask you so shut up." Malfoy filled his bucket with water and kneeled on the floor before the puddle of water that Harry had left there. Harry went to the other side of the room, far from him and dipped his brush in the water. Pushing the bar of soap back and forth across it making suds, he followed Malfoys example and knelt on the floor and scrubbed.

Authors Note: Hope that you enjoyed the first chapter of 'Don't Tell Me It Was All Pretend.' This is my first D/H story, and I hope that it is good. Please review, I'm sure that you have heard this from previous authors, but we live on them, so please send them in! I'm debating on wether or not to show what happens to the two while their in detention. I prolly will, but let me know what you think. Also, Harry and Draco will not be jumping into eachothers bed because of their uncontrolable lust for eachother. Its just unrealistic (well so is the two of them getting together a bit) so I'm not going to do it. Rest assured that eventually we will come to that point. Second chapter up soon, I promise!