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I know this may seem an odd way to end the story, but I wanted to leave it open.

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"Take care of him."

"What? Who?"

"Seifer. Watch out for him."

"Who are you?"

"Someone who considers him a lost dear one."


"Just keep him safe."

With the last comment, the vaguely familiar voice faded out. Opening her eye slowly, Fujin shook her head and sat up. She couldn't quite place the voice from her dream. Balamb wasn't exactly what she would consider a 'safe' place at the moment. For some reason, however, that was where they'd woken up at. "Why here, want him safe?" she muttered and coughed.

Three days they'd been in this town, and no one seemed to notice. Granted, they kept contact with the locals minimal, sending Raijin in for anything they needed.. It still seemed odd to her, however. She still expected to be arrested at any point, starting with vagrancy charges since they were staying down by the docks, sheltered in an unused building that everyone passed to fish.

Finding the coffee that was still slightly warm, she smiled and snapped the lid off. Seifer and Raijin were both gone, allowing her some time alone. "Probably fishing," she mused, stretching slowly. "Which means fish for dinner. Again. Egh." If the potion hadn't worn off she could protest better. It had mostly worn off their first day in Balamb, though. She had discovered that she could manage slightly more 'normal' sounding speech if she kept her voice low. Seifer made one comment about her trying to sound sexy, and she knew he still had the bruise.

After downing the rest of her coffee, Fujin pushed her hair into a semblance of order and pulled on her boots. Balamb was getting chilly enough that they'd have to make permanent living arrangements soon or move. Looking around the room, she frowned. There probably wasn't much time before whatever spell the town's residents were under faded. Pulling on her jacket, she moved towards the door.

"What do you do when you've survived the end of the world," she wondered, squinting at the bright sky. "And it's not as bad as you expected?" Spotting the guys at the far end of the docks, she headed that direction.

"No, no, Seifer. The fish will come when they're ready, ya know? Not just because you're ready." Raijin was laughing, and Seifer was scowling at the bobber.

"Luck?" She smiled faintly at the growl from the blonde. It was puzzling why he decided to learn how to fish. Fujin didn't fish – didn't even really like fish – and failed to see the attraction. But it gave them something to do and free food besides.

Raijin grinned widely. "Think he's about ready to jump in and strangle the fish, ya know?" Another growl made the big man laugh. "No patience, ya know?" He was thoroughly enjoying being the best at something out of all three of them.

"Fish STUPID" she coughed.

"My thoughs exactly. Raijin catches 'em easy 'cause they relate to him." Seifer was still staring at the line, willing it to move. Which, of course, it stubbornly resisted.

Nothing was bothering Raijin, however. "Jealous, ya know? Hate losing, especially to me, ya know?" He had a point. Seifer still didn't take humiliation well, in any form.

Lowering herself to the sun-warmed wood, Fujin sighed and listened to the bickering.